You must check out, but before we get started like and watch the video till the end, so you never miss a gaming update. So without any further delay lets get started quickly. We have already seen the impact of blockchain on video games with the advent of non fungible tokens or nfts a unique digital asset linked to in game content. Players can buy and own items and sell them just like physical merchandise. However, the future of crypto games looks even brighter. Many cryptocurrency games are currently under development and promise to offer a new kind of gaming experience. This is the upcoming crypto game that im most excited to play in the coming months. Art of war lunar land welcome to the play to earn blockchain art of war, world called lunar land. A large world map located in the lunar land archipelago its a place where different crypto communities can share space, make friends and fight together to protect their castle. Anyone can join lunar land by buying an nft from their marketplace and after buying the nft players will be able to level up and upgrade them take part in the pvp battles, with different classifications of heroes and arenas, to level up your nft and, of course, earn Profits, this project is unique, as it offers the possibility of placing third party nfts in their marketplace, with the possibility of using them in gameplay, thus partnering different, crypto communities together. They have recently launched their in game token aow and have listed the pancake swap and distributing of airdrop tokens up next theyll be launching their marketplace on september 21st in game on september 23rd of 2021.

This will be a game designed to live forever and never get boring, as they will have monthly updates to the game to add more features. More action, more bosses and quests do follow all their social media platforms. All links in the description below to know more about them and start playing soon. Samurai doge samurai doge is a movement of 10 000 animated nfts digital collectibles on the ethereum blockchain owning one of their nfts gives you the mark of the warrior to seek glory in the fields of d5 battles. The samurai doge doubles up as your unique character in the upcoming nft play to earn game. Samurai doge battlefield players will need a minimum of one samurai doge to join the game. As you battle for glory and rewards, each samurai, doge nft is designed by some of the worlds top artists with different emotions, genders facial attributes, elements and other rare factors check out the gorgeous animated art where each one is generated. Unique players will be able to earn h, o n, the in game currency for yield breed with their generation, one samurai doges battle and pvp pve, and also pv nfts when the upcoming game is released. This has a huge potential to be the next axi infinity theyll. Also be having a community giveaway stand, a chance to win yourself, a samurai doge nft worth 300 just follow the link in the video description below do follow all their social media platforms, link to the video description as well.

So you wont miss out on samurai, doges latest updates and giveaways. The sandbox sandbox was born in 2012 as a highly acclaimed mobile game, but the new 2021 release takes an entirely different approach. It is currently 3d and is built on the blockchain. With this voxel based game creation, suite you can design monetize and share your assets, environments and experiences with others. Blockchain works with the ability to sell all the assets you create and the ability to acquire and use sand currency to buy permanent in game land plots even before the next public alpha test. Sandbox has already sold millions of lands and other nft items attracting notable brands. Such as the walking dead and partners such as square enix and geminis winkless lost twins im out ready to be one of the biggest blockchain games around sky weaver. The first title of horizon blockchain games is a trading card game called sky weaver, which comes with both investments from reddit co, founder and executive chairman alex ohanian and a push on social media like its pc based blockchain rival, gods, unchained sky weaver builds on blizzard entertainments Hearthstone gameplay assumptions when building decks and fighting other online players, ethereums blockchain based sky weaver, offers individual cards fixedly rather than selling booster packs with random cards. Users can then sell and trade as they please using the integrated marketplace. Interface skyweaver is playable on mobile pc and the web is currently in private beta and has no planned release date.

Hash rush, rushs build is a play to earned game that combines real time strategy gameplay with the ethereum blockchain court to build a base and protect colonies, and cryptocrystal from attacks want more crypto crystals. Of course, it is in the game world you can mine them from crypto bane unique reward campaigns. Give you the freedom to sell and trade with tokenized rewards pc games have a great visual style, and it seems to be a lot more to do besides mining but id like to know the core gameplay loop provides hooks rather than a significant build up. Hash rush is currently in closed, pre release, play testing and can be registered, but the full release deadline is presently unclear big time as cryptocurrency games become more popular and begin to find an audience more and more developers are coming from traditional game spaces. A good example big time studios is a new startup, featuring veterans of call of duty, fortnite and other major franchises, raising 21 million dollars to create an nfg powered online role. Playing adventure called big time bottom. What weve seen so far looks gorgeous beautiful and broader than previous blockchain based games. This makes sense, given the teams, experience and funding see if they can create a experience as compelling as a traditional online role player and are combined with the fascination of now rare nft items. Big time also streamlines the nft storage process for users who dont want to bother with their wallets.

Early access will begin. In 2022, the nft industry experienced a huge boom last year and has become popular with many esports brands. Blast premiere, virtustop pro wii play esports and misfits gaming group are among the few brands that have invested in nft collaboration over the past few months. Guild of guardians guild of guardians is a lively mobile, dungeon crawler, with over 135 000 people on the waiting list. At this writing in a collaborative action game players unite to defeat monsters and earn crypto rewards in the process. Its already generated millions of dollars worth of nft sales before public opens the competition immutable creator of gods. Unchained has signed on to launch an ethereum based game game. Giant ubisoft is a supporter stephaco. The developer of guild of guardians is a part of the entrepreneurs lab accelerator program between mobile formats and exciting. On the go comment, this could help blockchain and play to earn games become more prevalent in the mainstream, expect it in 2022. Guild of guardians is an nft based mobile rpg. The game currently is under development, leverages nft technology to reward players who complete their tasks. The title will be released on the mobile platform early in 2022. Infinity fleet bitcoin is not where most blockchain games exist. So infinity fleet is an exciting anomaly. On the list developed by pixelmatic and published by exordium. Infinity fleet is a massively multiplayer online mmo space combat game for nft powered pcs used in collectible in game spacecraft.

Liquid network sidechains are used to scale the game for potentially significant players without addressing bitcoin throughout limits. This game has already raised about 7.2 million dollars. As of april 2021.