What is up guys welcome back to the channel if youre new here my name is conrad im, making videos about travel mindset and investing so please consider subscribing and liking. If you do want to follow along and get more content like this in todays video, i just wanted to share something that um, i feel like a lot of people. Dont actually understand its. That bitcoin is controlling the markets and theres massive manipulation in place. That is happening right now within the markets, and you need to be able to be aware of this to be able to understand it and position yourself so that youre working with the smart money and not against the smart money. Okay, so lets get into the video. So, to show you guys what im talking about were jumping straight into the charts, and what we can see here is the bitcoin on the 15 minute time frame and look at this crazy price action like this is. This is not like from like normal people or organic kind of price action. This is 100 manipulation of the marketplace and um its perfect example like bitcoin surged, up uh five percent and then completely dropped five percent uh within the space of minutes. So the reason why stuff like this actually happens and how its even possible is because there is really big players in this marketplace: theres crypto whales, so people that have a lot of money and a lot of cryptocurrency theres.

Also big. You know financial institutions like big pharma companies, and these guys it is in their best interest to take the money from the retail traders and put it back into their own profits, and this is not new in marketplaces. This has been going on for decades and decades, but with bitcoin and cryptocurrency its given. I guess these people a new opportunity to be able to do this, so what a lot of these big companies will do is actually, you know, hold their position underwater to try to fake out price and try to indicate that price is going into another direction. Its called like a liquidity, grab and thats what we can see like weeks like this. This is exactly what happens where we intercede price go up because theyre buying theyre buying the buying theyre underwater in that position, the the big big pharma companies, the big crypto whales and then all of a sudden. They decide to pull the plug and drop it and price action like this is billions of dollars that moves it and thats why it is not organic like its, not the the people in el salvador doing this. You know the point of this video is to help you understand that massive market manipulation is at play within the space of cryptocurrency and especially bitcoin, because for some reason i dont know why. But its just always been this way where, if bitcoin is going up, then a lot of the other cryptocurrencies are going up.

If bitcoin is going down and then a lot of the other cryptocurrencies are going down as well as we can see in the ethereum chart. Here, exact same 15, minute time frame, exact same thing happened: uh, ogn, alice. We can see it there. You know some of these cryptocurrencies is not as bad, but we can see these massive spikes on a lot of these top cryptocurrencies and that is from the big institutions um being able to manipulate and move the market like that. So now that you know this, it is important to remember that you know whenever you may be trading whenever you may be, you know looking to enter positions or investments and stuff. It is always important to remember what bitcoin is doing, because, unfortunately it is what it is right now. I pray that, hopefully, one day in the future, there becomes a time where, whatever bitcoin is doing, doesnt affect the risk of rest of cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately right now, whatever bitcoin does. It affects the whole market within cryptocurrencies, mostly okay, so we just have to kind of stick with it and play that game until bitcoin does decouple itself from the rest of the marketplace. So how can we do that? So if we are going to yolo our mortgage and put it all into cryptocurrency 100x long, then we need to be able to understand. Then we need to be able to understand the the game that is being played here and how we can kind of maximize our returns in the market cycles that do uh come into play and um its really important to keep kind of track of bitcoin dominance and A lot of people never take time to understand this.

Sometimes you are going to be able to get. You know better return on investment just from investing in bitcoin, but there are other times where you would just be better off. You know putting it in other altcoins and getting better returns from that, so its really important to kind of keep track of the bitcoin in bitcoin dominance, chart um and understand like this table here. So we can see that you know it may not be a good time to invest in bitcoin when we can get better returns in all coins. And we see this situation where we have bitcoin dominance, decrease, bitcoin price increase, and then that is boosting up the the return on investment that you can get from all coins. If you dont know what all coins are, this is basically any alternative coin. Um apart from bitcoin theres, like 11 000 different cryptocurrencies, so just wanted to throw that in there for the beginners um, and you can also keep track of uh it on a website called alt season index. What alt season is is when, if the 75 of the top 50 coins perform better than bitcoin over the last season or 90 days, it is old season, and we can see that this is on a steady, incline kind of a make and break point um. Whether we are able to you know actually flip this dip and go you know into another bull market or we are getting prepared to go into a bear market um its really important to kind of understand this at this point in time in the market, because if You have your positions, mainly in all coins.

They are going to get wrecked. As you can see here when uh bitcoin dominance increases and the price price of bitcoin decreases, then all coins are gon na dump, incredibly hard, okay and so thats. Why we want to be, you know, understanding what is going on the games that are being played um and to be able to you know, maximize our positions and not give our money back to the market. Okay, so just a quick video today guys, i just wanted to share this because yeah when people first get into crypto um. They may not understand that. You know. Bitcoin is the kind of like the thing that all the other cryptocurrencies are coupled to when bitcoin is going down um everything else is going down when bitcoin is going up, everything else is going up and there are different proportions to it. You know if bitcoin goes up five percent, but it is alt season, then alt seasons. All coins may increase a much more and you may be able to get a lot better return on investment, but do be warm because there is massive market manipulation at play and um. You need to be able to kind of be on top of this and dont over expose yourself to the market. Okay, be okay. With whatever outcome happens, i just like to look at this charts to be able to see where im going to be able to get the best gains and where i can position myself for the best trades within cryptocurrencies and because i mainly do like to invest in D gen swing trade, um, microcrap, altcoins, so yeah.

That is my kind of thing. So this is really important to understand and know the cycles of everything and as well as like. Sometimes you have an investment and its just kind of moving sideways and youre youre like its not moving or its going down a little bit im just gon na sell it and like the next month, its doing like a 10x or something something crazy like that right. It is because cryptocurrencies have cycles and you need to be able to understand the charts and everything that ive shown you here, so that you can keep track of that for yourself and, more importantly, uh protect yourself when you do see that situation of bitcoin dominance, increasing Bitcoin price, decreasing and alts are going to be dumping even harder, so thats when we want to be cashing out and going into stable coins. Okay, so hopefully this video helped you out guys drop a like and subscribe if it did and stick around for more videos.