I am going to be explaining to you why the cryptocurrency markets are going to go to 200 trillion dollars in valuation in the next 10 years. No im, not click baiting, you with the crazy price predictions in the title im dead, serious on every single one of those and im going to show you why your favorite cryptocurrencies are going to go to those kinds of price targets within the next decade before the Next decade is out were going to see insane prices on bitcoin, ethereum cardano and some of your favorite cryptocurrencies and im going to explain why in todays video so lets go ahead and jump onto my screen. I have a very interesting website that i look out. Every single year, its called visual capitalist – and i look at this every year, so just to remind myself how large global markets are all of the worlds, money and markets in one visualization. This is on visualcapitalist.com each one of these little boxes. Each one of these squares is representing 100 billion dollars, so you can see. Silver right here is worth about 43.9 billion dollars using the current spot price. We can see cryptocurrency here. This is very outdated by the way cryptocurrencys worth a lot more than this now, but its not worth a whole lot its worth, maybe about a trillion to 1.5 trillion, depending on the exact number at the moment, then we can see military spending right here were looking At 3.

8, trillion dollars for the world uh for the u.s. Excuse me, so we see that these are very, very valuable. Moving down here we can see what the feds balance sheet is. As of this year. The federal reserves balance sheet is approaching 10 trillion dollars. So, to put that into perspective, the federal reserves balance sheet of one nation in the world, albeit it makes up 25 percent of global demand. Gross domestic product, makes up about seven times the value of the entire cryptocurrency market. If you think bitcoin and cryptocurrency are big now, you aint seen nothing yet lets keep moving here. The worlds 2095 billionaires are worth when this was posted and as of today, around 8 to 12 trillion, depending on the exact value of the stocks that they hold at any given moment. The value of the worlds gold sits around 10 trillion dollars and then the fortune 500 companies sit in the close to 50 trillion dollar territory. Global stock markets total about 90 trillion dollars again. To put that into perspective were talking about well over 30 times more valuable than all of cryptocurrency markets is what the stock market is valued at and i think drum roll. Please crypto is going to be worth more than the stock market. One day, you might think im crazy for saying that im going to explain why here in a second moving on down here, we can see global money, supply m1 and m2 narrow money and broad money.

I cant get into what those are today, but just think about that is the total amount of money in the world sits around 100 trillion dollars. How can crypto be worth more than all the money in the world? Well, get to that global debt sits around 250 trillion dollars, thats a quarter of a quadrillion dollars in global debt. Global real estate makes up about a quarter of a quadrillion dollars, also its a 300 trillion dollar market and then looking down here, we can see global wealth, sits around 400 trillion dollars, which is the total amount of wealth in the entire world, and then the derivatives Market gets close to two quadrillion dollars depending on what source you look at derivatives, of course, not being real assets. They are people speculating on the price of underlying assets such as agriculture or stocks. So what does all this mean? Well lets. Take a couple of data points here: number one: global wealth sits around 400 trillion dollars depending on when you measure it and how you measure it. Global real estate markets make up about 300 trillion dollars. The world operates at the extremes. In the hundreds of trillions. I believe cryptocurrency is going to be worth 200 trillion dollars. Why? Because everything that the stock market does can be built in cryptocurrency, and i firmly believe that it will be built in cryptocurrency. I cant go into all the details in this video ive talked about in previous streams and were going to keep talking about it, but i firmly believe that crypto is going to be worth more than the stock market for a plethora of reasons.

For the most part, bitcoin cryptocurrencies blockchains are going to be the foundation of economics, of full scale, economies of bookkeeping of contracts of the legal sector of medical records of uh supply chain logistics and so much more with smart contracts and defy nfts for the art world. The entire world is going to be built on blockchain in the same way that the entire world over the last 20 years has been built on the internet. Blockchain is the next era of the internet, and uh protocols like polka dot, are helping to bring that together and bring that to its fullest uh fruit and bring it to fruition. So i firmly believe that the vast majority of the world is going to be built on the back of blockchain technology within the next 10 years. Heres. The thing the stock market is going to grow a massive amount in the next 10 years, its worth about 90 trillion dollars right now. I fully believe that the stock markets gon na be worth over 200 trillion dollars by the end of this decade, but i also think that by the end of this decade, cryptocurrency for all the reasons i just outlined is going to be approaching. If not passing that level of value as the world moves towards decentralized technology, so i want to hear your thoughts. Do you think cryptocurrency is going to be worth 200 trillion dollars? I absolutely think it will, because i foresee how many people are using it in the future.

Right now, maybe four percent of the population uses cryptocurrency were at four two trillion dollars of market capitalization based just off of that, and most of them only use. Maybe five percent of their daily life in crypto think about what happens if 100 80 90 of the world uses crypto every single day in half of the applications that they use, we moonshot bitcoins worth over a million dollars, in that case, ethereums worth over 50 thousand Dollars in that case, cardanos worth like 200 in that case, and so many more are worth so much more. So i want to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Where is cryptocurrency going in the next 10 years and are you invested for the long term or are you just looking for whats going to make you 100x in the next five years or in the next five months, because a lot of people are so caught up In what all coins they can make 100 x on in the next couple of years that they forget that theres still a hundred x potential in the entire cryptocurrency market in just the next decade, if you think youre too late, you have the complete wrong perspective. You are so early its not even funny if youre not invested in crypto. You need to be, and also guys if you dont know why you need to be invested in crypto thats. What were here to talk about every single day so subscribe to the channel because were constantly bringing you the highest quality, educational, informational and entertaining content on youtube about cryptocurrency markets, so that you can understand how to make those gains so hit that subscribe button.

If you havent already anyway, guys thats all i got for you today before i go, i do just first want to thank each and every single last one of you for watching.