Internet computer and a little bit more yall today is were trying to make this video as quick as possible. Im just going to be going over some questions that i keep getting asked and stuff like that, so were going to be talking about the bitcoin integration staking and the drip project, so i guess im just going to start off with the bitcoin integration yall i havent Covered that yet because well its four months away – and i know thats kind of kind of gon na – be a big thing – uh yall know im not too particular excited about bitcoin in general, but it will help because a lot of people are buying bitcoin and any Kind of you know: integration with bitcoin that will allow you know the transfers without bridges and stuff like that. It is a big deal. Uh again, yall know im not a big fan of bitcoin, but it will be big for the internet computer, so im going to make a video on that, probably around the end of december uh to kind of start building up on that hype right now, yall its Just a little bit too early to be kind of riding that hype train because anything we talk about now its not going to be launching and then were going to keep hearing about it over and over and over and stuff like that. Uh – and i dont want those comments of when is bitcoin integration.

When is bitcoin integration, even if you tell people its four months away, theyll still be commented, because some people just dont, watch the videos all the way and they get impatient uh but again yall uh. I kind of quoted the term uh. 20. 20. 20. 20. 22 is going to be the year of the internet. Computer ive posted about a lot ive said it a lot and people are starting to pick up the term and posting it, which is really good its. What we need to do now is the time to start really trying to make that term go mainstream. So if yall feel, like posting that term, you know the year of the internet, computer uh nows the time to start building that hype up for next year, uh. What were trying to do with that, or me personally is, is attract uh web developers, uh building on the ic and really uh. If we get that term going just bring awareness for the internet computer, what it is – and hopefully people will start getting interested in it all right uh now i just want to talk about a couple staking questions that i keep getting asked a lot on. Actually is the confusion with locking and unlocking your icp when youre staking so the way the rewards work is, if you keep them locked, you build up a bonus over time. If you keep on the max, you can get that reward is an extra 25 percent and thats.

If you keep it locked for four years. If you stay under that, but you keep it locked. Youll build up a percentage, but as soon as you unlock that bonus is gone and then, if you relock, you got ta start all over again. So if you want the bonus, dont unlock your tokens, but do know if you dont, unlock your tokens that youre going to be waiting for um. Whatever time you selected the stake for that countdown is not going to start until you unlock. So if you log for a year, dont unlock for six months and then finally unlock you have to wait a year to get your icp unlocked. So keep that in mind. Yall uh, if you have any questions, yall, feel free to comment. I try to answer as many as i can right. The next thing yall want to talk about the drip project. Yall um, the drip project is very unique and at first yeah i did not understand it. One bit uh. I was very confused about it, but then i started researching what the loot project was and there was a lot more information on the loop project because its been around a little bit longer. So there was a lot more information and stuff to learn about. But after learning that yall have been hooked on drip for the last two days excited about drip. If you dont know what drip is, it was the air drop that they sent out to discover users and its its basically just eight items, its literally a black screen with eight items in white text, and what you can do with those items is literally up to The community and up to developers on what they want to do with those, so i give you an example is something the community is talking about now.

Is you can build a game with if you hold that loot? When you sign into the game with your wallet, it will see your items and you will get to actually see your loot and, of course that can be integrated in other ways. As you know, lets say you have lets say you have heart shaped glasses and someone made a game to where. If you have heart shaped glasses, you can shoot lasers out your eyes at your enemies, thats just an example, but literally all the possibilities are endless, its whatever the community wants to do with us and, of course, yall. There is also kind of like a price factor. If you know people are buying nfts to invest in which a lot of people do uh. To give an example, yall on loot, the first loot drop. They actually made a token around the project and they airdropped that to the loot holders, and it was worth like 77 000, a piece um so thats, something to keep in mind. Im, not saying thats, going to happen on with the drip project. But people are working on it theres a small community of us on on telegram, talking, shooting ideas back and forth. You can check that out. If you want the link to that, you can go to and ill put it in the description here. Thats a a website – and hopefully you know where some stuff will be again yall. What we talk about on telegram is just one part of it.

Anybody anybody can use that that drip, that was their drop and do whatever they want. So it there could be 200 300 400 projects. All you know around the drip that are just all by themselves. So uh, you know the community is looking for artists developers, uh storytellers, anything like that that want to help contribute uh again come to the telegram. Talk talk with everybody and uh: maybe you can contribute and if youre, holding drip, youre kind of you know helping your drip investment if you see it as an investment or if you just want to hold it, to be able to interact with all this stuff. I actually dont own any drip, so im going to be getting some, but i dont own any. Yet i got one from the drip yall and i listed it as a joke uh before we knew the rarities, i listed it as a 8675309 and somebody bought it because it turned out to be rare. So i dont have one anymore but im going to im going to uh, get a drip uh, maybe even a couple of them, because you know i just want to see what it is im not going to go by the rarity with them im going to be Going by the items just because you know ill be using them to interact with the the apps and the games or whatever people do with them. So i want really cool items thats.

What i care about more than anything when it comes to the drip and of course there are a lot of rare ones that have these little flame things and stuff like that so ill have to see. I have to see uh what i like and what i want um but excited its the most uh, exciting nft project that you know, um im focused on and paying attention to yall, but thats it for this video. I went a little bit longer than i wanted to and if anybody is wondering why i talk fast in these its because im trying to cram a lot of information in a quick video uh, the average view time on my youtubes are four to five minutes. So anytime, i go over that yall, a lot of people arent watching and and stuff like that. So i know a lot of people. I i keep getting comments like. Oh, are you on drugs because youre going to circles and this and that its like no im trying to rush to cram a lot of information into? As short, as you know, i can into one video so that people can get all this information in a timely manner, but yall thanks for supporting the channel smash.