So in todays, video were going to look at some of these cryptos on the charts and identify points that you want to look out for so that youre not buying in at the extremes of the move. Welcome back everyone, its jason with your opium free crypto update. Now, if you stick around to the end of the video ill, also show you one of the charts that i, like the look of which i havent heard much about in the hype of youtube at the moment. So without further ado, make sure youve hit that, like button subscribe to the channel bell, notification, icon click all so you see the videos pop up in your feed and follow me on instagram and twitter. If you want more updates now lets dive into todays video as ive got something around the title of pay attention to these altcoins crypto price were going to look at some of these on the chart, so weve got avax dot atom, and there is one of that. One of the special ones i want to look at at the end of the video, but first were going to get into some of the news and then discuss. Is it too late? And what about the week versus the strong its been a big piece that ive looked at on the channel here? First, we have fear and greed sitting at 53 neutral yesterday was neutral last week was fearful, and last month was greedy, so were all over the place at the moment, but it looks like were on a reasonable trend of up and up so more people are getting Greedy into this market, possibly some more shakeouts to come, we definitely need that just to keep the health of the market and the longevity of it.

If it goes straight up in the green, then we tend to come back pretty hard as well. What goes up in a vertical generally comes down in a vertical. The market cap is at 2.15 trillion. Today we had a little bit of a pullback across many of the cryptos, except for avalanche, which of course, is why its in all of the headlines today – and i want to show you on the charts, what to look out for there and some of the others Are cosmos which ive talked about on twitter, giving that alert many days ago and also on my patreon, so you can check us out there. Weve got 31 left of the hundred for the 49 per month. Check it out. Link is down below to learn more about crypto trading and investing and, of course, twitter as well. So lets crack on with some of the news, and i just want to cover the headlines here and give us an idea of the sentiment that is going into the next stage of the market, the big one that we continue to see come up time and time Again is etfs, so bitcoin etfs theres, no less than four or eight that theres a lot of companies looking to put in etfs – and i found about three just from the news articles today – fidelity is one theyre, just pushing the sec theres. Nothing else really. In this news, article to tell us anything more so theyre trying to push goldman sachs is trying to push, and we also have a another company here.

Van eck is also trying to push and then also bitwise files for bitcoin futures etf. So there are a lot of them theres four i already found this morning and i think its just going to keep going and more and more uh push to the sec to get one of these listed, which of course, might be a catalyst for bitcoin. Sometime later this year, or early next year, as well update on solana, it sputters back to life following the downtime. So if you were unaware, solana went down, we saw the prices drop. Solana was down for about seven days in the price that is but overall in terms of the blockchain. It was restarted and it was down for about nearly 18 hours, theyre saying here so its coming back online, no, its, not completely decentralized, which is why theyve reset it. It got absolutely hammered with transactions and it reached at about 400 000 transactions per second, and that was to do with some idos and other projects that were going on on things like radium. So thats came from the ceo himself, so celinas back on thats, good news. The market looks like it should get some sort of relief rally at this point in time. The low at the moment was about 152 moving on to some of the other projects, which i cover a lot of on the channel another sports sponsorship. Uh the spree continues here so theyre theyre in with esports team fanatic.

The five year alliance is worth more than 15 million and follows deals with formula one love that i love. Seeing that every time i watch the formula one on the weekend, i see there, its so cool to be invested in something and youre sort of seeing it in another sport that you love, maybe ive married myself to ufc, so maybe youre a ufc fan. Youll see there as well, plus they have many other areas now. The rest of this article goes on to talk about other cryptocurrencies, which are doing this getting themselves involved in areas which are not traditionally crypto, which is what you want. If you want to get adoption, you just dont want to be advertising to the same people over and over again. So youve got things like ftx. You know i talk about ftt a lot on the channel. We dont need to go over that again. Theyve partnered with a lot of different players in the sports space and esports as well and speaking of getting cryptocurrencies across to the masses. We also see audience push into the music scene, which is thats where they are. But now we have the big names investing ploughing. Five million dollars into the music streaming platform audience got katy perry, chainsmokers pusher and i also saw jason derulo, so they are all putting money into audience right now, im not saying to put money into audience im, just saying jason, derulo avalanche is going to be one Of the cryptos we look at on the charts and they have pushed new all time highs again.

Avalanche breaks. All time highs on news of 230 million dollar raise. So it is a lot of money coming through to cryptocurrency poly chain capital and three arrows capital. Go follow three arrows on twitter and their ceos founders. They put out a lot of good information if youre wanting to find other ways to get a source of good crypto information, thats a good place to look at it and while youre over there follow us on twitter as well, but first defy tokens. Theyre moving curve talked about this one with the patreon group, so if you are not subscribed, if you want to know more about create trading cryptocurrencies and investing in crypto check out, patreon link is down below. I talked about this, especially because of the chart patterns that were coming up. Ave and sushi swap also look good. Thatll lead us into something in the charts in just a moment and, of course, go to d5 pulse to look at how much is actually being staked over here. How much is locked up in d5, 92 billion its at all time highs. Last time i i saw this on the chart, but it looks like theres a problem on the side at the moment. Are they curve sushi, unix swaps? Also building up? There is a lot going on here and rv now takes number one spot from maker and curve has definitely pushed its way into that top three lets. Look at these charts: avax avalanche uh back from 2020 late 2020 into that first peak of 60 dollars in february.

Now all of that happened within about six weeks you can see. This is the end of december, the last week of december into the first week second week, just the 10th of february. Call it about seven weeks, give it give or take right, then what happened from that point is the market came crashing down and it stayed down for a very very long time. The peak was february february, guys, okay, it wasnt a peak in may, like everything else got, it was a peak in february now the market came all the way back down into july, so that was nearly six months. If i take a measure from the top to the absolute bottom, that was about 160 days so about five and a half months until your money started really moving again, you would have seen it at about 10 bucks and probably got excited as it went to 13 Or 15, and then we got the explosive move from august. That was about 188 days about 190, so just over six months before the explosive move started again. Keep that in mind. If you are looking to be purchasing these cryptos as they shoot up faster and faster, might not be so lucky next time that its six months down it might be a lot longer, it might be a lot shorter. The point that im making here is, even though that we are seeing it across multiple youtube sites. At the moment, it is prudent to just remember what these sorts of moves do now.

The other question i wanted to answer is: are we too late? So are we too late, i dont think were too late depending on our time frames. If we look at our time frames – and we look further out to three years or five years – and we believe in the fundamentals then sure buying at 60 – bucks might not be that big of a deal because maybe ave avax goes to 600 and its a 10x And it doesnt mean anything in the grand scheme of things if it was down for a year, but one thing i want to note and ill use bitcoin as an example. Here is, if we start to see these sorts of moves measure the length of it measure the length of each move. So we got up. We got this much range and then down – and you can just almost see this with the naked eye – thats almost very similar and then similar, but then shorter, move up, shorter move up, another short move up and then the correction, okay, so going back to avalanche here Were starting to see big moves and then corrections now, if this turns into a shorter move, you can bet your bottom dollar that there would possibly be another short move and again the only way that this wouldnt happen is if we had a longer accumulation at the Highs that would be a very good sign to then take off for a bigger move, so we just need to understand what the probabilities are moving forward and if things shoot straight up like it did back in february, you know january february, then its highly likely that Its going to come back and then come back and re test some of this zone here so is: are we too late its going to depend on your time frame? Your outlook? Are you only here for 20 gains up to maybe 80 bucks or a hundred dollars? Looking for 40 gains personally thats, not my game in crypto im, not here just for 20 or 40 percent, i want to get hundreds of percent if not thousands of percent.

So that is something that i definitely keep an eye on. Are these runs? So we get a really sharp move up. Maybe we need some resting period. We get a sharp move up. That might be the last sharp move that we get the you know the rockets taken off and then we have to come back to earth and reload before we start to move again. So, looking at the chart pattern in closer detail, we have a big, strong, sharp move up here from about two dollars or three dollars up to about 15, and then we didnt get the massive correction. We had consolidation before the next move, so currently, where we are, is at new. All time highs, thats, not a bad thing, its okay to be buying things in all time highs its a breakout move. But what you want to see is this pattern and obviously not such a big correction. If we get the correction lower into previous zones, then it just means that were going to need more time in a consolidation period before we can take off again because youre basically measuring this move and its become shorter. If it was to stop here thats what you dont want to see all right, so you want to see the consolidation before the next move get in on that breakout. That is a stronger, looking cryptocurrency. So now that ive explained that on avalanche its going to be a similar pattern on the rest of these cryptos, so weve seen cosmos or atom.

Ive talked about this on twitter and, of course, on patreon links are all down below. You can see this big move up and then the moves became shorter and shorter, and that might feel like a great move in your portfolio going from 16 to 30 32 100. But in the grand scheme of things thats, not the move that we wanted to be on. We didnt want to be on this move. We can see that in hindsight we wanted to be on this move so thats. What we need to pay attention to now is this move that were currently seeing. Is it this or is it that what is it going to be so keep in mind when youre moving forward just to see what happens next? What comes next? Do we get some consolidation? Do you want to start to take profits underneath some of these support levels thats, the sort of thing ill be looking for in case this doesnt hold up for the short time being, maybe bitcoin craps itself, and we have to reset and start again thats the things That im looking for here, if we get that nice consolidation, give us some rest period, then we take off again were looking sweet thats exactly what we want to see now over to dot and were currently sitting at 36. The low was at around 10.30 and youre. Probably wondering why werent we buying the the dip? Why arent we buying at the lows because were looking at stronger horses, things like solana and if you have limited funds and you cant spread it across everything you want to be in the strongest thing.

Solana was the stronger horse at that point in time buying in at 22 to 35 ish dollars on the breakouts getting us all the way up to 200. and if youre following the channel, i was looking at an exit of around 160. So i posted about that on twitter as well, but back to dot. Yes, it is up. It is up about three times from its low 10 to 36, so 200, 220 percent thats okay, weve got some profits from solana. Weve got some profits from the stronger horses which ran first and left these in the dead. So at the moment for solano, its stronger, its holding above its 50 on the fib extension, its holding above its bear market 50 percent and its holding above its major 50 percent, which is at 25 area now it has gone on a pretty solid run. Its had a few waves up now, maybe its coming towards its end, maybe its going to consolidate the point is, were in a stronger position. We have some profits from solana if you dont have any profits im sorry, but we can continue to look at future trades and im trying to put that nicely, because you want to be getting on the strong things rather than waiting and hoping and following what everyone Else is doing with all of the hopium, so this could be a good setup. Moving forward provided again bitcoin doesnt crap itself and we dont fall back into the weaker zones and the weaker zones are underneath the 50 level, so heres a 50 heres, a 50 heres.

A 50. weve managed to break through all of these and looks like were potentially consolidating at this zone now, and you can see each 50. It had a reaction off the 50 had a reaction off the 50 here had a reaction of that 50 and then it comes back and sits on them as support so theyre working very well for dot. At the moment, i do like dot as a setup. Even if we get a correction back, you know were still sitting as long as im still sitting above the major 50 im, pretty happy that 25 26 not saying you can get there, but that has the potential. If this is the last legs of the move, thinking of before when were talking about avax a big move up, another move up, and then it just gets a little weaker and weaker. So one we want to see consolidation for the move up or two back consolidate and then the move up, theyre the options that im looking for for a positive outcome for So last thing is the charts that i, like the look of now im going to leave this one for another video, but this is the one im liking. The look of at the moment remember to choose wisely. If you have limited funds, ive looked at avax today. Briefly, looked at dot and atom and ftt, we talked about weak or strong. Looking at the timing as well, because if you have limited funds, youve got to know where you want to put them and when you cant just go around and say im going to buy everything in the top 50 or the top 100, because some of it doesnt Move and your funds are better off in other places and are we too late? Weve looked at that today, so sushi is what i want to look at next sushi btc.

It has broken through the tops here. So lets get our drawing tool. Theres, a top were up there if we fall back down that its fine 50 is at around that 27 000 satoshis should be an extra zero here. That falls back no problems. We should be hopefully holding some support above those previous levels, consolidating for the next move. Sushi usdt again is trying its hardest. You can see here, look at the 50s, how well they work theres, the bear market correction, the bull market correction, the bear market uh drop here. The market came back hit 50 percent before that was even uh. Well, it was there because we had the top the bottom thats, how you draw in your 50, smack on 50 retrace its tried it again and its potentially getting above that right now. So this is in a reasonable setup long provided we hold these levels. So around 14 bucks – and of course i dont – want to see it go lower than around 12 and at the very worst, this level here at which is at about 950, because that is your higher lows. Youve got a low in here in june and then a low in mid july and now weve got another low in early september. So you just want to keep seeing higher lows. If the lows start to break down, then that is considered a downtrend. But for now that is the the chart that i, like the look of i want to hear from you guys.

Let me know in the comments down below which cryptos are you liking? The look of that have a setup like this and you may be able to spot which one im talking about starts with an a and i have spoken about it in todays video drop it down below the ones you like, the look of the ones that people Generally talk about in the comments, a stuff that have boomed and have gone straight up straight up and theyre still talking about at the tops and they start to fall and say: oh its cheap, now, oh its cheap! Now, oh its coming back, oh its cheap! Now and then they just get absolutely crushed and their souls are destroyed and they cant come back for the next crypto bull market, so thats. Why? I look at the timing and i want to get on the strong stuff. Let me hear from you guys which crypto youre liking. The look of that is in a good, looking setup drop it down below see. If everyone can jump on it, you can chill your own coins down. There follow us on instagram twitter patreon link is down below. If you want to learn more about trading cryptos and investing for a long term, healthy portfolio, ill see you guys at the next video until then have more fun to get more done.