I think that cardanos ada is an investment opportunity of a lifetime now its at this point, i will stress that i am not a financial advisor, nor is chris. So its important that you do your own research and in this video im going to dive into why i think uh cardinal is worth investing in and why i have such a heavy investment with ada. If you find this video useful and informative hit the like button, i really do appreciate that, if you are new to the channel, then do subscribe tap. The bell select all notifications and you wont miss another update that we do here at cheeky. Crypto, right with all that said, done out of the way, lets dive down to the desktop and start talking about what is going on here with cardinal and why i am so bullish, okay guys, so the first thing were going to talk about is obviously the smart Contract capabilities these have just launched on chain – and this is a fantastic milestone that has now been achieved by cardano. Wed, obviously see that this actually went live on the um 12th. Okay, so cardano has now got these smart contract functionalities and capabilities. The alonzo maynard upgrade went live and it was fantastic. We saw the tweet from iohk and this is a great milestone. Four car diner this now means that youre able to run smart contracts on the ecosystem. This is a huge milestone that will now start seeing decentralized applications, get kind of built and put across the line on the ecosystem, so anything from nfts through to d5 are now capable.

Obviously, things have uh do work slightly differently on the cardano ecosystem, as highlighted by ben gertzell, when he was on the show for an interview around singularity net, a project that is building on the cardinal ecosystem and it was formerly on the ethereum ecosystem. Well, get into more of that in a moment, but overall this is a fantastic milestone. Thats going to start seeing a lot more um, i guess transactional volume and uh. You know adoption of the blockchain overall, so this is a huge milestone for cardano and so hats off to the team and with that being said, uh you know this is just the beginning of some many things that are going to come in the very near future. So when we actually come a look and take a look at a little bit deeper, we can see that uh within the first 24 hours weve had 100 contracts. Smart contracts, um, you know actually built on the cardinal ecosystem and its only growing from there. So this is a fantastic way to see. You know the use of cardinal and ever changing so im not going to go into detail on this one, but i did find that as a nice interesting kind of um. I guess fact for us to say that within 24 hours, weve seen 100 smart contracts on the cardinal ecosystem, so pretty good stuff going on there and really impressed with everything thats been delivered so far, um, but obviously from here.

We obviously have to talk about some daps right and ultimately theres a lot of decentralized applications that have been built on the car dyno eco system, and this is just so far. There are over 60 of them. Okay. So currently there are 60 apps built on the ecosystem at the moment and theres going to be many many more, and so this is a huge thing right, because obviously one of those kind of floods articles thats been circulating around in the the flood argument. For such a long time is that its a ghost chain, its got nothing built on it um. You know it doesnt warrant the market capitalization that it has etcetera, etcetera right and we obviously have to understand that market capitalization first of all, is meaningless. I dont know why people seem to get so confused about that, but they do and ultimately the market cap that it has is completely irrelevant, because market cap is just the circulating supply, multiplied by the price uh. The last sold price at that, so it doesnt actually give you an underlying value or anything like that to that effect, so um its not about whether or not the market cap is high or not its more about what vision is there and the community that are Going into it right and its not for you or me to anyone else to say that it is worth what it, what you know less or more than it currently is ultimately its worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it and thats the fundamental basics of It so and to see so many apps actually being built on the ecosystem so soon and which is really good to see many more to come and some of those kind of fun things that weve been hearing about for the last few years.

Whether you know being ghost chain and various things like that, then ultimately, we can put them to rest and because that simply isnt the case anymore recently. Obviously there was a lot of fun around concurrency. Again, all of that has to be squished out, basically were talking about the differences between programming languages and different kind of approaches to uh, decentralized, finance and uh. You know transactions in general right. Obviously the solidity language um as ben gertzel says, gives you a lot of rope to hang yourself with and whereas over on cardano, you have obviously haskell. You have marlow and these things actually make it harder to write insecure code right, so ultimately, theres different ways of working and developers will have to get on board with this and well have to kind of figure out how to write things in a way. Thats. Actually secure rather than insecure and no shortcutting right. Actually, there are ways to do these things and theres the proper way and then theres the the shortcut way right and um this isnt a get rich, quick. This is a you know: cardano charles hoskinson and the team have spent time to you know: do the research to get it peer, reviewed and then build something based on that data, rather than just rushing a product to market. When you rush a product to market, you have problems, people lose millions upon billions of dollars and you know, potentially networks have to be put on pause.

Whilst issues are solved. Sometimes you have such huge scalability issues that you cant even fix them for years to come. Right so, ultimately, its almost better to take the time to be analytical about it and actually have a peer reviewed approach. Thats, where car dyno has really come in and tell you what it seems to have worked really well so far, so theyre definitely on to a bit of a winner. So, overall um applications are being built now on the uk system and its fantastic to see from here, though, its only really a short kind of hop across to see what else has been going on lets talk about this one all the time, but over a hundred Companies are set to shift from the ethereum ecosystem to the cardano ecosystem. Now this is a huge milestone in itself, because, obviously, the strategic direction that cardano has gone in and the way they attach beam has been built and some of the side chains and things like that that have actually been put into place to enable the easy transfer From ethereum to the car dynamics system right so obviously you have the erc20 converter. Uh, quite notably, is one of the probably the biggest uh kind of things really in terms of being able to migrate from ethereum to cardano um as a huge milestone, and obviously is the evm as well right, the ethereum virtual machine running on the sidechain. So again, it is quite a very simple thing to move over from the ethereum ecosystem to the car dyno ecosystem and as a result of that um youre, going to start seeing.

You know a significant uh higher throughput in terms of scalability than what you currently have on ethereum youre, going to see it being more secure because, obviously its a more secure language than solidity, and then, of course, to top it all off its going to be a Hell of a lot cheaper than those expensive fees that youre paying with the ethereum, so it makes sense that over 100 companies want to take their business away from the more expensive, slow network, thats, really insecure over to a more secure, faster and cheaper network. It just makes freaking sense right, so ultimately thats. What im seeing here this is a huge milestone were going to start seeing some really big players. I do think migrate over to the car dyno ecosystem. It just makes sense that they would do so uh one that always comes to mind is celsius. They pay the fees on ethereum for their users and they could save themselves a lot of money by migrating to cardano and, above and beyond that, they could increase the rates that you can get using the application as a user um just by moving to the cardinal Ecosystem, therefore, all the users of celsius would benefit massively from the migration as well as, of course, the the business itself. So, ultimately, this is a huge thing. I think this is something that gets overlooked so much because we often think theres, so many applications built on ethereum and it is true there are, but only a handful of them.

The big ones actually drive the majority of the uh of the ethereum ecosystem from a value perspective, right um. If that value moves away from ethereum ethereums got a lot of small projects on it that actually doesnt turn over too too much, so ultimately, that migration of the big players over to the car dyno ecosystem would seriously shake up this space. So that being said, i think this is something we all have to understand and i think its uh something that were going to start seeing a lot more notifications from and a lot more kind of news kind of flagging up with people migrating from ethereum to cardano. The next thing we want to talk about, of course, is the africa right. Continent of africa is a massive deal when it comes to uh people who are actually embracing. Blockchain technology and cardinal at the forefront of this theyve obviously got a governmental deal with ethiopia, which is going to be seeing the educational system completely refined and ultimately see millions of people on board onto the car dyno ecosystem. This is another milestone for blockchain technology. As a whole and a huge milestone for cardano its a basically a vision for a decentralized africa, i know chris talks about this all the time um its the biggest blockchain uh deal ever with ethiopia and the ministry of education, input, output and well create a blockchain Based digital identity for 5 million students and teachers um: this is the biggest blockchain deployment anywhere in the world.

Okay, and so this is huge stuff. But again we take a look. You know: theres uh, the atla prism. Obviously, im not gon na go into all the detail of this, but uh, obviously with africa, we go step further. We talk about tanzania and a few other places in africa with world mobile. Another um, you know, project that is built on the cardinal ecosystem, affecting and changing millions of peoples lives through technology, and so this is again huge things that we cannot forget and do not want to forget, because we are making significant changes in the world with the Cardinal ecosystem, and as an investor in cardano, you are helping with that effort right. We as ada holders delegating ada into staples or even like we do on this channel, run a validator and guys. This video has been sponsored by cheeky crypto and specifically the cardano ada pool. If you are looking to support the channel in our effort here to communicate out all the recent kind of news, articles, price changes and price action of your favorite altcoins, then theres no better way than delegating your ada into our stake pool. By doing so, youre. Not only support the channel, but you will also earn a juicy return and a nice passive income on your ada holdings. Its really simple to do guys just load up your uri or deadliest wallet, drop your ada into the wallet and then find the cheeky crypto pool via the ticker cheek.

In doing so, youll earn a nice juicy return and support the channel. There is no better time to do so, so why not delegate to cheeky crypto today and we are helping with the decentralization effort of the network, helping to secure the network helping to confirm transactions on the network and we are rewarded with additional aida for our efforts. There and obviously the more people and the more adoption that we get for cardano, the bigger the prize will be at the end of the day. So, overall, as an investor card, dyno makes a lot of sense with this one here, but obviously to talk about all of these things. We is something we havent spoken about yet and its a key, a critical piece to the puzzle, and that is where we have to get that scalability right, because we can talk about being cheap and we can talk about being fast and secure. But ultimately, we also need to be able to adapt to millions of people on chain, and this is where the scalability comes in and where the hydra solution comes in. We are looking forward to seeing a prototype on this and later in the year, and i think this is going to be quite an interesting one. Ultimately, hydra is based on the concept that one head can process: 1 000 transactions and obviously a head in the case of hydra here would represent a node and considering that cardano is the worlds most decentralized network i.

e. There are a lot of nodes: each node could process 1 000 transactions per second. As a result, you could quite easily and could comfortably get to a million transactions per second, which would be your scalability in a very secure, very cheap and fast blockchain technology. So, overall, we can obviously compare this to many of the other blockchains in the space, although it would be very hard to actually come across one that would be near or close to it. There are a couple but im not going to mention any names on this particular channel here, and what we are going to talk about is really focusing on. Just visa visa is obviously a huge network that processes 150 million transactions every single day is approximately 2 000 transactions per second. So we start thinking about the kind of scalability that visa needs on its network. We can obviously put that to bed and say well this hydro solution when implemented later down. The line will see significant impact to the ecosystem for that scalability that you do not see when it comes to something like the ethereum ecosystem. So when we couple all of this together and we think about where cardano is going, the future is incredibly bright. I do see car dyno as a key project to be invested in and something i do want exposure to long term. But obviously we are in a bull run right now, where we do think card dynamic is likely to go up towards that 10 range, which would put it around that 320 billion market cap.

Although market cap doesnt mean anything, i know a lot of people will relate to that. It is lower than that of ethereum right now and very much achievable with that being done, though, i do expect a small pullback during the bear market before we absolutely go for a huge surge in 2025 to the upside overall. So as an investor in cardano and as a validator for the ecosystem, i think this project is something that i want to be keeping a close eye on something. I definitely want exposure to long term and something i have true vision for. When i see the world changing around me for the better overall im im pleased and happy with my ada investments and im happy that i got in super early with that being said, even right now feels super cheap for where i do think this is likely to Go in the future guys im going to leave that video here, but you can see why i am so bullish on this project theres. So much going on with it. So many fantastic things that i do think this project is going to do in the world. So, overall, im really happy guys. If you found this video useful and informative then do hit the like button.