What am i talking about here? I am actually talking about the potentially most underrated news i have ever seen, because this news was actually breaking a few days ago and people seem not to grasp the impact for bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2021. Here when it comes to the specific news, it is about apple, it is obviously here also indirectly connected with the iphone 13.. I will talk about everything i will talk about how this might impact the bitcoin price, how this might have an impact for the cryptocurrency ecosystem and much much more guys if you appreciate these emergency additional videos here, also news based videos on the sidelines. In addition to the other videos i am making on a daily basis, regardless smash up the like button to a new all time high, and i will continuously deliver on my promise. 3. I promise this. I will continuously deliver here multiple times per day with relevant content. In bitcoin and crypto, thank you so much for that and now let me go straight into this specific topic and just quickly if you cant get enough from mm crypto and default. If you want to see more here for alcon picks and much much more crypto content trading content, price predictions and so on, i have a separate new youtube channel here for youtube shorts, where im predicting here on a daily basis here in 30. Second, videos maximum make sure you subscribe to that when you hit the bell on that one, it is a very special project.

Yeah, i love it, and this channel is exploding since i opened it only yesterday now lets hear talk about it by the way the link is in. The very first line of the pin comment now lets talk about this news, and this news was recently breaking. We saw it on cnn as well. Lets start from the very beginning. First of all, this news was just saying that apple lost a court case that they cannot restrict their app providers to only buy and purchase in app purchases through the app store and always apple, took a 30 cut from every single app store purchase. I personally think its fine, but of course, if you are a free market opponent as i am that as well, it is a problem if they are restricting it, and everyone knows that apple is a closed ecosystem, so all of this app whatever it might be, let It be fortnite, let it be, anything else was restricted for these in app purchases through the app store. Why is this big news? First of all, the apple stock crushed a crashed 30 percent, because, obviously, if this 30 commission is gon na go away in the future, apple will decr, have a lower profit margin and, of course, a lower revenue and, in the end of the day, also a lower Profit, but what does it mean for bitcoin and crypto if an app provider has to pay 30 commission, but by now being allowed to uh um to allow cryptocurrency and bitcoin payments within that app can save these 30 percent? What do you think this app provider will choose in the future as a payment system? And now let me roll out a few numbers for you: apple sold 100! No wait! How much was it 100 million? I have more than 100 million iphone 12s.

So far it will be much more for the iphone 13 as the as the trend is increasing. But no, let me continue. 72 billion us dollars in revenue just for apple in 2020, 2021 numbers, obviously not out, but it is year on year increasing and now think about 118 billion app downloads, 118 billion app downloads. This is 14 app downloads, approximately per citizen on the world. I mean crazy right, so obviously there are other payment providers which people which these app providers will migrate to, but obviously cryptocurrency will be a very big topic and i wan na remind you on one specific thing: i wan na remind you on one news: breaking apple Was a few months ago searching for cryptocurrency experts actually to hire them the last time this happened was in the end of the last year, when paper was searching for those people. A few months later, paypal actually announced cryptocurrency purchases here, and i think you can think a few steps ahead. People were in the beginning laughing about bitcoin and right now we have people like we have companies, institutions billionaires, we have paypal involved, we have square involved. We have jack dorsey involved. We have michael saylor involved by the way jack dorsey. Stop banning my twitter account. Like i really dont like to be donald trump. I have to get my twitter account back, but i will im working with all forces towards that. This was obviously a mistake, as my twitter account was spun many times and always twitter admitted that it was a mistake.

So now we are working on getting it back. This is crazy news for bitcoin and why? Because, as you know, bitcoin and also crypto is benefiting from the metcalfes law from the network effects. The more people are entering the network of bitcoin and crypto, the more valuable the network becomes, and if we are right now having on the app potentially billions and billions of apps being able to accept cryptocurrency payment, the the opportunity alone to ex to be able to Be allowed to finally accept it will open it and if app providers are able to save 30 percent, obviously with increasing mainstream adoption, more and more will accept it and that will accelerate mainstream adoption. We are going to see a feedback, positive feedback loop, as we have maybe never seen it before. This was the crazy news guys and now i want to know from you. What do you think about that news? I am personally extremely bullish in regards of that and it didnt get any intention. So i am very happy to break the news here for you and to finally talk about that. Let me know what you think about that smash up the like button to a new. All time high and as always guys i dont know, can i even show you where i am here its in the night im going to a juice place. Follow me over at uh at chris mmc, with the blue verification check mark.

If you want to see where im going to, if you want to see more of my daily life, soon im moving into a villa on the palm, i will give. You are like room tours and everything and, of course, also selective cryptocurrency content on the go. Whenever im not doing a video, i will publish on the youtube short channel in the pin comment and on my on my instagram account. Thank you so much for watching guys.