I hope youre all doing well and staying safe out there massive shout outs and thank you to every single one of you who have subscribed to the channel guys its incredible. The community is awesome. I love talking with everyone in the comments below in the community tab. So if youre new to this channel make sure you smash that subscribe button turn on that little bell notification as well, because i love doing these videos on a regular basis. As you can see, right here documenting my journey with investing b through cryptos dividend stocks, growth, stocks, talking about passive income, finance, building, financial freedom and, most importantly, generational wealth – so come along on this incredible journey. And if everyone could smash that, like button down, there would really help me in this channel, and i would appreciate it, give it a good old tap down there all right, it doesnt cost you anything right. So little disclaimer. I am not a financial advisor. You need to do your own research and due diligence jump on all the websites like ive, recommended in every single one of these videos. It will get you confidence uh before jumping into investing, especially the cryptos. I dont want to see anyone get financially hurt because you can lose money. Bang like that all right. So please do your own research set yourself a limit me. Personally. I only invest what i can afford to lose. Yes, we dont like to lose, but youve got to set a limit for yourself all right.

So please, please, please be careful dont take what i say is financial advice, all right guys. So just a quick one. Uh today i just im going to call this. The x factor video because im invested in the x coins – and i call this because im invested in xrp, xyo, xdc and somethings come across my uh. My feed – and somebody mentioned it to me before and ive – been seeing quite a lot of it at the moment and its ecash. I cant remember the ticker symbol for that, but im going to get into them today, but lets just have a quick look at my coin. Spot account guys the market is down today and a great buying opportunity if you feel like investing in cryptos, especially in australia. Theres a link below for coin spot. This is what i used to buy my cryptos, the exchange. You can get ten dollars in bitcoin. If you use that link, please feel free to use that, if not its all good, all right so bitcoin is at sixty. Six thousand dollars today ethereum five thousand cardano three dollars and forty one cents, b, b: 596 dollars x, rp 1.53 cents, aud guys celinas 214, polkadot, 49 cents, dogecoin 33 cents just going to quickly scroll it through these guys. So v chain is at 16 cents. At the moment, which is great, stella xlm is at 46 cents, guys theta 9.30 cents, hedera 66 cents guys keep going scrolling down neos at 71.

This is definitely a low. I bought this at a high, which is stupid, and i shouldnt have done that, but nevertheless, shea burina is pumping today, guys up 25 im still holding my bag of sheep not going to sell it guys. Btt is down today. Keep scrolling down here. Lets have a look at xd6 im going to talk about this today, its 17 cents, guys all right so thats, pretty much in terms of what the australian markets doing today in regards to the x factor, guys, obviously im keeping an update on this case. This is a news update posted for the xrp, our ripple versus the scc case, so xrp scc refuses to disclose documents to ripple cites privilege, irrelevance. Im am monitoring this case still every day its been quiet the last couple of days and im not sure the reason why i keep an update on james k, filens, twitter page and he posts up to incredible content. So thank you very much. Also, jeremy hogan obviously provides some clarity around this case and im waiting for updates from him as well ill. Just keep an update on everything to do with xrp im a big believer in this project. I dont believe its a security and yes guys. I posted a video of a hedge fund manager saying that the price could, potentially, after years and years of adoption, guys hit that price of you know: 10 30k thats a long shot and a long way down the track, guys and its in reference to obviously global Adoption with financial institutions, hedge funds, investment banks, investment managers, all that kind of stuff derivatives market – it could potentially hit that never say never encryptos.

Obviously, but i strongly believe if this case settles with the sec. The price of xrp will easily go to 10 to 20 dollars around that once this case settles, and hopefully its going to be this year, im hoping september but were coming close to the end of september, and i havent seen anything in the news or media about A possible settlement, but fingers crossed im, still remaining very optimistic about this settlement because i havent heard anything in the news recently and its been very quiet. So that leads me to believe that somethings happening behind closed doors and ive said it all along that. If a case does settle with the sec and ripple that something will happen behind closed doors, a document will get leaked out there and basically then somebody from the institutions or whoever works for this company you know ripple obviously would leak that document and therefore you know Reflect in the market and the price will just go boom, but i have seen obviously on coinbase pro or something like that, that xrp was potentially going to be relisted. There was something or another exchange in the u.s was going to be trialing, relisting xrp at some stage i cant remember, which one it was was maybe in coinbase pro or another exchange in the us. But i was just fascinated to see that, because you know, exchanges are relisting xrp, so its a matter of time. Obviously, here the united states, securities and exchange commission filed a letter brief regarding the list of internal documents which, according to the agency, were protected by deliberative process dpp and attorney attorney client privilege according to the filing provided by attorney james co, filing ssc, claimed that every Single document that will be reviewed by judge netburn in camera is privileged, so they are not wanting to give these documents to ripple in this case, or just you know, disclose these documents.

I dont know why theyve obviously got something to hide. Obviously, i strongly believe that the uh, the sec employees are holding cryptocurrencies and, of course, xrp. You know, i seriously believe that and itll be funny to see that if it actually comes out that theyre all still holding these cryptocurrencies, but the scc is hiding that nevertheless lets just keep going xrp to the moon, guys um, obviously xdc. This is one that im very bullish on guys. It is part of the iso 20 20202, whatever it was called. Obviously the whole financial. You know market in terms with ripple and xdc. You know replacing swift and bridge currencies. This is all part of the future plan. Here xdc is a part of that guys and it is still a great buying opportunity right now and is very well priced. Obviously, xrp is sitting at that dollar fifty mark and well get into the coin market cap in a moment, pretty much remained a stable coin. Xdc is well and truly below that a great opportunity to dollar cost to average into and obviously theyve just provided an update in relation to their road map, which is fantastic as well. This came out two days ago, xdc im following this very closely, because i am heavily invested into xcc and uh. Here we go here so theyve announced we going to now something that has been in the works for the last five months guys. So many people in the community, members partners and independent contractors have endeavoured to outline this roadmap.

I cannot be more proud of this. This is on medium. I mention medium all the time in my videos, obviously because its a great place to get updates on crypto projects, and i just want to open this roadmap here, and it is right here lets just open this roadmap now, okay, so this is the xdc foundation roadmap. So xdc foundation roadmap displays important milestones as we notice a planned beta, planned public release 2021 and 2022. So if obviously these blocks here represent whats happened in 2021 this year and 2022 next year, guys so were fast approaching that so you can clearly see here. Some awesome stuff here in relation to xdc explorer youve got xdc governance portal. My contract here youve got xdc pay and if you click this right, xtc allows users to access, run, xd pos, so point of sale enable distributed applications on the browser. Xdc pay also lets users create and manage their own identities via private keys, local client, wallet, etc and a fork in the metamask a fork from metamask. Sorry xdc pay is a google chrome extension that allows users to interact with their wallets and send and receive tokens within google chrome. This is awesome man and lets just go here. The xdc nft theyre, getting into nfts guys so xtc nft adapt, allows users to mint and sell short videos as nfts in a complete, robust marketplace. This is fantastic guys. This is obviously planned for next year, q1 quarter, one so the first half of the first quarter of next year, 2022 incredible project, guys very bullish on xdc and obviously guys.

It is one up there with xrp in terms of banking and financial institutions. So definitely one that im bullish on lets get into the other one guys im, obviously bullish on, and that is xyo. So we all know that im very bullish on xyo the utility of this coin is ridiculous. It probably uh flew in terms of price. You know it was just crazy when it got listed on coinbase and obviously it got listed on coinbase. Probably then, its just you know obviously listed on coinbase and that sent the price skyrocketing and again its down today, well get into that in a moment, but in general, cryptocurrencies have had a strong year in 2021, while bitcoin and ethereum has registered gains. The rise of some old coins has been staggering. Xyo coin is one such crypto year to date is gained 14, 000 percent due to the steep rise in the coin. It isnt a surprise that investors want to know about xr xyos coins, predictions guys so uh. Obviously, this is what its about but ill get into their website now, im very bullish on this and lets go here so case studies and ive mentioned this before airports. One of the largest fears of airline travelers face having their logic, luggage, lost or stolen. Ive said this is like a geospatial cryptocurrency, so basically theyre, building this platform here that allows users to use this to track. So you know very similar to v chain almost, but xyo is one of these projects which will allow you to track.

You know like airports, you lost luggage, hospitals here, youve got medic medications and stuff for patients here, so patient and staff. A single misplaced mistake could mean a difference between life and death, so xyo network can provide trustless verification, location reporting that is critical in such sense. Sensitive environment so check this out here, the xyz, unique blockchain technology. The implications could reduce prescription dosage errors, prevent unnecessary procedures and, ultimately save lives, unbelievable guys e commerce. Well, we all know e commerce is a big space at the moment, its only growing because of what were going through at the moment, everyones buying online, so obviously thats, incredible insurances, guys so mobile phones, sports cars, own assets roam around regular basis. Prime candidates can be covered under loss and theft, protection insurance. So imagine if you lose your car or somebody steals a car youll be able to find it using the xyo network national security. This is a big one guys you need to read this on their website. Im not going to recommend it now, but rental cars. Obviously they need to know and track these rental cars guys so its a form of tracking and tracing and drones. We all know drones are becoming a thing in the future. Now um, you know drop. You know out believe in amazon in the us you can buy on amazon and theyll. Just drop your package there same day with a drone, its not in place here in australia, but im waiting for it anyway.

So x y is a great one and guys the next one ive come across is ecash. This is one of these ones, its like a gamble or a play here, but um this one. He came across my in the comments somebody mentioned that they were loading up on e cashier. This is a really new project for me: got a pretty cool looking website, guys introducing ecash the new battle tested, cryptocurrency forged from centuries of economic theory and over a decade of real world crypto experience e cash. Is the implementation of tech secured sound money envisioned by luminaries and monetary philosophy like milton friedman? So obviously this is you know, pretty cool website guys have done very well here. So what makes unique avalanche a consensus protocol to enhance blockchain security, enable near instant confirmation times and streamline future network upgrades staking e tokens small convenient uh, demonetization uh demonetization here, because the money shouldnt be having eight decimal places, guys so learn more. Obviously, theyve got a roadmap here, so weve got here, transactional ordering signatures quick here, faster block propagation here, xtxo commitment, all kinds of technical stuff here so im just looking this up at the moment, guys still researching it, but it seems very interesting. It has got a huge, huge, huge amount of tokens out there at the moment, but now lets get into coin market so thats when i open this now all right so lets have a look at my favorite x factor projects right here so xrp today, um obviously Sitting in a dollar 49 aud, this is australian dollars, guys just up 0.

8 percent today, in the last 24 hours down at 1.75 percent, seven days still up 1.29 in the last 30 days, it is down 0.63, obviously its just remaining like a stable coin, guys 40 Percent is still up. In the last 90 days, trading volume has been 4.3 billion dollars. Mark capped, 69 billion there guys, so it is going up, but its pretty much remaining flat at the moment. Im waiting for the uptrend right now, uh lets have a look at x y. Oh sorry, lets go to uh xdc sinfin, okay, so in the last 24 hours guys it is down 4.44. It is 16 cents aud. Today, seven days, uh, hes still down eight point: zero. Nine percent in the last thirty days, guys twelve point five, six percent of this down and in the last 90 days guys i just love 79. So definitely one that im dollar cost averaging and i will buy some cryptos today, um so definitely going to be adding this into my portfolio. Trading volume has been 9.9 million, and market cap is sitting to just over 2 billion, which is great, alright, so um xyo guys is one obviously listed on coinbase now for those who want to buy xyo 4 cents ive been pushing this project ever since it was Below a penny, and definitely dollar cost averaged into this and im benefiting from that now, im just holding my position so its up in the last 90 days, 574 percent in the last 30 days, 323 in the last seven days, just have a look here.

It is still up 10.69 in the last 24 hours. It is down 13.25 and obviously trading volume in the last 24 hours been 62 million, so theres a lot of people trading. This market cap is just under a billion there, so obviously 0.6 circulating supply is 12.8 and the total supply is 13.9, so its not that high guys, which is good now, this e cash one i dont even know the tickets and movies for this lets, have a Look here, ecash xec, the x factor, everythings x, all right. So in the last 24 hours it is down 3.99 percent. Look at those zeroes. There could be one to play. I dont know im just still looking into it guys, but obviously it came across my table and im having a look at it in the last seven days guys it is down point five percent in the last 30 days it is up 366, which is unreal. Last 90 days, guys 809, unbelievable. So its got a market cap of 6.3 billion dollars trading volume is well under a billion there, so 100 uh to be 100 ml there. So um lets have a look here: circulating supplies, 18.8 trillion xec, so its very high 18.8 trillion xdc xec, basically is in circulation at the moment same as total supply and the max supplies 21.. So if we have a look here built by an experienced team of bitcoin developers, which is interesting, who found a bitcoin cash ecash is a fork of bitcoin, with more aggressive technical roadmap guided by the academic vision and legendary economist milton friedman.

Ecash flows follows through on key blockchain scaling promises, an innovative avalanche consensus layer and its own token layer are unique. Technical highlights of ecash ecash also aims to introduce features never seen before in bitcoin project such as staking fork, free network upgrades and sub chains, guys. So an interesting project, i believe it is available on binance lets. Just have a look here: uh about e cash here, im, not sure where this thing always changes here so links uh. Where are we here? I believe it is on binance, actually im just going to look here so thats about no anyway ill put in the link below where you can actually buy this project xec. I believe it is on binance, sorry and you need usd tether usdt to purchase it. So you can swap out whatever you need to usdt and buy xec, so this is one im looking at because its interesting i like to take gamble sometimes on these, but youve got to take risks. Obviously, you need to you know, set a limit, but obviously just buying a crypto like this holding it could be a potential play. Seeing that return there of 800 in the last 90 days is ridiculous, even 30 days up 366. Its quite incredible guys to see this price increase and uh, just like its very you know. Like i said you know, this is around the price range i bought x y o at some. You know you know seeing x y o, where it is at the moment is unbelievable, but nevertheless thats the x factor, so ive got x, r, p, x, y, o x d c, and now this one im checking out x e c.

So let me know in the comments below, if you know anything about xcc lets talk about it all right other than that guys. My portfolio is pretty much straightforward today and ill. Just quickly show you at a glance what im holding bitcoin, cardano, xrp, dogecoin, tron, stella v chain, theta hedera, neo, shiba, inu, btt, amp, holochain, theta fuel xcc telcoin, i am holding tolcoin. People have asked me about that. So yes, i am see a coin. Did you buy it? A nkr xyo win link v, thor reef bullish on that one economy, skipping the one in the middle there, because im really pissed off that one at the moment: atn, acropolis and the rest of them here, bonfire safe, mars moonshot they were just plays for me, but Anyway, im just having fun with those all right, so thats pretty much it and ill definitely be adding more bitcoin to my portfolio because guys this is a real store of value, and i want to preserve my wealth and grow my wealth and leave it there. Obviously, you know people are going to say: oh its not going to go anywhere, but i dont believe that, because its just getting adopted right now were so early in this bitcoin will go up in value. It has to too much global adoption with big players. Now, when that money starts flowing into bitcoin with all these new etfs that, if they get approved and the money starts flowing in from institutions, think about the moment that happens and the price of bitcoin what it will go to all right, i appreciate you guys.

Thank you very much make sure you, like the video subscribe to the channel, lets talk about in the comments.