This dark web mystery box is so mysterious. It came with a box im gon na open it right now protect buying content, guys im gon na take my time opening this box. Okay, oh bunch of fake money in the box, guys uh, okay, its an old phone. I dont know what this is guys. Can anyone tell me what this is in the comment section down below? Please leave a comment and tell me what this is. Its truly strange, ive never seen anything like this. This is dark web mystery boxes and its finest guys. You find objects that youve never seen like this truly strange stuff, Music, wow. Just so mysterious guys, look at this, its a booklet – and i think its wrapped in plastic and the last thing guys. A key drive, 1 000 likes no 40 000 likes and im gon na look whats inside this hard drive. This key drive right here. Im gon na put it on the computer and look whats inside. If i get 40 000 likes, wait a minute guys im not too sure what this is. Can you comment down below and tell me what this is its really strange, whats up guys in todays video were going to talk about the hilarious. Mr gg, i just love this guy. His reactions are hilarious. Just thinking about what i saw his channel right now. I have a lot of trouble, not laughing about it. He is hilarious, hes like me, he calls people out and he speaks the truth.

You know when he says something its usually spot on and its just hilarious, the way that he reacts to stuff anyways guys if you havent seen his videos check out his channel. If you like, my channel youre gon na, like his channel for sure hes, even funnier than me, yeah and im funny as hell well, i think i am sometimes i am anyways, but the guy is really funny. He did a couple of videos where he reacts to jascos videos into crypto, nwo and a bunch of other people, but the videos im gon na leave the link in the description. So you guys can watch them theres three videos and he basically makes fun of them. Sometimes, but its really funny, but he reacts to their videos and theyre hilarious, but i love the part where he makes fun of jasco and his fake videos, because its so true what he says, its just pure truth and its funny. The way he does it lets take a look at a short clip where he talks about jasco that he has fully transcended into a random nautica, youtuber randall. Nautical being the thing i covered in a bad content pong where its an app and it takes you to creepy places and creepy things happen, or so it says right by saying so they say: thats, basically saying that theyre lying and theyre faking their videos and hes. Absolutely right about that, because practically every video ive seen about rando nautica on youtube are fake.

Just talking about it now its kind of crazy to say that at one point this guy was the guy for a trend because hes so bad. I was as shocked as you were to actually learn that he was actually trending, because you know when you say bad to me. The word i think you were looking for. There was garbo because its garbo and i dont know why some people like to watch garbo content, sometimes garbo, because the person is basically sitting there lying to you for 30 minutes to an hour video. Sometimes you know theyre, basically just sitting there lying to you and youre enjoying it. I wanted to watch another one of jacksonvilles videos, but im assuming theyre all exactly the same. Well, mr gigi, your assumption was pretty damn spot on because he actually has 150 videos where he does the same thing. Every video is the same, its the same thing practically the same title and you know the same thing happens. Every video you can basically know whats going to happen in his videos. If you watch 10 of his videos, youve watched them all basically thats what it is, and he even got some videos, sometimes where he actually pretends that the cops are there and all that – and you know i can do that too. I can pretend the cops are there in my apartment. You know its pretty easy. You just use an app and put in your phone and, put you know police lights on there and then be like.

Oh, the cops are there? Oh, the cops are here in one of his videos, the cop that is there. You never see him, but the police officer actually says uh uh its the its the police. That must have been the dumbest police officer, ive ever heard if he was actually a cop. Look at that i actually have a police car right inside my apartment. Oh wait a minute, i think its just my phone anyways next. I want you guys to listen to mr gigi talk about jasco when he was doing his dark web. Mystery boxes, videos, the ones that were fake. You know, like all his other videos, in my opinion, but anyways. I want you guys to hear what he has to say about some of his videos, because hes actually stating some things that might actually shock you by the way, if you thought jaskinholt was just a bad creator, youre absolutely right, terrible im going pretty hard on this Dude because of his recent video jaskenholm mentions that his place was ransacked hes really torn up about it, which i think is another lie, because youve lied about everything so far and i feel like youre, throwing this out there just to be a part of your dark Web storyline, by lying about everything again, i agree with you: 100 hes, always lying 24 7. All this dude does is spit lies and some people actually believe them. You know some people know its for entertainment, but most people actually feel bad for the guy and believe the lies that he actually says in his videos, because theyre stupid, like people are with you because of it, which wouldnt have really mattered to me.

Had you not elected to lie to your audience about this soak about it on camera and then immediately promote your patreon. He says they stole his play button, some expensive sentimental items adding to this victim role, and he also says they stole some of the dark web items. He has received. Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying that he pretended to get robbed and then soaked about it during his video and then talked about his patreon? Oh yeah, i remember seeing that video and i told myself the exact same thing. You did that he was just saying that and doing that, because he wanted people to give him money and feel bad for him. It looked so fake. I just have one question: why would this burglar decide to take your play button, rusty, crowbars and heroin needles over? I dont know lets, say your xbox that thing right there thats there all the time, a couple feet away from your play: button its right there in an older video. Oh you mean that thing thats actually an electronic. He claims that he stole his electronics and then you know you think about it. Why wouldnt they take his xbox its super easy to take and put it in a bag, its easy to carry its worth money its easy to resell. Why would they not steal your xbox and steal your crap trash that you had in your dark web mystery boxes again? Mr gigi im pretty sure that youre spot on on this one, because i thought the exact same thing um my electronics, my electronics, my electronics.

You would also think if you actually got robbed, you would take the opportunity to make that its own video youre a youtuber. Now camera should have been out soon, as you noticed you got robbed like i said i might be wrong, but i might also be disgustingly right and if i am youre kind of looking, slimeball jaskinho is jacking your money, in my opinion, youre absolutely right because, like I said earlier, i was thinking the exact same thing. Lets take a look at one of the funny clips he made of yasuko, which is actually really funny. Take a look at this if he lands on a four im gon na end. The video right here daddy needs a four come on. Please be a four, so i can stop watching this trash video. Some people would say: oh hes, so mean no hes not mean hes, just being himself its actually hilarious. I love you. Man talk about crypto and dwo, one of the guys that does the most dark web boxes, but he says he doesnt call them that anymore, but anyways doesnt matter what you call them. He says interactive podcasts, but youre still doing dark web boxes. You know, even though he doesnt use the word dark web box, and you know he reacted to mr gigis video and you know what he was saying was basically so funny. I just want to show you guys the short clip of crypto nwo reacting.

He does that and they just make the box themselves and then open it, no im, not speaking for every other youtuber im, not speaking for every other youtuber out there, but wouldnt it be a lot easier to just purchase a mystery box and open it in front Of a camera than to put all the boxes together and its actually funny right there, because hes actually implying by saying that that his dark web mystery boxes that he actually buys them for his videos. I dont believe that i could be wrong. Why would someone put a box on on the dark web and try to sell it with a bunch of dumb crap, and why would someone actually buy those boxes and make a video about it? Oh for views, but anyways, you know it just doesnt make sense to me that someone would actually make a box put some random stuff in it and just sell it on the dark web. You dont need to go, sell it on the dark web. You know what i mean: anyways im gon na leave it at that guys, and this is gon na, be it for todays video dont forget to go check out. Mr gigi. The links are gon na be in the description. Hes actually really funny, thanks for watching guys and dont forget to subscribe.