I am jr im happy youre here today. I am happy to be a ferocity. Vra holder, i havent made a video in a few days on veracity and it was time um vra. I know we havent had any crazy price movement in the past couple days. The market is still trying to edge. Out of you know the little bit of dumpage it did about nine days ago, but i still feel good. I still feel strong and ive got some stuff. I want to go over on vra, so lets dive in on that uh, real quick, my twitter did get banned. So if you were following me on twitter – and you were looking for faster information – the new twitter handle is juniors crypto uh. You can go check that out im having to repost everything. Some people got me banned, not sure why they did that, but is what it is and we are moving forward and im gon na drop one tip for yall. I will have a giveaway happening, but i cant give you the full details on it yet. But i want to give you the kind of the hint on it to my vra fam, its going to be part of the first 2 000 subs on the channel. So to be a part of the giveaway, when i fully announce it, you will have to be one of the first 2 000 subs on the channel. Just wanted to drop that to you guys the veracity crew has just been.

You guys, comments messages. Everything i see on twitter, you know its its similar to the vxv vector space ai. I love the communities, its a good community ive been part of plenty of other projects and not all communities. Are this awesome? So if youve watched my past videos on vra, i do have some price predictions on veracity. Um i go over. You know when were when i think different things are going to happen and i dont want to waste everyones time here, because time is precious. So a quick look, you know i chart to show what uh your coins could be worth, and this was going off of the total circulation right now it wasnt going off of if they make the buy back and burn or when they do. You know buy back some burns that isnt taken into account of this, so this is in some in sense kind of worst case scenario, because the tokenomics should actually get a little bit better. But this is on my twitter. So if you want to go check it out at juniors crypto, this shows you how many coins you need to hold to become a veracity millionaire. I dont, like releasing information thats that i dont know thats 100 percent true, but i feel like its important for vra holders or people that are looking to buy vra. You know whats going on, so there is a lot. There is a large wallet that was, you know recently acquired that recently acquired an absurd amount of vra, and the only thing that this would make sense for is it for to be an exchange, and we have been told that in you know, quarter four were going To have two large exchanges, you know two tier one exchanges that that you know get vra launched on there.

Now, that is amazing, and so i want to go over what happened the last time that we launched on an exchange uh before we do that. I want to hop over real, quick to mark at veritech his his twitter, if youre on twitter, first off, if youre not on twitter and youre in crypto. I know, even if you dont like twitter, its important to be on there. Ive made a lot of moves and money off of twitter and i actually dont even like social media, for like my personal life, i dont even have like i dont have a twitter, but for my crypto life i 100 have a twitter, um, yeah hes hes got A ton of followers he is the founder, you know at veracity, tech um. I love his post, very good guy, but what he posted today. You know that he retweeted, you know. If you dig into the report, it suggests that 64 of total ad fraud comes from video ads, which are only 40 of the total digital brand ads spent. This suggests video ad fraud tends to less than 150 percent of greater than 150 of the total ad spent on digital spent. So video ads make up 64 of all fraud according to forester. With these numbers, the entire advertising industry can no longer afford to ignore malicious actors in the digital ad space. Proof of view will not only eliminate ad fraud, but it will change how business is done.

I totally agree with this im going to read one more tweet that he said: google and facebook make up 50 of brand revenues. The other 50 percent are the large video platforms, sky, tv, hulu, netflix, etc. Of over 2 million video publishers stop focusing on the wrong half of the market. Then enterprise platforms are the target, not the small content providers so hes on a mission i like it, i love seeing active devs. I love seeing someone thats not willing to kind of make a statement out there um. So this dev team is definitely a big check mark on one of the reasons that im all in on verocity. If you dont fully understand what veracity does im not going into that on this video ive got past videos that explain that for you, so what i wanted to look at is actually trading the chart on and to the best of my knowledge now i know theres. So many of you that know 10 to 100 times more than i know about coins that im going into. So i am not too egotistical to to admit that, but to the best of my knowledge on march, 2nd to march 4th around that day is when we launched on um kucoin and you know, were one of kucoins. You know most heavily traded assets on there, and so i wanted to look and we keep on talking about. You know these big exchanges are coming and theres.

You know theres always fun out there and there is some holders that, when they buy into an exciting project like this, you know once they hold for like two weeks three weeks and something amazing or some kind of new, extremely bullish news. Hasnt happened, theyre already, starting to get bored with it and thats more. You know if youre holding it for that long, thats more of a swing, trade and thats, not what were here for with vra vra is here to do big things. So when it launched im going to go to im going to say march 3rd to to meet in the middle on it, but when it launched it went up, thats 640 go up to the very top 675 percent. If i go back from when it said when i went to kucoins page, you know it said march 2nd, which the price would have been right there thats, like 2 146 percent. So if march is correct march, 2nd is correct: 2146 and thats thats pretty big um. Let me just double check that, because i know i know how detailed you guys are. I know i know what yall do. Youll go and youll go and double check me on this, so we wicked all the way up to 2300 percent. We settled down and actually had a daily close at 2071 percent above where we launched from on kucoin, and that was you know not that look at that length of amount of time march, 2nd to april 11th, thats huge.

So for the people that you know kind of paper, hand it, you know during that run im sure they had no problem holding on to it. So when a coin is not very far away from getting in price discovery, you know where the whole entire market is being held back by by the past nine days of just a little bit of dumpage and recovery, a normal, healthy correction but theres. Some big gains to come and when you look at the markets – and you look at the exchanges, you know kucoin and if youve watched my past videos youve seen this now look at kucoins volume, 24 hours, its done 1.8 billion dollars in volume, look at binances volume; 28 billion dollars in volume coin bases almost 5 billion dollars, ftx 2.2 billion dollars, so we got lets lets call it a fifteen hundred percent to two thousand percent gain in a rather short amount of time. When we launched on kucoin now im not guaranteeing by any means that thats whats going to happen when we launch on something like binance but theyre, telling us that in quarter, four were going to launch on two exchanges: theres a wallet that is currently holding that recently. You know acquired a large of amount of tokens and that looks like what an exchange would be pre loading to thats the beauty of the crypto world. You know theres not much privacy. It looks like in an exchange like binance thats pre loaded with the circulation that they need for launching the coin on the on their platform, and everything is pointing towards that.

So if we got fifteen hundred two thousand percent on a coup coin with one point, eight billion dollars in total daily volume – thats, not the volume for the month or for the year thats in daily volume and its got 1.7 million in weekly visits. What if we launch on two exchanges – and one of them is binance where it has 28 million weekly visits and 28 billion in 24 hour volume? Could we go 3 000? Could that happen? You cant say that it couldnt and i cant guarantee you that it will, but i am currently aiming my portfolio towards that being out of the post. You know totally in the possibilities um. I actually told one of my very good friends. You know times times this vra by one dollar and times it by five dollars. And what number do you get? Are you happy with that number? Because if you long term hold this, those are the numbers that youre looking for at taking profits. You know yes ill. Take some profit at a dollar ill also take some profit at 50 cents. I take small amounts along the way. Its called dollar cost averaging in, and dollar cost averaging out. Dollar cost is not just for buying its also for selling as well, but im holding the big bag of it and ill continue. Holding with you guys, im, not paper hands or anything like that, but i just wanted to point this out.

We have some exciting stuff happening and i know people are getting a little bit bored with the current price action. But i think there is some big things to come and im excited to see what happens when the juicy pump happens, and you know dont be dont. Be down if, on the first day that it gets on there, if it doesnt go up a thousand percent thats, not very likely to happen. You know we could get a definitely a 90 100, maybe 120 gain, but it took you know a little over a month. Uh for that to happen right around ‘ days, for that to happen to go up, you know around two thousand percent, where the top wick hit last time when we launched on kucoin, which has way less volume, theres more holders now and theres a lot more bullish Sentiment with vra, along with the patents that they got, the international patents and the just all around you, cant say its, not bullish, and you cant say it: doesnt have good technology, i want to be in in coins that got utility have investors, but also have customers And that is what we have you add buybacks and burns to that, and i am all in on it. If you watch my other videos, you know im all in on vxv and im all in on vra. If you were to meet me in person, i could talk to you about both those coins for hours.

So that is my news. That is my update on whats, going on with ferocity. If you like this video and you are a holder of vra drop, a comment help the algorithm out lets spread the word of veracity out there, so people can get educated and do their own research to decide. If they want to join up with our crew, this is juniors crypto space.