Ive physically threatened, not really, but nothing works. Just a few days ago, a viewer messaged me about this elaborate scam that they fell for, in which they sent five ethereum more than sixteen thousand dollars to someone posing as me, and this led me down a rabbit hole of research that uncovered a scam worth millions Of dollars and before you think this is just a dumb scam, id never fall for anything like this. Let me tell you this is elaborate and a lot of people do. This is fbi level, so lets walk through this scam, how it works. What ive managed to uncover so far so were on an incognito tab on youtube and it does. Does everyone always have these like weird building videos, or is that just me, anyways were gon na? Go to just a video on my channel, all right click, a video there. It is you see this ad for my group, this is not me. I have no affiliation with this whatsoever, and this ad is on every single, larger channel talking about crypto, so lets click. This so you can see exactly how it works, so you click this ad and it brings you, you know through google ads and then it brings you to a telegram group and then, in this telegram, group theres elaborate instructions on how you can get this 30 return By swapping ethereum for chain link token, so in here its so ridiculous, so it says i offer some of the finest arbitrage opportunities.

Ive just updated this arbitrage opportunity. Many community members have already made huge profits, status, updated and working profit about 30 percent risk level risk free. You know me im, always saying everythings risky, i i would say a savings bond has a risk. I highlight the risks of literally everything. This is im bringing you this guide, step by step on how to make money with this exciting arbitrage opportunity. Is it legit? Yes, its completely legit, no, no risk whatsoever, so how it works. Is you go to this bounce dot finance link that they have here? For a fixed swap for ethereum to chain link – and you have to send at least one ethereum in order to get back a whole bunch more chain link and you get your 30 return. So lets go over to the computer and show where this leads us. And this is the bounce dot finance link right here. This is where you would input in your ethereum and then get this hopeful amount of chain link in return and and supposedly get your 30 return hint. It doesnt actually happen so heres, where the scam gets really clever, so youre entering in your ethereum. It looks like youre getting chain link, but what the reality is. Youre getting a chain link, clone thats, not actually worth anything, but you are getting a coin. Thats called the chain link and unless youre really familiar with cryptocurrencies, it doesnt look like its super obvious, like you wont, know until its in your wallet and it doesnt appear as like a legitimate coin.

You have to like add the coin, and do these back end things to make it look like theres anything in your wallet and then you go to try and sell it and theres nothing theres, absolutely nothing! So you might be thinking all right. Well. Why not just report this to youtube and itll be fixed youll be done with you know whatever, and let me tell you i have. I have reported this both to youtube and google ads ive reported it to telegram no less than 30 times. I mean at this point its basically like part of my daily routine brush my teeth and report to telegram ive reported on bounce.finance with what appears to be about 200 other people. This person right here lost for ethereum. I mean this has been going on for months. We can scroll back. This is starting february 13th and the last complaint is two days ago. I mean its insane. People are losing thousands of dollars and no one cares, no ones doing anything. Lets break down just how much this scam is actually stealing its astonishing. So i was able to find the crypto wallet address associated with this scam. So first heres the wallet address thats holding the fake chain link token, so you could i mean you can see just by looking at this theres only 62 holders. If it was real chain link, itd be a couple more than 62. and then heres the wallet thats.

Actually receiving all the transactions ‘7 000 transactions in this wallet so from here i was able to download all the most recent transactions from this wallet. So we go over to my spreadsheet here. Here are all the transactions since july. First, so about two and a half months: how much do you think theyve stolen? This is the column right here of money received? How much do you think theyve stolen 20, ethereum, 100, ethereum, no 770 ethereum in two and a half months, thats, 2 million five hundred and forty one thousand dollars? This is honestly sickening and again, no one is doing anything about this. Google is making money out of this. Every single finance channel has these ads running. On i mean these people are paying good money for these ads and google does nothing its been reported. I have personally reported it a while back and nothing happens, so this frustration led me to dig even deeper into this and try to find who is actually facilitating this. Who is the mastermind so looking at that wallet again, i was looking at the current holdings and i found something interesting. So if we go up to the wallet and then click the actual expanded token holdings, this wallet is currently holding 1.9 million dollars in crypto stolen from viewers on youtube and looking at the holdings. The biggest holding. This is where my curiosity really really peaked. Their biggest holding is this res finex token res ive never even heard of that before.

So it was a little bit suspicious to me. They have 1.5 million dollars in this token 1.5 million dollars. So i was looking into this and this is actually a fairly small crypto exchange and the coin itself, the res token res or whatever they want to call. It has a market cap of 29 million dollars, so its very small. This is a small cap crypto. This means that that one person holds 5.3 percent of the entire supply of that crypto, and this immediately jumped out to me that the scammer could very well be a founder of res finex, this this exchange. That has the res token, so i searched on their site. There are no names and no faces of the founders. This is all they have about the team, and this is the most that youll find anywhere weve assembled a small, agile team with ownership mentality. This looks like its copy and pasted from like some wordpress template or something like that, its ridiculous, so i look on all their social media. Same goes for their twitter discord, all other everything theres no names no faces. Then i tried to look up the ownership of this website and everything is completely blocked from viewing. There are no addresses, no names, no ownership information whatsoever, and then i found something that really sealed the deal. For me, i found the tokenomics of the res token. What youll find interesting here is the founding team and the investors of this project got 70 of the token supply that one wallet holds 52 million tokens thatd be almost half the entire public supply.

So this means to me, even though i cant be 100 certain at this point, that the odds are that theres, a strong affiliation between this scammer and res finnex. Of course, we dont know for certain im not pointing any fingers, but i see a strong correlation, and this is where i hit a bit of a dead end. If youre an expert in digging these kinds of things. Please dig away, and let me know what you find, but this isnt, even the only scam running right now, theres also an instagram scam that i might as well talk about. While were at it from someone posing as me. They literally have the exact same username as me, with just one added period: heres my profile heres, the scammers. Thankfully i at least have a couple more followers that would be really embarrassing if the if the scammer had more followers than me. If you want to follow my real instagram to help distance me from this scammer thatll be linked below, and – and i would appreciate it because i need all the help i can get over on instagram anyways. This is how that scam works. Basically, this account will follow. You it looks like its me theyll message, you and say: hey whats up, you know nice to meet you and they have a little short conversation back and forth and then they say come sign up for my coaching ill teach you how to do x, y and Z, then people sign up, send them like 500 and they lose all their money.