Welcome aboard the bitcoin express, my name is chase lets get to it. The last few months in crypto have been very uncertain, but finally, we have been given some clarity. We recently experienced a bitcoin golden cross. This is a very bullish indicator and, as we know, all coins follow bitcoin, whether it moves up or whether it moves down and when it comes to technical analysis. I am not a big fan, however, when it comes to certain indicators, such as a 200 day moving average or a golden cross. This is an indicator that i pay attention to. Actually, these are indicators that most people in crypto pay attention to, even if they are against technical analysis. These indicators carry more weight. A golden cross is when the 50 day moving average crosses above the 200 day, moving average, this blue line. This is the 50 day moving average and the screen line. This is the 200 day moving average and this is the opposite of a death cross. This is when the 50 day moving average crosses below the 200 day moving average and its very interesting. How this all played out, because back on june 18th, i made a video titled, the truth about death crosses, because when we see these death crosses, we usually think its over bitcoin all coins going to zero forever, and in that video i showed this chart. It was a chart of the previous six bitcoin death crosses, and only two out of the previous six resulted in an extended bear market september 2014, 313 days march 2018, 389 days.

The rest of these death crosses, or these bear markets were very short lived. Maybe two months, some three months so when that happened i said statistically this wont be an extended bear market. So here we are today and we finally experienced a bitcoin golden cross. So since that time june 18th its been about two and a half months. So its very interesting to see how it played out and a big misconception about golden crosses is that once we have a golden cross, it means we are going straight up to the moon. Buy bitcoin buy all coins. Everything is going up, but this is very dangerous because when it comes to bitcoin and golden crosses or bitcoin death crosses it doesnt mean that crypto, bitcoin and all coins will move straight in one direction. When we have a death cross, it doesnt mean that all coins and bitcoin are just going to tank straight down. They will decrease, they may have days where they pick up, but it is on a downward trend and same thing with a golden cross. Just because we have a golden cross, many people may have this idea im just going to put a lot of money into crypto its going straight up. This is not the case because even in bull markets or bullish times things dont go straight up, they move upwards kind of like steps right. They may move up, come back down, move up come back down, but it is in an upward trend.

So something to really pay attention to right now, with the bullish times that were in so sometimes when the excitement takes over, we may make irrational choices so just understand that, just because we have a golden cross, doesnt mean were going straight up. You can still lose money and something that i like to do all the time really is i dollar cost average through bull markets and bear markets with coins such as bitcoin and ethereum ive been doing it for a few years now, but even in these bullish times, Right where i want to make a bigger trade, i still break it down. This will be different for everyone lets say someone only has a thousand dollars to invest right and a thousand dollars is a lot to them right. Putting a thousand dollars in one bet at one moment can be very risky right. Some things that people may do is split it up right, maybe theyll put in a hundred dollars for 10 days, or maybe theyll put in 200 every few days, so its gon na be different for everyone, but the bottom line here. For me at least, i personally like to break things down and split them up. Of course, this is not investment advice, so whatever you want to do, it is totally up to you. That is your decision, so with this bitcoin golden cross. Typically, what we see is that bitcoin moves in an upward trend, meaning that all coins will follow in an upward trend.

So there are two major sectors that i am paying attention to. The first one is layer, one solutions, of course in layer. One solutions it includes ethereum aetherium for me – has always been a good buy through the bull through the bear market. Ethereum is pretty large, though a 407 billion dollar market cap, so there still is room to grow. If we continue in this upward trend, but dont expect a 10x out of ethereum at this level, maybe over the long term, but not in this bull market and all of these coins that im going to use as examples these arent your 100 x coins. If youre looking for 100x, you really need to go degen down the list: small, very high risk coin, so these coins, even if they do well, were talking more in the range of two three four me, maybe up to 10 x for certain of these coins, but Not 50 100 x for the coins that were going to look at so following aetherium is cardano, also pretty big by market kept 75 billion dollar market cap. We also have solana, which has been, of course very popular over the last few months – 41 billion dollar market cap. You might be wondering why am i speaking about solana, solana just shut down the other day isnt the party over for solana. I actually just made a video recently on why i believe that the party is not over for solana as long as we continue in this bull market.

I will leave a link for that video in the description it goes into detail also in layer one. We have polka dot, 34 billion dollar market cap, we have avalanche, we have al grand, we have cosmos and there are many others im not showing you these cryptocurrencies. As specific coins that im buying right im showing these as examples, there may be other coins that i didnt even mention right in this video. I want to show you examples of layer ones. There are others that i didnt mention and anything you buy and you make money on its all on you and anything you buy and lose money on. It is all on you, but i wanted to focus on more of these bigger blue chip layer ones, and something that i like about these big blue chip. Layer ones is that they are widely available very accessible and whenever you want to know where a coin is being traded or listed, simply go to coin gecko or to coin market cap search for your coin, scroll down to markets – and you will see the exchanges that Its listed on and the trading pairs, so this is category number one layer. One next up were going to speak about the second category and those are decentralized exchanges and not just decentralized exchanges on ethereum but other blockchains as well. When it comes to ethereum, the leader is unisop. It is the largest one by market cap 12 billion dollar market cap.

There is still room to grow again, youre, not going to see a 50 100 x from unisop, especially in this current bull market and compared to uni, swap. There are two decentralized exchanges that i believe are extremely undervalued, that is curve and sushi, and if we look at their market cap sushi two billion dollars and curve one billion dollars compared to unisops 12 billion dollars, it looks very undervalued. Why? Because if we head over to d5 pulse, we can see the top three decentralized exchanges are curve, uni swap and sushi swap yet uni swaps. Market cap is much higher than the other two and, more specifically with sushi stop its very interesting because they are going to release an nft marketplace called show you so very interesting things going on with sushi again. These are widely available on many exchanges. Now, moving over to solanas ecosystem, we have popular decentralized exchanges such as radium and serum, and these still have pretty small market caps relative to other big projects in the space, serum 483 million dollar market cap and radium just under a billion dollar market cap. At 842 million – and this is on the solana ecosystem and then what about the cardano ecosystem? So cardano smart contracts are live, but, as i make this video september 17 2021, we still dont have any live dapps. Maybe we do. Maybe we do – and i just dont know about them. So if there are any live, daps right now in cardano, put them down below in the comments and when it comes to cardano one that im really paying attention to.

If youve been subscribed to this channel over the last few months, youll already know it is sunday swap still, the application is not live yet and also there is no sunday swap token. Yet we will be able to eventually get it through staking still waiting on more details and the pool id and then also eventually, it will be available on exchanges. Theres no guarantee, though, that sunday swap will be the leading decks on cardano, actually theres, no guarantee of anything everything that we went over in this video is not primed to be number one, its a very competitive space right now. What we went over are more of the leaders at the moment what people are paying attention to, but there are other projects out there right other projects that i didnt speak about. So those are the two sectors. We have decentralized exchanges and we have layer one platforms, but i want to know: are there any other major sections that i should be paying attention to? Let me know in the comments below like the video subscribe to the channel. Thank you for listening and ill see.