Many have thought: Ive, forgotten, about., Well, Chico doesnt forget we are like elephants who always remember. Elephant noisebecause its time for Chico Crypto. So who is it? I havent talked about in a good long while In over 2 months …, when I was talking about this certain person on repeat throughout the end of 2020 and in the beginning of 2021, Well, Im talking about that Musky boi.the, dogefather himself, Elon Musk And the only Reason I want to bring him up. Is he has received? Is own doge.a shiba Inu puppy named Floki, Which he said he was going to do all the way back in March, Link 2 Elon Musk getting shiba inu March, So thats it for the content. Today, bois and girls Cheers Im just kidding …. There is so much more to talk about So lets dive down the Rabbit or, should I say, dog, hole and see what I can dig up Here. We go.back in the middle of August. Just a month ago, … the dogecoin foundation announced some really interesting news.. They had added a group of people to the advisory board. 2 dogecoin OGs, including dogecoin core developer Max Keller, one of the dogecoin founders, Shibetoshi, Nakamoto, aka, Billy Markus., But also 2, very important Characters, … Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum and Jared Birchall, who represents Elon Musk..his, Close associate head of Musks family office and executive at many of his companies, including Neuralink Sooo, right away. You have to assume that something special is going on with Doge and Ethereum .

.., and the ties between Elon Musk and Vitalik go back than just last month. April of 2019 Elon tweeted, just one word. Ethereum and Vitalik replied that he should come to ethereum devcon in October, of which Musk replied back what should be developed on Ethereum. So what should be developed on Ethereum Well, just in June of this Year, Vitalik was on the Lex Friedman podcast and spoke about Doge, Elon and Ethereum … lets listen in to this first clip … A Dogecoin and Ethereum bridge …. That is what is getting worked on. …. The proof is in the advisory board. Pudding. Vitalik wouldnt join the doge foundation unless there were plans for this to come to fruition.. So the next question is …. Who is building this? Who is constructing and laying the bricks for the bridge? Well, Ive found 2 teams that I know of so far … working on this very important bridge, …, Truebit and Dogelabs.. So lets begin with Truebit as they have been working on their bridge called Dogethereum. For some time, … dating all the way back to 2018, with this initial white paper in July, titled Using Superblocks to Bridge Dogecoin to Ethereum, and this blog post in October, titled, Dogethereum remystified, So 2018, it was being initially developed. … is Truebit still working on this. What is the status of Doegethereum Well going to the Github for Dogethereum from Truebit? Yes, it is being actively developed and going to the insights.

The 1 Contributor is Oscar Guindzberg. Link, 8 Dogethereum, Github insights And guess what Vitalike Buterin was on a Dogecoin podcast with Dogecoin developer, Ross, Nicholl, Dogefluencer, Soma, Green and Oscar Guindzeberg, and they talked about the Dogecoin Ethereum bridge. … lets play a clip where Oscar talks about the bridge, The bridge being built, is using TrueBIT …, which is obvious from the Truebit Dogethereum github. This just confirms it 100 percent… Although remember I said there is more than 1 team working on the bridge and a team tied to a major dogecoin project..who is working with Elons SpaceX and the Doge 1 satellite launch., Sending dogecoin to the moon. … and Oscar actually reiterated this in that podcast. So yesterday it was announced that DogeLabs had signed an advisory agreement with the Doge 1 moon project..and. The PR release says: AppSwarm Corp. OTC SWRM, a software development company and aggregator of mobile applications announced an advisory agreement with Geometric Energy Corporation GEC for their SpaceX. Doge 1 mission to the Moon.DogeLabs will assist in providing corporate and strategic partnerships to the DOGE 1 project and establish a working relationship to explore future space related projects under TulsaLabs.. Doge 1 is the first ever commercial lunar payload in history, paid entirely with Dogecoin launching aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.. The mission will deploy a small CubeSat into lunar orbit that will be equipped with a camera to record video of the satellites pixel display screen. That is enabled to play digital content, including NFT art NFTs on satellites Is this on the Dogecoin chain? Well, developer Ross Nicholl tweeted that this isnt possible on Doge without major changes just last week, so the functionality for this has to come from a dogecoin, ethereum, bridge, .

.. and guess who is working on a bridge. Dogelabs who just signed the advisory agreement with Doge 1. Interesting, to say the least, for the space tokens, Iteration, Syndiacte, RENA and all those tied to the Doge 1 launch. But there is something even more interesting that Vitlaik talked about on the Lex Friedman podcast and this could tie into Gamestop. But before we get into that … its time for a sponsored segment of this video brought to you by the team over at The vEmpire DDAO … and like always, the details of our agreement can be found in the description. … vEmpire DDAO is a decentralized gaming protocol and the first platform to offer DeFi esque staking for Metaverse tokens combining DeFi Gaming and Metaverse strategies. All in one place. vEmpire is invading the metaverse and declaring war against centralization to save it from a future financial crisis.. Their goal is to highlight projects at risk of becoming centralized or those who have already begun, getting monopolized by big business. Theres. A problem on the rise companies, like the Metaverse Group, are sweeping up significant estates and land across nearly every major metaverse platform and developing REITs and other centralized products.. This is causing the average user to get priced out of owning land themselves. Those who need to use land will be left having to lease space from corporate giants. Like the metaverse group, these centralized factions will only bring real world problems into the space that we are all trying to.

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. They want to make sure gamers and users of the metaverse, hear their message and understand whats going on around them. The best time to get involved and ask questions is while they are still young and accessible check out their website. Get your questions ready, then jump on to their telegram channel youll even find the co founder, interacting and answering questions for the community. Links for everything. Vempire are below Now back to that hint Vitalik might have gave on Lex Friedman. Podcast Loopring is the hint …, but he was speaking about Dogecoin and bridge Tyler …. This doesnt have anything to do with Gamestop …. Well, not the discussion with Vitlalik …, but Loopring just might have connections. There was a great post 2 weeks ago on the superstonk subreddit titled, The link between Gamestop and Loopring, and they provide proof of a connection..Im going to go through it. But if you want to read yourself, the link for the post is down below. There is a ENS Ethereum Name Service domain, title gamestop.loopring.eth and, as we can see, the controller of this is the ethereum address ending in B3D2 … diving into the address on Etherscan, only 1 transaction sent to it Diving into the transaction. It came from an address that ends in 0D10, … now gonig to that address on OpenSea we can scroll down and see this address owns Finestone.ETH. What does that mean? Well, obviously, this address is Mattew Finestones, which, from his Linkedn.

.he is a former Loopring exec …. Who is now head of Blockchain at Gamestop Sooo? What is matt doing creating this domain, Something brewing between Loopring and Gamestop? Well, just 2 days ago, Loopring added some new functionality supporting NFT minting trading and transfers directly on L2 and adding NFT related API, interfaces. Hrmmmm …. Now Daniel Wang founder of Loopring was just at EDCON. Speaking on this lets hear what he had to say about an NFT marketplace. Premium partner q4 launch … is that Gamestops coming NFT marketplace Only time will tell.