I want to talk to you about xlm, a little update on that. I want to also talk about this bullish information that we have regarding amc, news and cryptocurrency, and i want to cap this bad boy off. At the end, with a price target of the potential of where i see al goran going from the short, medium and long term, but before i begin, if you like this type of content regarding stocks, cryptocurrency and financial news, do me a favor and absolutely smash that, Like button that way, we can get this information out to the world lets get straight into. It today were looking at algorand being just under 2 on the day. So you know a nice little pop, not much to brag about. We go out a week and were somewhat flat right up down up down up down, but then, if we look out a month, wow 104.75, so basically a double up in this past past month month. We really saw a pop. However, im gon na tell you right now full disclaimer. I believe this is an absolute buy right now and im gon na tell you why, just yesterday i saw this thing pop under two dollars. Unfortunately, i didnt grab a nice little bag. I do have a nice little bag already, but i tell you what anytime this thing is going to be in one to two dollar range. Believe me, its a buy and im going to eat it up, because i do believe in the long term.

This thing sees a hundred dollars. A coin lets look at this anthony scaramucci sky bridge capital has filed for a crypto etf, while also declaring it has raised 100 million out of 250 million for its al goran fund. They have their own algorithm fund during the 2021 salt conference. So those of you who do not know who anthony scaramucci is, he was briefly in the white house. He also worked at goldman sachs and investment. Banking hes also had a private wealth management division from 1989 to 1996 and after leaving goldman sachs, he found an oscar capital management in 2005. He founded the investment sky bridge capital, so this dude. We can just go ahead and call him moneybags, because thats what hes got a whole lot of money and he just raised another 100 million out of 250 million for the very own al goran fund. What i love about algorand is: there is no shortage of money there for those of you who have been following the developments and el salvador. You know that they are running a lot of their cryptocurrency on algorand, none other than al grant. Its already out. There words getting out so when i see this thing at two dollars and believe me, i do see this not overnight, but really in the next five years, hitting a target of 100. Believe me im going to swipe these bags im going to get as much as i possibly can right now.

What i also like about coinbase and im going to drop my link below in the description, if you want to sign up if youre new to cryptocurrency and you dont already have an account. But what i like about this is, with my algorithm im, actually earning four percent through coinbase, which is really really nice um, but thats algorand. I really love algorand were going to go even further into depth on this channel about algorithm. I also have another video that i posted a few days ago. So if you like more content for algorand first, you want to hit that like button. But second, you want to go back and take a look at that video, because there is really good information there. But i know a lot of my subscribers do like xlm as i do, and its a hometown favorite. I want to point this out on twitter, daniella dixon. I am really excited about the discussion and honor to be a part of it. What is she talking about? Next wednesday, 9 22 at 3, 45 mark your calendars for the panel discussion on cryptocurrency and the global markets during this leadership conference right. So this is another thing that i like about xlm and ive kind of discussed this in past videos. I also have xlm videos for those of you who are new to this channel, so definitely check those out if you havent, but what i love about xlm is man.

They sit down at the table with leadership all across the board. You know here we have republican darren soto. I dont care, if youre democrat republican, libertarian anything in between look theyre sitting down with the people that make decisions for our country for our world. You know i just discussed last night about how they are close chummy with the president, ukraine and and all the great things that theyve done with ukraine, and all these developments are really is. What is what makes stellar such an amazing investment? Now, im not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. So please make sure you always do your own due diligence, but all the surrounding has so many people, finally starting to hop on the boat for xlm stellar, and i couldnt be more happy now back into it with the cryptocurrency and the markets. Today we had this amazing article and information come out about amc here. You see market watch, saying crypto users will soon be able to buy a movie ticket with more than just bitcoin. So in addition to bitcoin, amc will soon accept other cryptocurrencies. So there were a few that they acknowledged, which were you know, bitcoin cash, i believe ethereum and then also litecoin as well, and there will be more uh in the developments as this is rolled out even more and more. But for those of you who are amp, believers amp flexa believers as i am, i think, honestly, with a little bit of speculation, that this will all get ran out on the amp flexa network.

It only makes sense to use this were gon na go into depth soon, on amp and flex it and a video coming up in the coming days keep an eye on that, but im going to give you a lot of information in regards to why this only Makes sense with amc but regardless on how you feel about that or not? This was amazing news for the cryptocurrency markets as a whole, and finally, we were seeing this mass adoption and who else could it be other than amc? This is so awesome to see as far as whats happened with amc and everyone trying to stick it to the big man with the whole story behind the stock at amc, and now they are the one to start this revolution. As far as massive adoption of cryptocurrency, i couldnt be happier so those of you who came to this video for algo and its price prediction. I see it. You know 204 right now, by the end of this year i easily see a five dollar algo, and that is very conservative, because the word is getting out on the streets right now. The algorand is an amazing amazing cryptocurrency, with huge upward potential over the next coming. You know several years, but really people are really flocking to this. As you see the 65 percent buying 35 selling popularity on coinbase 13., i mean the word is out, and people are hopping on so get on the chain train and let that thing take you for a ride, because al gore ran is going nowhere.

So thats all ive got for you today enjoy the rest of yours.