I will be talking about my price targets on bitcoin, ethereum, solana, elrond and much much more guys. Today is definitely a very, very special one, because i want to talk what i am expecting right now in the immediate short term. We will start on bitcoin here and i can tell you something: todays content is gon na blow your mind and i can already remember it as if it was yesterday where people were laughing at me. They were almost spitting while laughing directly into my face. When i was talking about these specific breakouts here and my price targets way up in the sky and well, we already check mark one of these price targets for bitcoin. Now the question is how to enter the next trade. What is the next price target, and can we actually expect a retracement before a bigger pump? Here i will be talking about everything here: smash up the like button. As always, as you remember, the last videos were almost breaking here. The 10 000 likes on a daily basis and im very im very appreciative for that, even though it doesnt take like a lot of time for you, i i really appreciate how tens of thousands of you are going below the video pressing like leaving comments down below, Because this is what makes the youtube algorithm to go on fire, and this is the reason why we are getting so many views and why so many people can watch our video and press subscribe here to join the mm crypto family and now lets talk about whats.

Actually happening on the bitcoin chart here you can see my trade more than 10 million us dollars right now in this specific trade, 1.8 million us dollars in a profit, and of course the question is: where am i going to close this trade here? I am right now on my way to the lunch. So if you stick around until the end of the day, you will see a little bit the surrounding um, the restaurant, where im going to and so on, but now lets talk about. The trades lets talk about whats, going on for bitcoin and for crypto. So, first of all i wanted to remind you here, and this is actually one of those uh patterns. I was predicting way earlier where the laughing and spitting was really getting out of the hand, and you can see since then. Bitcoin was perfectly perfectly following this trajectory. We are right now, like really zigzag accumulating in facey, exactly what we should expect from the wyckoff pattern. Look at this, and this breakout right now could be the beginning of phase e, where we are just lifting off off from the resistance lines here from my accumulation zone. I was mentioning earlier perfectly perfectly fine here so far and im almost a little bit, um surprised myself how we are following this trajectory here. Also, if im going over to this specific chart, you can see how bitcoin was right now perfectly check, marking my price target from this diamond pattern.

I was mentioning many many days ago, please, if you didnt, if you did miss out on that, go back and fact check it yourself. You will find uh this specific prediction, but now actually now we are finding a new pattern before im going to um, ethereum, elrond and solana. Please guys stick here with me. I will talk about trades. I will talk about price targets and i know that we have a lot of those um outcome holders um here in this community. I checked the comment section recently and i saw that there is more demand, so i will deliver on this promises. I will actually provide supply for your demand here that will talk about these icons towards the end of the video. So stick here with me, what you can see here is after bitcoin running here towards the upside. Having this massive run towards the upside, we are eq. We were accumulating in this bull flag now breaking out from this bull flag. You can also call it a falling wedge lets. Just call it a bull flag. A falling wedge would have already hit the price target here. If we are calling it a bull flag and then taking the price target from the low all the way to the high, this is a half staff pattern. So we are taking this price target here. This measurement tool all the way to the bottom of the bull flag. Then you can see that the price target for that one is 51 800 us dollars.

This is actually also a level where i am going to take some partial profits here on my trade, where you can see on the bottom right hand, side one point: seven: seven million us dollars at a profit, a part of this trade. Here i am going to pull out probably two million u.s dollars in contract size to realize some profits here, as long as we are going towards the upset, since we are trading big conceptual futures, and we want to take profits to the upside whenever we are taking Profits, maybe sometimes too early. We are taking these profits in bitcoin and if bitcoin goes higher, psychologically thats nice, we are still making profits. I have signed up links down below, where you can. You can claim 3 000 us dollars for your bitcoin and altcoin trading as well. I will talk about the outcome trading later on. In that video, be an experienced trader, be careful, but in the pin comment down below, if you click these links you put in your own email address, you make your own account after your initial deposit. You get these bonuses for free, three thousand dollars, doesnt sound. So much well at a 30x leverage if you leave your own money on the sidelines. This is a 100 000 us dollar trade for free now lets go over into ethereum before im, eventually going over into l run before im, going eventually over into solana, because well guys guess what i open trade trades on that one as well.

It is a small trade, but obviously i want to address that as well. First of all, quickly ethereum what you can see here over on ethereum, if im zooming out and im taking the fibonacci retracement level from the bottom top to the bottom, you can see that ethereum went very very closely here to the fibonacci golden pocket already. So there is a possibility that this dump is already over. The question is: if this dump is over, what is the next price target? Well for this, we need the fibonacci extension level from the bottom to the high. You can see that the previous rejection was exactly here within the golden pocket. We got rejected there, so this will be a very, very important level to watch. Ethereum has to um go above the. Let me quickly show you the 3670 us dollar level. The moment we are going above, my next price target is actually actually 3800 before, eventually knocking out the previous all time high. This is what im looking out for ethereum. So if you want to enter a trade, wait, please i mean thats what i would do wait for a break of the golden pocket here i wouldnt enter a trade earlier. Ethereum can be very dangerous. Ethereum can actually um wipe out a lot of people here with these wicks towards the downside, its not very easy to trade ethereum. One thing which is even harder to trade is smaller altcoins like solana and elrond.

So please be very careful on that ones here, but i opened myself actually a trade on by the way. This is the pin comment you can go down below. You will find this specific pin coming and here you can see my trade on solana. I just opened it like literally before i recorded, and it already jumped 30 percent higher, because it is on a 20x leverage very risky here. My entry price. You can see at 161, 30 and um on um on bitcoin. Here i have just another trade because i had some spare us dollar tether left on um l1. Of course, i still i am still holding this uh like now its less like 1.8 million us dollars in l, but its a spot position. I am right now if bitcoin continues, this rise towards the upside. If this bull flag is playing out, i am at the next consolidation expecting bigger outcome gains. Of course we have always expected unexpected and if vidcon is breaking down, it will take the altcoins with you. So please play from a position of strength and play with proper risk management. As long as these things are not happening, i am staying in my 10 million us dollar position and i am waiting for more entry positions here, especially over on the altcoins, and please guys. One thing i wanted to mention is uh quickly here, also just just to show you a little bit why i was entering these positions.

What you can see here, solana was getting a huge retracement and actually right now bouncing from the 38.2. Whenever we are seeing a bounce from the 38.2 in altcon once this is something i like to trade, the same thing actually goes for l1. If im going over here to elrond, let me quickly see where i have another one chart: oh yeah, wait by uh here on the very bottom. Eron also suffered a bigger retracement here, and this was, of course, because of this snapshot recently. What you can see here once again also a bounce at the 38.2, so potentially, of course nothing is your seal. The deal is not sealed yet, but potentially we can see here a very good bounce uh over on errand as well. But errand is more for me. A longer game, i am waiting for it to catch up actually with a market cap on solana. I wanted to mention something guys if you are complaining right now, youre saying chris, please. I want to see these traits as well uh when you are, whenever you are calling it um. I have not only my mm crypto shorts channel, a brand new channel, where i am posting my trades. My price predictions, my outcome picks everything in the pin comment down below click the link subscribe to mm crypto shorts. No, i also have a telegram channel, which is also for free, more than thousand 70 thousand subscribers on this alerts channel – and i am posting my trades and i was actually posting earlier.

Let me quickly go over here, be careful bears the bulls are fighting back. I was telling you last night at forty seven thousand us dollars that i am actually expecting the bose to gain more strength. I was posting that in the exact moment, over on telegram so make sure you join there. It is for free. It will always remain for free and i am posting their daily content and trading content for you. Thank you so much for watching guys all links down below in the pinned comment. I am truly appreciated for all your support and im asking myself. Are we here at the restaurant already? Yes yeah, we are at the restaurant already. Maybe i take you out my my dear friends were waiting. I have here stock guru, of course, the amazing stock guru and also slavic every german speaking person will know him. Hes, probably the most famous guy in germany. Let me quickly go out here and i will show you the surrounding, because what i like with my friends we like to go to these um theyre, not so fancy places to get just amazing quality by the way. Guys is it which restaurant is it whats, the name? Where is it one? I dont know where it is, but we are here in some kind of parking lot we have to there. It is so we are going there right now. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for smashing up the like button to a new all time high and we are going to see each other in the next one of mmkrypto and as always guys as always, is it this one this the name is different.

Let me check, as always guys as always i dont know, i hope its this one.