I hope youve all got lots of nice things planned ahead of you today. Guys were going to be delivering a nice and chilled out video, but this is a very, very important video and if you have any kind of fear, uncertainty or doubt about the cryptocurrency space and where its going. This video directly applies to you. So i want you each to pay a lot of attention, uh to what im gon na say in this video. We may not get every single call right. We have a very good track record so far, but one thing that weve been absolutely spot on about since the inception of this channel over a year ago. Now this is the second video i ever put out was the direction of the crypto space as a whole and im going to be reiterating that to you in this video ive got some very interesting things to go over im going to be pulling up this individual Bitcoin archives, twitter, um, hes, very good, i believe, hes, probably a bitcoin. Maximalist – is kind of the vibe that i get, but what hes talking about really applies to the space as a whole and of course this was 2013 2017. The previous four year cycle in orange. This is the one that we are currently on and theres a lot of similarities. You know things repeat and were also going to look at cardano. Of course, this is really a card. I know titled video, but it really applies to the crypto space as a whole and where its going, i believe, those of you that are invested in the crypto space today are going to be very happy with your portfolios towards the end of the year.

In fact, i think, when its not going to be very long before we get moving, and we get this show back on the road whats happening right now – guys is absolutely normal and part of any market. This. What were seeing, what card i know is doing right here is what it does guys. Can you see this? You come up. You sell off in this kind of descending um manner before a breakout. This is cardanos history guys, and this is how it moves. We showed you on our kind of macro card on a chart that, after every single move to the upside, you get a pullback and it does it in the exact manner that its doing today, guys so i dont think um and please make your own decisions. But my opinion on this is, is that you have nothing to uh worry about. The fundamentals. Do not correlate with the price and, in actual fact uh. I wrote a tweet earlier. Um cant help but feel like something is keeping the crypto market down and at a controllable level, fundamentals have never been so unbelievably strong, bitcoin ethereum card, i know huddle addresses, are at an all time high exchange outflows too and adoption also. So there is absolutely manipulation. This kind of price movement um lets go back to where we are today with cardano. If you look at this kind of price movement guys, any move to the upside has been very, very quickly met, um with cell pressure, and you are absolutely in much the same way that we highlighted this for bitcoin.

You know before this had even really formed into a falling wedge. We said you were, you were likely to sort of um play out in a similar style to what you did over here. Youre just doing that today, guys and you have broken out of that and we are expecting more continuation within this bull run were also going to take a quick look towards the end of the video at the um total money in crypto coins. Kid was talking about this earlier coins. Kid is a uh hes, very, very good, with his ta very simplistic um in terms of how he delivers it and easy to understand, and he was talking about a potential cup and handle that was forming for the total money. In the crypto space – and it is absolutely apparent im going to be reiterating his point in this video, but really guys the main takeaway back to this tweet – is that you know theres a theres so much going on adoption, um actual network growth, its never been in Such a strong position and the price is just not reflecting that, and that is because people are manipulating the markets. I say people its probably a very small number of people that have a large amount of money and its its doable. People think that it doesnt exist. It absolutely does we covered with you on this channel that 90, i think, seven million dollars um of cell pressure would cause bitcoin or buy pressure, would cause bitcoin to move up or down by one percent.

So if you think about that thats, a very small amount of the overall supply, um and – and there are people out there that have billions – you know so its not hard for them to kind of um play a game of chess. So – and this is this – is some news from paypal um. This is also very interesting that the hungry just unveiled a uh statue from of satoshi um its about time, uh that this individual or individuals um hes, getting the recognition he deserves. I mean what did what an absolute genius, i suspect, a little bit of divine intervention there um, and this is also reiterating the kind of tweet um. This is a liquid supply of bitcoin. Is now an all time high, so so bitcoin thats, not actually on exchanges and easily sort of readily available to sell them and buy a heartbeat, has never been at such a high price. Meanwhile, the price has gone down. Bullish divergent absolutely um, so if youre not already following this guy on twitter, hes, really good ive recently found him. I did drop him a message just to say i was gon na mention him, but maybe im a little bit too much of a small channel for him to um. Take much notice. Hes got a lot of twitter followers and i think im only on um uh. 2000 or so, if youre not already following me on twitter, guys head over to real all in crypto for some more timely updates and some some of my thoughts on a day to day basis, so thats, really where we think we are everythings normal um.

You know you really are setting up in a similar way. I mean, of course, theyre not going to look identical, but what youre looking for is is the the overall structure i mean. Can you see this and if you could really apply this to where you are today guys, in fact, you could pretty much apply any of these um lets just see if we can get this a little bit more accurate to kind of show you can you see This and then you have this big kind of wick. You trickle out before you get that breakout. Weve, looked at so much on a day to day basis with you, we looked at the rsi weve looked at the macro, weve looked at everything, its all screaming one direction, and that is up. Ladies and gentlemen, despite the short term price movement and whats happening right now is you are getting shaken out if youre worried, if youre thinking about selling and please its your own decision, do not take this as financial advice, you do what you believe is right, but This is something i am going to say its only a hungry shepherd that neglects his flock, let that sink in guys its a stupid shepherd. That would neglect his flock because hell end up hungry um. Take off that what you will, but you know, people think theres. Some sort of a disingenuous angle that im coming to you guys with, let me tell you and you can take it at face value or choose to take it.

However, you want, we dont, want anything off. You and ive never asked you for anything on this channel. Other than a like a subscription um and a um, a comment to, let me know your feedback, that is, it were not trying to sell you anything were not trying to fleece you out of any money. Please ignore the scammer in the comment section that is impersonating me on a day to day basis. Its really poor show that nothings being done about that um. But this is where were at guys and im telling you and weve been abs or i have been absolutely spot on because ive been in these markets for four years now, over four years now, nearly four and a half years ive witnessed it, take place and im Telling you right now and this isnt financial advice were about to witness it again back to this guys kind of draw. This is how were expecting to kind of finish. It now were not 100. On the 254k. We actually reckon bitcoins going to turn about 160 and thats thats, a conservative, um um estimate um, but ultimately the main takeaway on this nice relaxed friday was that youve got nothing to worry about guys and back to this total two now um, i dont, unfortunately, have The time to watch um a lot of content, but a number of people saying we take a look at the total two as coins. Kid was talking about it, um and essentially hes calling for a cup and handle, and i think, hes absolutely right with whats going on with the total two, its very common that before you break something you come up and you kind of flirt with the idea before Setting up for an actual rally, above it its a very common trait, you can see this its very evident in markets.

I mean, if you look over here, you kind of come up to it. You go, yeah were not quite ready yet come back before um kind of really gaining that leverage, and this is absolutely where you are today guys. We love to leave the bloody draw tool on this channel. Dont worry: can you see this? This is your cup and handle. We showed you this with cardano. It did indeed break it. Didnt quite reach the target of the cup and handle fell. A little bit short were expecting a little bit more um kind of implosion, um with the alonso hard fork. Didnt. Quite get it like. I say that was a call we we were. We were accurate on the direction um, but we were somewhat um fell, short of where we expected it to go to were not going to get everything 100 spot on, but we are absolutely spot on about the direction of this. I know what im looking at im. Looking at a technology that is going to revolutionize the world in much the same way that the internet did and before that the pc revolution did – and i want you all to be a part of that – because there are people – the vast majority of people that watch This channel have not got buckets full of money; they are normal working day, people and theyre. The people that i have the most respect for anybody who has the um willpower to turn up to a job that underappreciates them underpays them and undervalues them day in day out just to put food on the table for them and their families are the people that Deserve the most respect and the people that i want to win the most um, so that was a little touching statement there, but this is really what i believe were looking at guys and i am absolutely anticipating youre doing a very similar thing for bitcoin.

Can you see this youve broken out? This falling wedge could be a fake out in much the same way that this was you remember guys we drew this. We popped out and then kind of fell back into it. But ultimately, this is where you make your money as an investor everybodys, a genius when the price is going up its being able to look at things when the price you know things. Arent people are getting so bored. My comments go when the price is going up. Everybody loves you when the price isnt really doing anything or going down everybody hates you and they forget, theyve got a kind of recency syndrome about them um, but this is really where were at guys. Im super excited to be on this journey with you. I just want to share this video. I dont want to go into anything sort of too complex. There is absolutely manipulation at play here. Nature. Why you know. Let me ask you this question: if you had the power to extract billions of dollars from a market, would you do it? If you could do it and it was like shooting fish in a barrel because you had the money to do so only takes a small amount of the overall or liquid. I should say supply, which is a very small amount of the overall or liquid supply, which is a very small amount of the overall supply to move markets in one way or another.

And there are people out there that absolutely have that money as a collective and are definitely doing it. This is really what that y cuff, and we did say we didnt, really want to hear any more about why cough um, but it it its a very true schematic. I just got a little bit sick of people calling everything a wyckoff uh schematic um when its its not you know not everythings a wyckoff, but this was why coffin and wyckoff came up with this sort of method to really call out the composite man and give The retail a little bit more of an edge um when trading against him, so thats, really all we have for you, this video uh, if youve not already this go to, i think it was the second or third video on my channel check this video out cryptocurrencies Will make you rich and ethereum at this point was around about 300 um, very, very good video guys and and not a lot of value or not a lot of views on it um, but it was absolutely spot on and we still think were following that trajectory Today, um, like i say fundamentally, things have never been, and these were just a few of the fundamentals by the way guys, i i listen and watch the news in relation to cryptocurrencies every single day and things from a fundamental point of view have never been so Bullish and the price right now doesnt reflect that due to people, perhaps trying to keep a lid on this before theyre, ready to really leverage up and and and benefit in um in the manner that they theyre desiring so thats.

Really all we have for you in the video guys, the main takeaway is huddle, of course, its your decisions, if you cant handle the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen um. But what youre, seeing right now guys back to this chart that we bring up on every video for a reason, every move up is met with a move to the downside. Every move up is meant to like move up to the downside. Every move up, downside things, look exceptionally bullish guys and i dont believe you have anything to worry about but, like i say, make your own decisions, um and own your own outcomes. That is really all i have for you in this video. Ladies and gentlemen, i am going to love and leave you on that note, go and give this guys twitter a follow or check it out. If nothing else, you know hes always posting stuff here. Supply and exchange is uh, the lowest in three years um. This is another um schematic. You know this is the span. This change is going down. Price goes up. There is an absolutely direct correlation here and thats, really what we were trying to encapsulate in our tweet, if youre not already following me, head over to real all in crypto that the fundamentals completely contradict what the price is doing. Um, this guys got loads of uh really really interesting stuff on his channel theres plenty of channels out there, but definitely worth you know if youre worried, if youre kind of um not really sure about direction.

Uh 33 billion uh british startup revolt uh is paying uh for office space with bitcoin loads of stuff going on here, and this is an interesting one as well. Theres no hype right now: um google searches for bitcoin are at the same level of december 2020 when the price was just uh 19k. There will be a spike in this. Of course, when the money comes in, unfortunately, people always love to buy it um. When the the the price, this was something we put up in direct correlation with cardano. Very true people are more willing to buy a higher price when the kind of hype is there than getting early. So thats really the opportunity that you have in front of you. Thats all i have for you in this video guys im going to love and leave you on that note. Hopefully, youve enjoyed the content. If you have a like, i was appreciated so as a comment, and i look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the next youtube video thanks a lot for watching.