Make sure you follow me on instagram and on twitter as well for daily crypto updates. I saw a lot of you followed after the last videos on altcoins uh. That really does help out a lot, so i can update you easier and quicker over there. So if you stick around till the end of the video ill leave a link to this learn, crypto and bitcoin here you guys have been asking for crypto exit plans. I do have some older videos on there. All of the data is still relevant, but i will do an update as well, but in the meantime, if you want to check out that video ill leave a link to it at the end of this one so make sure you stick around and see it at The end all right, patreon, is still available. 24 left if youve been following daily youre, seeing that about five to probably seven or eight are going per day, if youre interested in learning more about cryptocurrency trading and investing check it out down below. There is a link at the top of this video first things. First lets look at some of the big stuff which were seeing trends changing in bitcoin, as were looking at on the title today. Weve got important cycle things coming up for bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, obviously september and then also quarter. Four is big, but weve got a report here from fidelity digital assets appeal of digital assets.

This is increasing over time. This is a good thing to see. We definitely want the appeal to continue, because that obviously brings more people into the space pushes up the demand and, of course we know the supply is limited, so easy one there supply and demand in this survey, almost nine in ten respondents said they find digital assets. Appealing 86: this figure has grown across regions surveyed in prior years, so in the us, its gone from 65 percent in 2019 to 74 and now to this year at 78, so were still getting that increase and hopefully, by the end of the year, were still getting A steady uh increase just like we saw from 2019 to 2020. We can see in europe its gone from 76 to 89. thats, a huge jump, whereas the us only had a smaller jump and for asia. Weve only got data from this year, its gone to 92 percent of asian investors like the appeal of digital assets. This is really important coming up, especially if were starting to swing into this next stage of the bull market and the cycle continues on. We need to get a lot more people into the space and have real appeal to the assets that theyre investing in so the appeal of digital assets, high potential upside 43, so 43 of respondents. They said they like the high potential upside. What do you like what i mean? What is the appeal for you, guys that are investing in cryptocurrencies leave it in the comments down below ive got a pinned post, which is my official post down there, not the scammers and just leave your comments down there.

What is your appeal to cryptocurrencies? Obviously, everyone wants to make money, but youve got to have something more to it than just that. Otherwise, you wont stick with it when the market gets really tough viewing digital assets as an innovative technology. That was second and then third was the appeal of digital assets as uncorrelated to other assets that ranked third, so just over. One third of people thought that so 37, so uncorrelated just means that they believe the market moves differently to the stock market or other financial markets, maybe even real estate. They think it is uncorrelated, so you can balance your risk out in that regard. The other appeal of digital assets: we go down the list first, second, third, and then fourth is enable decentralization thats, a really big one in my personal opinion, especially with whats going on in the world at the moment, if we can decentralize governments and governance, then hopefully We can lead to better times, i think, thats, what the younger generations are definitely looking for free from government intervention, macro inflation upside so with all of the inflation thats been happening. Obviously, money printing. This looks like it could be. One of those investments that can save you from all the in the upside will save you from the inflation of your currency, that youre holding arbitrage opportunities, censorship, resistant, yield opportunities and participating in the defy ecosystem, so theres a few ideas. If youre wanting to leave your comments down below drop it down there, if you had other ideas, id also love to hear that its really interesting as to why people are getting into the market now, for example, 2021, rather than 2017, when the bull market was on Or 2013 you know, maybe we just didnt hear about it, why you know its very interesting to see the trend of the market, so the cycle lets review and reflect on september.

Again, weve got 11 years of data about 11 to 12 years september 2010. Not much happened were up and down, and the market ended about three percent up, not too much going on there so thats september. What happened in october in the next part of the the year well october was a strong month up then november and december we got 2011. It was a down month and then the quarter four had a major turning point. 2012 september. Didnt really do much. It was just an inside month, it was up, it had about 20 up, but there was no higher high or lower low. What did the next quarter do actually not too much. It still was a turning point and then the market took off into the first quarter of the following year: september 2013: again not much basically sideways one percent, uh negative and then what happened in quarter. Four in 2013 market exploded october took off then november took off, and then we had the turning point. Uh from december december came back down. So 2014 again september was down what happened next october november. Only a little bump here, 2015 september. Nothing youre seeing the pattern here and then the quarter took off october november. We really took off, there was 36 percent up and then another 17 up and then into december was 13 percent up so its three months in a row. September 2016, not too much very tiny month. You can barely see it heres the blue line and then the the fourth quarter.

Good strong move were up 16 percent five percent, then 30 percent each month strong up september. We had a reversal. This was in 2017 and then we know what happened in 2017 market took off to a new all time, high in december, so strong quarter, four september and 2018. This was in the bear market. Nothing much sideways. Waiting on a signal from the market quarter four gave us that signal again. It wasnt straight up, but it was straight down, so we still got major action in quarter. Four. The point here is a lot of energy seems to be in the market in quarter four, but for september traditionally, historically, not much really happens. September 2019, a little bit of a breakdown, not too much happened for this quarter because we had just shot up for those. First, two quarters of the year 2020 so just last year as well, just the final quarter of the year september, the reversal, the best final time to buy before the market took off into quarter four. Are we going to see something like that again this time? I think thats what the market is preparing to do. Obviously, we could go through and get one of these other months where its just a bit of a sideways guessing game for a period, but obviously the market will have to eventually break out and so far for me, the bias is to the upside. I think thats still where we are headed, but even if we take a little bit more time, thats good gives us more time to position ourselves in the market.

Speaking of positioning ourselves in the market, investing should be more like watching paint, dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take 800 bucks and go to las vegas, paul samuelson, so also a well known economist investor. This is a very important quote, especially for cryptocurrency. Now we can take the 800 bucks and go to las vegas and have the excitement, but i know a lot of people rather throw the money into shiba inu or some other meme nft thing so be it, but at least, if thats, just part of your gambling Portfolio youre trading, the rest of it, in my opinion, of course, for something being in the game for a while and something that has longevity to it. Conservative in the space make sure your investments are like watching paint dry, buying, bitcoin buying ethereum buying, whichever cryptocurrency you think will be here in five or ten years time. That should be very, very boring, and this just goes on to something that we have seen regularly and that is hbar okay, so that was something that was coming up a lot on my comments, everyones saying why arent you talking about hbar talk about hedera, hashgraph, yada, Yada all right, nothing against the project. I know people love it, they hold it. They want the thing to do very, very well. We got the big news. This was a couple of days ago, 5 billion in h, bar tokens to boost network adoption, im.

Sure people were going really nuts about this news, because this has been everywhere: ive seen it posted everywhere. What happened in the chart? It went crazy from where it was at about 30 cents to nearly 60 cents, call it 58 cents. And what do we? What do we find now? We find the market all the way back down at 40 cents now we do have a couple of days left until the end of this week. So this is a macro picture. The moves on smaller time frames like a 15 minute chart or an hourly chart, therefore, micro, moves in the market. If you want macro moves, big moves, hundreds of percent, thousands of percent look at the the bigger time frames. The larger time frames the longer term time frames, the weekly charts all right. We talk about that all the time, so i hadnt talked about h bar because i saw it just taking off and i dont think thats. I dont like it as a good idea to be talking about something when its already really really far gone, although the upside or the positive that you want to see in a market is like, we always talk about, if the market can break into new, all time Highs and then consolidate above the old all time highs that needs to happen because its a psychological play in the market. If this thing is to fall under the 50 level, which lines up very well with all of the previous all time, high bodies of the candle thats under 36 cents, then youre, probably looking at a longer accumulation period, and this might not go so well.

As a longer term, investment and its just a speculative play its its this here, taking your 800 to las vegas h bar, is the las vegas at the moment. Shoot up, get your double get the hell out of there thats a trade all right. I know im going to get slammed with people who say: youve got no idea about the fundamentals, its a really good, strong, long term project that does xyz, etc. Ive seen it so many times, youre wrong at this one i know. Maybe i am im happy to be wrong at it. Thats fine, just looking at what the market has done, is not something that i would be looking at, especially because of the pattern thats forming right now – and i see this on some of the cryptos that ive uh that i also hold and so im not getting Overly excited about them, for example, this could be short term all right, ada, cardano weve talked about this. We were expecting it so its not too much of an issue. The idea here is, and this could go for hbar2. I know there was a lot of negative talk there. I know people get a little bit offended by the negative talk, but if you want to be realistic about your investments and the same thing goes for ada here, we want to see this hold up above its 50 level. You should know by now how important the 50 level is: 36 cents, at least at the very worst hold above this zone, so stay in this zone, to form a higher low to then try to new high prices thats.

What we want to see thats the the upside, the positive, the good side of the chart, if we can see that and the same deal goes for ada remember these are the areas that were watching. Ideally, i dont want to see it break beneath two bucks, because that obviously, is for one a psychological level, two, its a fifty percent level of a major range, and if i have a third, then ive got a swing low, thats, coming in at about 1.90 to 1.87, so there are the old highs through may and june, and you can see that that is just lining up with that swing, low and thats, where we dont want to see the market crash back under, because this would be taking out major support. So we do have that support around dollar eighty to two bucks, so wicks are okay, meaning the wick of the candle or the the bar drops down and comes back above no problems, and we definitely want to see it consolidate above these levels of two dollars. So anywhere in here is looking good, and then you can see my diagonal level here. This is just holding the market up the whole way down at the moment were just not getting any closers above it. If we can, that would be lovely, it can still fade, but at least we have stopped this angle of decline. So thats the same sort of picture were seeing here. The market broke to a new all time.

High couldnt hold above the old all time high and its just started to find resistance at 50 percent and then start to make its way a little bit lower. So these are my last lines of support here at dollar 80 to around that two bucks to 20.. Now that all sounded way too bearish as an ada holder, never fear, i also hold ada. Sometimes these markets go down thats, just part of the game. Should we get some nice holding levels here some nice support, then i like that as dollar cost averaging id rather dollar cost averaging lower prices than way up the top. The breakouts are nice, but we definitely want to see the market keep going and for now maybe just need some time to rest. We can see that theres more being built on ada and we need to go through those steps that to me what ive seen will come and it just takes time so for me not stressing and just looking for more dollar cost averaging in on ada. At this point in time, so as you can see, these cryptocurrencies are things that i hold in my portfolio. You guys that are in patreon would know that youd see that on the post that i put up in the group. So, if youre interested check out the links down below for patreon right at the top there in the video description – and these are all things that i hold – i am happy talking about them in a negative way, because im just being realistic with what im.

Seeing on the chart, weve talked about it, they go down. Unfortunately, if theyre in this zone, then i just have to expect longer in that period before the takeoff. Obviously, if were holding higher up and we consolidate, then we probably get to take off a little sooner. Thats just the difference there one is about patience. Well, the whole thing is essentially about patience, and so with that with your patients. Thank you very much for watching. Remember all the links are down below. Follow me on instagram and on twitter. Stick around till the end of the video and youll see the link there for the playlist of crypto exit plans and thousand dollars to invest ill catch. You guys at the next one have a great weekend ill see you then until then have more fun to get more done.