So in todays, video were going to take a look at cardano um. You know weve heard some some fantastic news that theres going to be some. Some news around partnerships for cardano, big, huge monumental partnerships for cardano and so were going to dig into the articles around that. Obviously, the cardano summit is on the 25th 26th of september, so you know literally just over a week away. I do think this is going to be the biggest cardano summit, yet with smart contracts live and all that wonderful stuff, and i am excited to tell you that nick and myself will be attending the event in person. So you know if you would like us to vlog that day, um and and that event then uh do. Let me let us know in the comments below whether thats something that interests. You were quite happy to do, that right, um but yeah. It should be really exciting um. So with that said, if you like this sort of content, mash up that like button subscribe, tap that bell select all the notifications, so you never miss a video right lets, get down to the desktop. Well, keep this one quite short and punchy: um lets get down there: okay, so cardano on coin market, cap 2.44, down 4.86 percent. At the time of recording this video. This, for me, is uh. You know its a buying opportunity. In my humble opinion, you could have got it a little bit cheaper, a little bit earlier in the day, but for me you know that we havent got the transaction volume.

Yet right weve got the sentiment of the market and a lack of understanding of you know what to expect in the market right from retail investors. This is just my opinion. None of this is financial advice. Im, not a financial advisor, but you know lets be quite frank and quite clear. A lot of retail investors um, you know, were not talking about smart money. Here were talking about retail investors, the you know you know come on to youtube. Follow people like ourselves and just invest, as we say, its good right, they dont really do any research or anything like that. Now theres been this misconception, um that you know 12th of september, when smart contracts went live, were off to the races thats when the price discovery is going to happen. That isnt the case right um. The price discovery was in the lead up to the 12th. We were always going to see a bit of a pullback. In my opinion, we were talking about this before the the 12th, and – and this is because you know people have this expectations – that as soon as everything goes, live like from a cardano side of things were gon na have like projects on the ecosystem right away. Thats not the case its gon na take time for, for these projects to, to you, know, be on the main net and and actually fully developed projects right, so um, youre gon na have to just bear with um cardano for a little bit um.

If you, you know, youre looking at the price discovery side of things right now, im looking at it, you know more fundamentally, nick looks at it more technically from from the price discovery point of view, you know what what do the analytics say, im more of a Fundamental um sort of guy right. I look at the projects and i look at whats whats going on in the world what what use case have they got? What are they doing? What are they changing in the world um and thats? My my bag right, thats? What i look at myself, so you know theres, there has been this misconception. I think that sort of plays into. Why were able to pick it up. You know a discount and i dont uh go and follow some of the the lines the other youtubers, not all of them, but some of them are using where theyre saying that you know, smart contracts is already baked into the price that isnt accurate information. In my humble opinion, um, you know it just isnt, because we havent got the transaction volume uh. Once weve got the transaction volume the price itd be baked in then right. So thats kind of why were seeing this pullback right, so dont be misled. Um right lets get down to the um the article that ive got here right so uh. Here we go with alonzo, upgrade complete cardano hints at big partnerships in the works um.

So you know we wont read this bit here but um over the last um weekend. Cardano concluded the uh alonzo upgrade and with it enabled smart contract functionality. The platform now processes similar abilities to those of ethereum and its rival networks. So you know you youve got to see that you know theres going to be lots of attention on ada and developments that unfold in the future right. So im not going to read through all of this word for word, but you know basically um the head of brand and comms at cardano foundation has teased the community with the following. Tweet dont really want to brag or anything. But – and i do love this this uh line – i do think that that line is just immense, like because thats exactly what youre doing right and uh hats off to you deserve it. Um the the team and cardano worked. You know phenomenally hard right, so youve got to enjoy these moments. Um some of the partnerships were announcing at the cardano summit. Will blow peoples minds, so i mean thats bullish right. You know its going to blow peoples minds, i mean for me, you know fantastic right and why not tweet something like this? Why not be you know, relishing all the success from the hard work that youve done uh you know you and the team have done right now. I wouldnt normally get um overly excited right because you know when it comes to rumors, um and – and you know there is a lot of fake news around like partnerships and stuff like that.

But you know when its somebody, like uh sydney, that thats come out in a position of you, know brand and communications like head off brand and communications at the cardano foundation. Like you know, that does excite me because, like you know that theres truth behind it right like i am expecting to have my mind, blown when it comes to to the event right, but lets get back into the article, notably. The cardano summit is an annual event that updates the cardano community investors and others involved in the ecosystem. Following the latest update, which we just covered just now, um the upcoming event is going to be, or could be the biggest one. Yet, for me, its definitely going to be the biggest one yet and thats purely because weve got smart contracts live right, theres, so much more to potentially talk about um. There is no official statement of what cardanos plans actually are. The network upholds its reputation of not giving up unsubstantiated claims or announcing news before their release date. Details of these partnerships will be unveiled at the cardano summit um you know, and and basically the the the light at the the event is both live and virtual events right uh, and these are due on the 25th and the 26th of september. Uh registration is still ongoing, so you can partake nick and myself will be going um physically to the event, so really excited about that. Dont forget comment below.

If you want us to do a vlog for the day, um, so yeah its going to be really interesting. Im not going to get into all the ins and outs here, you know: youve got decentralized applications that are continuing to build on on the network. Radhira ra. We all know this its fantastic news, its fantastic to be part of you know a really exciting project like this and um. You know, let me know if youve heard any rumors about you know potential partnerships, you know what are your expectations for for cardano when it comes to price discovery, really interested to get your views and opinions with.