Whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video. We are talking about ethereum why the largest exchange outflows ever paired with eip 1559? Could let ethereum pump a thousand x, not a thousand percent a thousand x, and why thats not even unreasonable before we get into it guys make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell also come join us over on twitter at the crypto, love and todays. Video is sponsored by gem guardian, so stay tuned until the end for a review of the project. Now, if we take a look at ethereum today, we have this very, very exciting. Chart, but before we get into this, lets, take a look at some other, very important things, because right now a lot of people are talking about bitcoin. As a matter of fact, bitcoin has been above ten thousand dollars for a whole year. Now it was not long ago when we thought a ten thousand dollar. Bitcoin was unicorn territory. You know unicorn territory well, it turns out its been above ten thousand dollars for a whole year and everybodys looking right now at a hundred thousand dollars. But we see some large investors going from all bitcoin to potentially splitting up to bitcoin and ether arc. Invest has decided to split the 60 bitcoin 40 percent each as confidence in eth grows dramatically, not only arc invest, but we also have very large traders, like peter brandt, like ralph paul talking about ethereum, very supportive of ethereum, peter brandts here says litecoin.

Looking like a couple cup and handle formation potentially could rock it upwards rob paul, says: eath, looks like a cup and handle two thoughts, and if we take a look at the eath chart right now, it does look like a cup and handle now. If we zoom in right here ill draw this for you just so you can see cup and handle heres, the cup heres a little handle and then once it hits there generally rockets upwards, very bullish pattern, but other things that we can take a look at here. We have these rainbow spider lines now, ive made rainbow spider lands lines on bitcoin as well, but this is the eth usd chart and we can see that ethereum has actually broken above this yellow line which goes through the fulcrum right there. All the way down to this price level right here well broke and found support on there. The next line, well its going to break past previous all time, highs right around 4 200 and then likely up to this green spider line right around six to seven thousand dollars before potentially continuing up even higher to the blue spider line right around eighteen thousand dollars. And youre like how is that even possible well were going to explain because right now, the largest outflow of ethereum from centralized exchanges just happened thats this chart here. If you can see right behind my head here, this is the largest 1.24 billion dollars of ethereum taken off of centralized exchanges.

Now previously, when we had the next largest one look at what happened to the price rocketed up? Well, how about the one before that price rocketed up? What do you think is going to happen to the price now price rocketed up last time it happened as a matter of fact, ethereum price increased by 60 within 30 days. Now we have all of that happening. People are like, but ethereum its really expensive to use and its slow. You cant do 400 billion transactions at once and guys i mean this is proof in pudding that aetherium is worth its salt. So earlier this week we had solana and arbutum knocked offline, while ethereum evades attack, and that is true. They had a ddos attack, which is pretty much like the most basic type of attack to protect against, took down. Solana took down arbitum, but ethereum got attacked unsuccessfully out of all of them, its the one that stayed now all that being said, what do we have to look out for for ethereum? Well, croissant here on twitter says theres several things leading up to an extraordinary supply shock for ethereum its getting to the point where it doesnt, even matter who sells theres simply too much demand for block space on ethereum lets, discuss well lets discuss all right. So, in order to understand the extent of whats to come, youll have to first take a look at the figures coming out of eip1550 implemented in early august, the upgrade introduced a base fee burnt that varies based on network congestion per block so pretty much.

This is how it was in olden days, basically, fees black reward, went to the miners now out of all transactions, theres a base fee, thats burned, and then miners get the tip and the block reward all right. So that changes everything because now ethereum is becoming deflationary, not only that, but if we take a look at just whats happened over the past few months since august. This is a few months, so we have already two hundred eighty seven thousand each burned rewards. Five hundred thirty thousand each, but if we take a look, the net reduction is fifty four percent. That is enormous, hyper deflationary. You know all these coins coming out talking about being hyper deflationary, look at ethereum, the second largest coin, likely to become the first largest coin. In the near future, because before eip 1559 bitcoin had scarcity, ethereum had network effect now, ethereum has scarcity and network effect, so potentially could replace ethereum, and you see he said previously. You dont price, an immediate supply shock to ethereum with fluctuating burns. Now guys, you have to remember: eip 1559 is a triple halfing three halfings happening at once, and just to give you an idea what that actually looks like bitcoin before three halfings was back here: ten dollars its already a thousand x from there three halfings well thats. What ethereum could potentially do with three halvings now? Not only that, but all this eth burns represents what would have gone into the hands of miners.

Previously miners who are famously known for selling to cover expenses from energy intensive proof of work soon, it wont be able to happen anymore. If we take a look at this chart on a bigger scale, you can see that actually, the balance in miners wallets has kind of plateaued right there. Now we go on further to say that things like staking eip 1559 would make deflationary. Just wait till proof of stake next year, theres already 7.6 million each staked in the deposit contract or 25 billion dollars worth of er uh yield. But when that has been taken out of supply in less than a year, the issuance incest decrease even more because they dont even take into account the merge which will significantly increase the yield for staking. When that happens, potentially the apy for stakers on eth will shoot up significantly, and that gets even more interesting when we take a look at the validator queue because you cant become a validator immediately. It actually takes time right now takes about a week to be activated. Now what happens then? Basically, we have a whole bunch of things. So his point is that he believes eip1559 staking in the merger will contribute to a supply shock. Never before seen on eth theres also factors like 27 of each locked up in smart contracts, 85 billion in d5, pretty much all nft projects on ethereum, stable coins growing more than 60 billion per year. All of this affects ethereum.

If you take a look at it, all d5 is on ethereum. All nfts are on ethereum and if we take a look at this burn, i mean look at all this. All of this being burned on ethereum all the nfts on open c, all the d phi on uniswap all metamask. All of this burning, ethereum and whats going to happen is ethereum is going to get a point where the price just pops, and it goes up not to the green line, not to the blue line, not even to the purple line, but it just goes up dramatically Because theres this article here and arthur hayes wrote this before ethereum eip1559 was even talked about, but in this article here he says, lets take a look at ethereum and lets see what happens if a lot of the money of the world from the banks actually comes Into ethereum he says that lets assume that ethereum can capture some of the percentage of the five year earnings of banks in the big four audit firms. Okay, so guess what? If it captures point one percent, not one percent point one percent – that would be a four thousand dollar each, so thats pretty close to where we are right. Now i was saying earlier, we could potentially see eth 1000x yeah because guess what that would put it up at 100, now thats kind of ridiculous but lets say 100 x, certainly reasonable, considering this 10 percent of the value from the big four audit firms.

So all of that paired with the huge outflows paired with the bullish, charts paired with all of d5 and all of the reasons were talking about here – ethereum – is poised to blow up right now like blow up like put everything else behind it blow up and go Sky high and potentially you stake your ethereum, you could be set for life staking like next to no ethereum, because you just earn passive income from it. So that is why i am super excited for ethereum. When i saw this today, i was like holy cow. This is going to catapult ethereum to levels. We have not even seen take a look at the last couple times that ethereum price had major outflows. The price rocketed up. We could see a rocketing up of ethereum price in the very very near future. So that brings us to the sponsored portion of this episode from gem guardian at gemguardian.io. You can go check out their website. Unfortunately, i cant record the website and the video at the same time is too resource intensive for my computer. So we will go through this white paper right here now: gem guardians, revolutionary nft, based game running on binance, smart chain network and developed by gem guardians games, develop team based in the philippines. The core of the game revolves around guardians battling each other to acquire aura and leveling up the guardian and increase xp attack and defense to level up the dragons.

The progression of both guardian and dragon will increase chances of player to obtain more gpa rewards. Now the vision of this project – gem guardians development teams vision, is to establish a true play to earn ecosystem, to facilitate blockchain development and evolve the defy industry fundamentals to make staking and earning more fun in terms of tokens. They have the gemg token, the gemg. As a governance, token utility includes governance, rights staking and payment for loot box, theres, also the gpay token, which is equivalent to cash or medium exchange in an economy. Utility includes game, rewards and payment for loot box. In terms of the game economy, they have game income versus outflow income from loot, box, marketplace fees and transactional fees, outflow from game rewards and staking pool its a double token economy with gemg tokens that will have positive income streams and price appreciation from constant loot box Purchases, while g pay tokens will assume the selling pressure by acting as cash in the economy. The game reserve allocation of gmg tokens will constantly replenish with liquidity of gp tokens. They also have loot boxes, so multiple levels of loot box structure, where higher levels will cost exponentially more than the previous. This brings a major inflow of income into the economy, because its the only way to increase potential income when playing the game, and you can see the loot boxes here – the increase in gpa tokens for them and also the percent of rare chances.

Now the game economy also has staking pools, so high apr staking pools for gemg and g pay. Tokens will decrease, circulating supply and outflow of rewards uh, and this works with gem gng pay staking rewards with token rewards. Gem g and g pay staking with nft rewards nft staking for token rewards apr of the staking pools, also at low initial market cap right now, at 210 000 us dollars potentially could have huge demand, as there was be little supply in the market. Uh projected income inflow versus rewards outflow from loot, box sales, two percent of transactions, eight percent of all marketplace transactions and fifteen percent from auction nfts outflow stake and rewards and game rewards. Now in terms of gameplay. They have obtaining loot box, guardian and dragon requirement. Battle. Rewards withdrawing gp or staking gp in terms of the game economy. They also have a marketplace to offer a chance to buy and sell their guardians and dragons. All mcs are categorized as guardian dragon element and rarity, and you can go on the website to check out the marketplace. Unfortunately, like i said its just too resource intensive for my computer to be able to show that stuff and then token nomics, so we have togenomics right here: seed sales, public sales, private sales, team game reserves. All of that right here and seed sales as well and then taking a look at them compared with the competitors. So we have gem garden here.

They compare gem guardian. They compare themselves to axi infinity, crypto blades, step hero, star atlas in terms of nft staking only they have that with step hero in terms of staking only they have that with crypto blades marketplace them actually infinity and step hero and star atlas. But you can see down here on the bottom in terms of roi. If they were to get to each of these games, there will be 50 x to step hero 116 x, to star atlas 266 x to crypto, blades or 600 x to axi infinity. You can see here a lot of partners and integrations, and then the white list dates here for bin starter trust pad and pools, and that is pretty much it for gem guardian now. Also, there is a link down in the pinned comment. They have a public sale. Ido white list competition, so that is now live. Anyone who wants to can participate in the ido and you can go click on the link and fill out the information there.