I thought this might be a great opportunity for me to make my third video of the day and i dont want to talk about safe mode, but i want to talk about bitcoin and the broader crypto market in this broader crypto market, of course, safe moon and All cryptos are under this banner, so the question is whats, going to be our next catalyst for a bull run, whats really going to drive up our prices. In my personal opinion, its going to be etfs and etf is an exchange traded fund and all it is, is a fund thats traded on the stock market who oversees this the sec securities exchange commission and they just oversee the stock market. Theres, a guy that runs the sec, the head of the sec. His name is gary gensler and when he was doing his private career, he used to make speeches in universities and classrooms and the speeches used to be about blockchain and bitcoin. So everybody thought that it was going to be really pro bitcoin now he says we need to have more oversights, more regulation about the crypto market, more protection and theres two ways to think about it: overstepping boundaries or stepping in the right direction. I think its stepping in the right direction and he compares crypto to an automobile and he says before there was regulations, for example, speed limits, seat belts, windshield wipers, rear view mirrors. There was never really infrastructure invested into automobiles and once regulations came there was infrastructure.

What was the infrastructure highways? Was the infrastructure and connecting roads so that you can travel in your car across country kind of like the infrastructure that they put down for railroads the trans, intercontinental railroad that connected west to east of the united states. And he says that once theres more regulations, people are going to be feeling a lot better to invest and then people are going to invest and when they invest thats, when cryptocurrency is really going to go up so etfs eat the etf. If were we an etf? Will basically follow the price of bitcoin and then there will be bags of etfs that follow not just bitcoin but a bunch of different cryptocurrencies. This will allow a lot of retirement funds a lot of big investment firms to invest into bitcoin indirectly and to invest in cryptocurrencies in directly, so they dont have to explain to their compliance board. So a lot of these huge corporations, a lot of these huge companies that have compliance boards and they cant, invest in anything unless the compliance board allows them to invest thats. What i believe is going to be the major catalyst of a major bull run right now, if you look at the prices of crypto its just like steady, nothing is really happening, its not going crazy, its just consolidating. So we had a nice little bull run and now its consolidating it feels like its a spring. You know thats wound up and its waiting to just explode.

The etfs is for sure gon na get us there. Im super excited about that. Another catalyst thats gon na get us there, so the huge companies i mean companies like blackrock and the like many many billion dollar companies. You know tens of billions trillion dollar company investment firms, theyre not investing into bitcoin. Why environmental compliance so theyre worried against this? Is the compliance boards? They are worried to invest into bitcoin unless it was mined with sustainable energy, wind farms, solar hydro, energy, not this invasive electrical energy that bitcoin miners use right now and right now, theres a huge push for bitcoin and mining farms in texas, where theyre going to be Using uh solar panel, solar power and wind farms for mining, this is also going to bring in investors if just one percent, just one percent of these mega huge corporations are going to invest into bitcoin the entire crypto market thats. It is going to go up 10 times, not financial advice, thats, just my own personal opinion, and you should definitely do your own due diligence. But these are the major catalysts that i see happening right now for not just bitcoin but the entire crypto market. The etfs im looking for now how many etfs are there right now, i believe theres like seven or eight etfs in the running, and i think that theyre voting for them uh next month, a couple of them are being voted next month. So if im not mistaken, i think the sec have 200 or 240 days where they could keep extending the review, extending the review so, for example, theres a uh one etf that is extended for 45 days.

Im. Sorry i dont remember off the top of my head and its a game. You know its not the first time an etf was proposed and they just keep. You know extending it but gensler. He actually had a speech where he was calling. You know cryptocurrencies securities and there was another senator that pushed back and he said that no all cryptos are not securities specifically stable coins that you know one to one with the us dollar. So who knows whats going to happen? Kathy woods said that 2 by 2026. So in the next five years that bitcoin is going to be worth 500 thousand dollars a coin i mean, god bless, i hope so. Im not against it ate a smart contract is up and they said that in one day they had 100 smart contracts up and running on the cardinal blockchain. I think cardano is going to be an absolute monster in a year once the people keep building on the cardinal blockchain, and i think by when that happens, ethereum is not going to be able to catch up, so ethereum 2.0 is going to be not needed by The time the cardano blockchain is fully operational up and running, i honestly dont think that the crypto bull run. This was not the crypto bull run, so bitcoin going from 29 000 to uh, 52 000 or something and right now were at around 47 48k. I dont think that was the bull run.

I honestly dont think that was the bull run, i think were just you know, chilling, relaxing and seeing whats gon na happen. I think theres gon na be a couple of catalysts. I think the next bull run really is gon na get bitcoin over that hundred thousand mark. I think the next bull run is gon na get cardano past the five dollar mark. I im looking forward to. It were definitely gon na see whats gon na happen and who knows, let me know in the comments down below what you guys think is gon na happen. What you guys think the catalyst is gon na be, and what do you think can derail the bull run? Im only scared of regulations thats the only thing that im scared of, but not regulations like what gary gensler is talking im talking about the regulation of cryptocurrency is illegal. You cannot have cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is illegal, which i dont see happening. I just dont see that happening. Why they had the senate hearing? They want crypto taxes, they want criminal taxes when these politicians, when these senators are able to extract money from something theyre not going to, let it go theyre not going to let it go. There is so much revenue to be made from cryptocurrency and from that senate hearing we see a couple of senators. I forgot what her name is theres, a senator her name. I believe her name is cynthia im. Sorry dont quote me: i might have it wrong and shes a avid supporter of cryptocurrency theres, a couple of senators that are telling the other centers dont make laws that you dont know dont make laws on something that you dont know about.

Lets take some time lets. Do some research and lets be ahead of the curve lets be ahead of other countries, and i just dont see i cannot fathom against. This is my own opinion. You guys make your own choices and invest your money. However, you feel like it im just some guy on youtube talking. I dont see that theres going to be any regulations, thats going to stop cryptocurrency theres, going to be regulations that are going to have oversight on cryptocurrencies, but all that oversight is going to do. Is the ability to fine right so they want to find these etfs and maybe oversight thats going to track us more. So the the law is that theyre going to be tracking any transactions, i believe over 600 and they just want their money. They want to tax us, they want their money and thats all they care about. At the end of the day and crypto taxes is going to pay for united states infrastructure. I think theres going to be a lot of countries that are going to be providing tax havens, crypto havens, theres already several countries that do this theres going to be huge innovation, thats going to be coming huge, huge innovations thats going to be coming. I think, as the blockchains are going to be developed, finance, blockchain, cardano, blockchain, ethereum, blockchain, safe moon, blockchain and other blockchains whoevers coming up whos going to have operation two or generation three. A lot of people are gon na build on top of those blockchains and theres gon na be an entire ecosystem of ability, digital applications and digital exchanges thats going to be built on blockchains things, thats going to be built on blockchains, we dont even know whats going To be built on blockchains thats, how new this thing is its just a spec, a spec in time so far, so im im looking super forward to see whats gon na happen and the bull run is not here yet.