Welcome, back to number one place for all your investing needs in todays. Video were going to be looking at three potential altcoins to buy on the dip so right now the market is down about point: seven: six percent, the past 24 hours, our top gainers in the past 24 hours, is gon na, be a popular one that you guys Should be very, very familiar with its shiba inu, so she being you is up about 29.5 in the past 24 hours, making a little bit of a move right now, trading it around less than .01 cents per coin. So you guys can definitely check that one out its booming highest volume, like usual bitcoin, but the volume is actually a lot lower than usual. We, you know were used to seeing 40 billion plus volume right there. So bitcoin trading around is 48 000 area, pretty much flat ethereum around this 3 600 area flat as well, and that means that most of these altcoins are pretty much either flat or up or down a percent or so compared to the rest of the market. Obviously so, right now, if we take a look here at cardano down about one and a half percent finance coins down about one and a half percent and then everything else as well with some outliers like luna up eight percent avalanches up eight percent. We talked about avalanche in yesterdays video. Its still continuing to have this uptrend, which is very nice, were hitting all time highs on avalanche and continuing to make an uptrend.

We have al goran up about four and a half percent and then obviously a few more coins down here, like cosmos, which is up about 14, so theres always outliers in the market. You just have to find them and figure out which ones are going to continue to boom and which ones are not so before we get into this countdown guys, go ahead and smash that, like button for me, lets aim for 150 plus likes in this. Video were almost at 43 000 subscribers so subscribe to the channel turn on that bell, notifications to get notified every time i make a new video and, as always, check out the link in the description check out our merch on our in our shop and also, if You guys want to get your two free stocks, valued up to 2 300 links in the description that as well and guys lets get into it. So the first altcoin on our list is going to be algorithms, so al goran algo, making an upward move here in the past 24 hours, its trading at two dollars and eight cents. It was trading at around 1.86 cents just 24 hours ago, up about 4.7. Here, even hitting highs of about 222 at one point now in a one week chart this one is down by nine percent in the past one month, its up 120 so right now were hitting highs, consolidating and hoping for another upward momentum, obviously with algorand.

So this one is performing very nicely up about 485 on the one year chart. This coin was trading just around 34 cents last year. Obviously, previous all time, high was around 170 right here that we hit pretty much three times pulled back down with the market consolidated, and then we went from about 70 cents all the way here to over two dollars and 10 cents, which is over a 200 percent, Gain in the past month and a half, so al grant is definitely outperforming the rest of the market market cap on this one right now is 10.8 billion, with the volume at 1.3 billion circulating supply at 5.2 billion typical hold time on this coin is 46 days. Its the number 13 coin trading activity is 64 percent by 36 percent sell and for those of you who are not familiar with algran is a cryptocurrency and blockchain protocol that aims to be simultaneously scalable, secure and decentralized. It uses a consensus, algorithm called proof of stake. You know pure proof of stake, so this one with that 10.8 billion market cap. It still has plenty of room to grow. I would not be surprised to see this coin. You know continue to go higher in the near future and you know the next. 5. 10. 15 or 20 years, this coin could definitely be trading at 10, which gives us about a 5x opportunity or about a 500 opportunity. So a thousand dollars invested could potentially return.

You 5 000 plus profit in the long term, but that is something that we have to look forward to and see how the market will you know perform with this coin? Is the coin just a hype coin right now, or is there actually something backing this coin? Up thats something that youre gon na have to research and see to see if it fits your criteria or not to be one of the coins on your list, so algorand is gon na, be our first coin on the list. Second coin on the list is gon na be binance coin bnb. Obviously many of you guys should be very familiar with binance coin, and this is one of the more popular coins in the top. You know five, so definitely with this one uh trading at 423 and 62 cents. It is down about 1.7. This one on the one week chart is pretty much flat hitting lows down here of about 3.85 in the past week. This one is up about 1.4 of 1.47, with the highs at 500, then we saw that market crash pretty much flash crashed to 372 and then an uptrend here with the sideways movement. So in the past year this one is up over fourteen hundred and seventy four percent. That means a thousand dollars invested into binance coin last year would be netting you profit of around fourteen thousand dollars, which is insane i mean just imagine, putting in a thousand dollars into this coin.

A year ago and now youre taking out over fourteen thousand dollars uh. You know from twenty two dollars last year, hit highs here in may at six ninety, so you would have profited even more if you would have sold somewhere around this area. Obviously, market pulled back down consolidated to lows of 264 and now were on an uptrend. So this is still some amazing gains on the one year chart 71.2 billion market cap on uh, a binance coin, circulating supply at 168.1 million and then obviously binance coin is a cryptocurrency used to pay fees on the binance cryptocurrency exchange fees paid in binance coin. On the exchange receive a discount, so its one of those popular coins, obviously um its used a lot in the space and definitely want to be always looking out for dip opportunities, as it could be opportunity for you to get in uh for the future. With the market being you know, on the higher side in the 70, almost close to 100 billion, it is a little bit of a riskier coin to you know trade in on, but it also is a little bit safer compared to some of these altcoins that dont Have something that is backing it up and obviously we always want to look for coins that have something backing it up, because that means that it has more potential and kind of like a safety net. If something was to happen in the future – and we know that its – not you know a scam coin or something that you know a higher risk, even though in the crypto space, its always a high risk, high reward type situation – and you know you definitely dont – want To invest into something that you dont understand, uh, you know these coins can fluctuate very very quickly.

They can go up ten percent. They can go down. Ten percent, you never know what the crypto market is going to do uh day in and day out. So finance coin number two coin on the list and then last but not least, its gon na be tara, also known as luna. So tara, also known as luna right here, is up about 8.9 or 8.19 in the past 24 hours from lows of 35. All the way to highs of about 40 now right now were trading at 38.72 in the past week. This one is up over 26 with the one month chart right here, looking at 75.98, almost 76, which is amazing. Obviously, on the one year chart 12 304 from lows of 32 cents last year, all the way to these highs. So you know amazing amazing gains right here, guys uh tremendous gains. I guess you could say you know a thousand dollars right now and this one would be netting you huge money over a hundred thousand dollars. I believe, if im doing the math correctly uh, because a thousand dollars at a one thousand percent return is ten grand. So at twelve thousand percent thats a hundred and twenty thousand dollars profit on a one thousand dollar investment youre not going to see that anywhere except the crypto space. Obviously so just imagine putting in a thousand dollars coming out with over a hundred grand just in a matter of one year. Those gains are insane and not something that youre going to be looking forward to seeing you know every single year you pretty much got to get lucky on these coins to get those type of returns, so obviously a lot of people.

You know dabbled into a bunch of different little coins and they put a little bit into each one, and you know if one of them exploded took off. You would have made some crazy gains like this one right here, so theres always opportunities out there. You just have to find them guys, especially with new projects if it has potential now previously here in march, we hit highs of 22 dollars, pulled back down all the way to lowes about five dollars and almost on yeah under five dollars at one point, and then We continued this trend up, since you know july august, right here, so this goes up over another 500 since just then, maybe even higher so 15.5 billion market cap 1.5 billion volume, 402 million coins. You know in a circulating supply right there, so this one is definitely booming and continuing this booming. You know trend on up in the near future, its going to be something that were going to be looking forward to. So tara definitely want to add to your radar guys any dead buying opportunities could potentially be good with the market cap being on the lower side. Obviously, in the teens, i guess you could say theres still plenty of potential for this one to continue to go higher in the future, so terra is going to be our third altcoin. Now, what were going to do is obviously look at the rest of the market. See how its performing like we said, sheba toshiba, is doing very, very well.

We see here its moving. You know in the past 24 hours 31 higher this one on a one week charge up about twenty percent past month, its actually down a little bit, but, as you guys can see, its trading at fractions of shares. Point: zero: zero, zero, zero, zero, eight, seven, seven right there market cap, three point: four billion on sheba uh five day typical hold time. Popularity is the number 28 coin 98 by activity 2 sell activity. That should tell you something right there, obviously now the rest of the market. How is everything performing well like we said pretty much. Everything is flat, so bitcoin right here. If we take a look, it is uh. You know currently pretty much flat its up about point. Two seven percent trading around this forty eight thousand area, like we said its been trading out of this area for the past 24 hours, just going sideways, which is okay, were looking for some consolidation and hopefully another trend on a higher over the weekend into the 50 000 plus range, so that would be very nice to see obviously now its up about three percent in the past month. Its up 4.6 past year 338, which is obviously nice gains from lows of 29 000. That we saw down here and were you know, were back up to almost the 50 000 area, so very nice to see 898 billion uh market cap right now, 66 buy 34 sell and obviously 86 percent or 86 day typical hold time.

So bitcoin is definitely performing very well right now and were looking to get big back into those all time highs, obviously with a bitcoin in the near future and obviously with ethereum as well so ethereum, as you guys can see here. If we refresh this page, it is down about point three percent, so you know pretty much flat as well trading around this 3 600 area in the past 24 hours in the past week, its up 4.47 past month, 13, past year, over 818 percent. From lows of about 1700, we might went up over 100 here in the past month or so hit highs of 4 000 pulled back down and now were seeing another uptrend 418.5 billion market cap 82 typical days hold time 65 percent by 35, sell. As you can see, ethereum is doing very well and were going to be looking forward to getting back into the 4 000 range in the near future with it as well. After that, we have obviously solana, which is down about 2 percent still trading around this 150 range so were looking for a dip buying opportunity on solana for sure, as we hit highs of over two hundred dollars recently were gon na be looking forward to consolidate and Another uptrend so dogecoin down about one and a half percent or so trading at 24 cents. Its been around this range for a while. Now, if you take a look here on the one month charge down 24 percent one year chart, it is still up over 8, 400, obviously from 16 cents to highs of 34 cents and then pulled back down to about 24 cents or so now.

In my opinion, the dogecoin meme is over, as, as you guys can see, shiba inu is kind of performing the same way right now. It just kind of pumps on higher pulls back down same type of situation situation. I dont think the doge is going to be a huge coin in the future. You know its kind of a tapering off right now, 31.5 billion market cap on doge so well have to see what uh you know what what the future has in store for doge and uh, how its going to perform, obviously with the rest of the market, so Guys, if you enjoy this type of content, smash that, like button for me, subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notifications to get notified every time i make a new video and, as always guys like, i said, check out our merch link in the description. We have a discount code as well, so you can get 10 off and if you want to get your two free stocks from weeble check out the link in the description when you sign up today, youll get two free stocks, valued up to 2 300. Also guys im, not a financial advisor, so speak to your financial advisor before investing into the crypto market or the stock market, as you guys can know its a high risk high reward type situation, so dont invest into something that you do not understand.