What is up? Welcome to the crypto fomo, where i cover the hottest news in crypto so includes the theorem analysis, bitcoin cardinal chain link, clockwise, polka dot and everything that you need to follow into crypto. The right way so make sure to smash the likes, subscribe and turn on notifications. So you get the hottest news and crypto before everyone else hope youre enjoying your day. Ethereum is down three and a half percent on the day, currently on support. Looking a pretty good opportunity to buy the dip cardinals down two percent, the market overall is going sideways. Polka dots still crushing it up 18 on the week avalanche up 44 on the week and absolutely nice to see the market kind of cooling off, but overall still trending to the upside. Very clearly, i mean were very clearly in the bullish trend and ethereum is continuing to play out with this fractal right over here that we were covering with this divergence over here. You can see the same thing right now happening over here and, if were going to continue playing this, then the next part is actually were going to have this breakout over here. So what i would expect to see from it theorem just very simply expect it to go to the previous all time high relatively quickly. I mean really in the next two weeks, one to two weeks. We should see that now here is actually not a bad opportunity to buy the dip, because, first of all, we are currently on support.

So this level here that was acting as resistance, is now acting as support. So we have a pretty nice support, resistance, flip and also liquidity is actually sitting above as ill show you in a bit. So we got some shorts that open me setting up for a pretty juicy move to the upside after the accumulation wicks. So, overall things are looking very nicely and when you look at the weekly you can see that we have the clear accumulation to the downside. I mean this over. Here is very similar to this over here and it was followed by this right. So we should see some up only movement coming up in the coming weeks, so not too much to say about it. Just being long um just buying like we said on this channel, just holding the position dont get too distracted. Theres, a lot of like shiny syndrome, objects theres, a lot of shiny objects right now in the space, its very easy for people to lose their precious ethereum and really miss out on those big moves, so make sure youre, not court uh caught off guard when ethereum Big move is eventually gon na come because a lot of people were really skeptical about this uh. Once a theorem is going up like this, i remember there was like a pretty big youtuber saying that he sold all of his ethereum and he sold him right over here because he was saying like ah theorem is taking forever.

This is not going anywhere right, so he said that he sold all of his if here at seventeen hundred dollars – and i remember that very well because exactly after he started saying that we really saw ethereum then proceed to more than 2x in a few weeks. So just be aware of that that, yes, after those long consolidations, it looks like its never going to go up, but you need to give it time and that will come the pump will come. I mean, for example, if you look at cardano like youll, see that cardano actually had the same thing. It was going up very, very slowly here, just uh two months ago, its going up very very slowly and all the people are like. Oh this isnt taking forever, and then we have that big explosion right after this consolidation. So just be aware that, just because ethereums moving slow right now, it doesnt mean that its not going to have an explosive move because it will it there versus bitcoin. Also on support right now, looking a pretty good area to buy the dip as well. In my humble opinion, we are having a pretty big drop yesterday, though something worth noting so well see if were going to see some more accumulation weeks or were going to break to the downside. I always hope we go lower, so i can keep accumulating lower, but i know most people are not like me and again were starting to see some more and more fractals playing out as well.

I mean this price action over here is similar to this price action. Over here, um some similarities and i think, were going to break to the upside from that too, and then also when you look at bitcoin its looking actually very strong um, we had the pump flip the previous resistance level into support and then were going continuing higher. So exactly like what we had over here, we had the pump flip the previous area into support over here and then we rallied higher. So we pretty much had one move up cool off. Second move up right. So if this is going to play out here were going to see one move up, which we already saw, consolidation and then second move up right, taking us pretty much to like fifty thousand dollars, bitcoin pretty much to the local high should take us there. So you better believe in big boy btc, and it is showing strength right now, its starting to show more strength than other altcoins. Well talk about later in this video that uh bitcoin dominance is looking bullish as well. So we might see bitcoin outperforming altcoins uh, which is going to be a interesting uh change to see and then also when you look at the theorem, the lower time frames. We have the reversal sign on the 12 hours showing strength and were still below the middle of the boeing bands here, but overall, looking bullish, i mean you can see.

We got reversal signs on the four hours starting to pop up as well, so looking good and then also ethereum versus bitcoin, not looking the best its a little bit of a mixed image right now in the lower time frames. The best the biggest sign i see here is just we have this yellow reversal candle in 12 hour. This is the strongest sign on the chart and it is bullish, so were chopping, but it does look like accumulation. Bitcoin, however, is clearly more bullish than ethereum right now, which is an interesting change, so reversal, sign on the 12 hour or rosa sign on the daily actually tweeted about that as well. Make sure to follow me on twitter if you havent got a link to it below this video and its looking good. This is a really. This is one of those times where the risk award of going long on bitcoin is actually very good. Its very positive once you have those reversal signs together, you just try to buy a either here or just try to buy like around the bottom of this mini range right. So right now were at 48 000. Try to buy around 47 200, something like that kind of like the bottom of those three daily candles. That should be like pretty good area to accumulate and then also next up, we got a very exciting project called my master war combining d5 with nfts autoplay to earn and profit sharing.

So this is a free to play. Uh crypto game its going to launch on multiple platforms as well youre going to be pc a mobile phone tablet, android ios. They got a really cool story, im going to share a bit in a second, but you can see here some screenshots from the game. You got the heroes here. We got some beautiful artwork as well. You got the bosses like the the bad guys that you can actually see here. Uh. We also got the gods. It looks like it looks like zeus, the flume looks like a scary guy and we got some screenshots from the strategy uh part of the game, so you can see it over here. The artwork is absolutely beautiful. I was really impressed with the way that they built the website and just the the game. You can see the screenshots from that, looking very, very nice and a bit more about the game, just to give you an idea, so this is actually having two parts. So basically, the first set of my master war games will take place in the middle ages. The game systems support multiple platforms and multiple devices, and the second part is going to take it in the future. Its going to take part in the in the future, where humans cross space and time building their own virtual metaverse empire. So weve got some adverse features in the game. Players will no longer use traditional devices um.

Instead, it will enter a 3d virtual world, transforming into gods with endless strength and ability to create and conquer new worlds. So some pretty interesting hints there about whats. Yet to come for the game, if i understand correctly looking cool its powered by the m80 token, which has a lot of cool features, you can stake, it invite other players um to earn play the game. So you can earn that token by inviting others to play. The game you can play the game yourself in a play to earn right. You got the breeding and selling them on the marketplace. Um. You got collecting and speculating on the rare items and sell the nft token on marketplace, so they got an nft marketplace and payment. So this is pretty cool as well. The team is really impressive as well having a lot of crypto experience: executive experience, uh game development experience, for example, the founder dominic actually founded his own um, his own studio or company, helping projects since 2012 launched a lot of different applications, um in machine learning, fintech Gaming, crypto and more so lots of experience working with all different projects and the cto worked on multiple blockchain projects. The chief gaming officer deployed more than 20 online games, some reaching the top number one trending on google play as well, and we got people from ibm. Blockchain foundation and just overall lots of experience in the relevant fields and the advisor is also really impressive.

We got the co founder and ceo of axi infinity trunk as an advisor. Yes, this axion affinity. They have right now a market cap of around. Let me tell you 18 billion dollars. We got the cmo of tomo chain as an advisor, we got the fi, the founder and ceo of lunch zone. Uh we got the chairman of tfi accelerator uh. We got t the founder of polka foundry every project that hes been involved with polka foundry redcats been involved. Weve done fantastically well uh, its really kind of like at the core of a lot of really successful gaming projects, and we got henry the founder of hub global, so really impressive project really impressive partners make sure to check it out im going to link to it Below this video follow them, uh participate in their social media. Maybe youll get a head start into their game. Maybe you could get some airdrops earlier. Whitelist theres a lot of benefits to interacting with those games early on and supporting them so make sure to show them. Some love and then also when you look at liquidity. It is currently sitting below for bitcoin, which is slightly bearish, but im not concerned about because its not that much liquidity and then also the structure for bitcoin is looking very bullish as well. Liquidity on ethereum, however, is actually sitting above. We have some shorts that opened people are taking short term like. Why would you go short now, man just begging to get liquidated, so this is probably going to go to 3 600 relatively soon.

The market right now is not fearful, not greedy, which in a bull market is actually pretty bullish to me. I think you know when you see that the sentiment kind of changes in a bull market like when people as long as people arent greedy, like if theyre fearful or neutral its pretty bullish, because the default trend is up and then also right. Now, funding across the board is negative, which is slightly bullish for crypto, so not across the board, but like most exchanges right now. So i got a lot of shorts that opened, meaning that we could continue higher from here relatively soon and then also we got blocktopia revealing their fourth and final final ideal partner, which is cd5 so were going to launch their igo with them october 5th. So cd5 actually launched a lot of successful projects, one of the hottest um. You know, launch pads right now for gaming metaverse. All that stuff and im not surprised blocktopia is one of the leading metaverse projects. Im really revolutionizing the metaverse, which im super excited about their other ideal. Launchpad platform are going to be apollo, x, um 0x bull, and then we got trustpad as well, so investors include animoka polygon, moon whale x, network capital and its just further building the metaverse. Its a decentralized metaverse built and backed by polygon as well, so you get some really cool concepts like play to earn. They got really interesting concepts of advertising as well inside the game.

You could learn about that. What is the metaverse you could earn and you could play you, can relax socialize, have fun and compete uh, so yeah lots of exciting features coming up. You can even earn income via advertising app. This was really revolutionary lots of exciting concepts. I look forward to seeing them going to the moon and then also we got el capo saying that bitcoin is bullish as long as it stays above 47 000. As long as it doesnt go down, it will go up just kidding. I understand what youre saying it looks like low time frame accumulation with negative funding im very bullish for the coming weeks. I agree i am bullish too. The structure is looking very, very nice as we continue higher its funny. Oh, we also know this is the similarity of accumulation here you can see here we have this accumulation here on the higher time frames and right now we have like this lower timeframe: accumulation that little blue era – blue blue zone right here so very interesting to see Him thinking the same and then also um, you can see here pentoshi saying that today he saw the most bearish replies in weeks 100. Hands down. This is a chart on bitcoin. Funding is negative, we are bullish, were probably going to continue higher and yeah were so far pumping. I agree, bitcoins looking bullish and also is bullish on ethereum on the lower time frames entering at the bottom of the tick we like the coin.

We, like the price action, lets, go so yeah, ethereum versus bitcoin versus the us dollar is actually looking very bullish and, at the same time, pentoshi is warning that we might see the end of alt season in the coming weeks. Oh no its going to zero. So it is something worth noting. I think it is pretty important to note that bitcoin dominance right now is uh, looking like possibly bottom, and we could have some balances over here, um of bitcoin. So basically bitcoin will outperform um a lot of altcoins temporarily so thats. Why you want to be careful, you dont want to use um too much. You dont want to be overexposed to altcoins, and you just want to be prepared for the scenario that bitcoin is going to rally now i dont think were going to see like uh. You know all its getting wrecked, like we saw in 2017. From that point i dont think its going to happen, but it is worth noting we might see a bounce. You know something like that, so be prepared for some volatility, thats going to be bullish for bitcoin, and he thinks that i do think we see more capital inflow into bitcoin, especially as etf talks heat up over the next month, so pretty interesting. Take and then also we got defina sharing here, a teaser, a sneak peek of their upcoming play to earn crypto games, so you can see it over here. Let me turn off the volume and you can see here that it looks like a turn based game.

Its pretty exciting so really cool to see them showing oh wow. We got some really nice cool features here, so im excited to play this game and make some free magic internet money in the process very hot project, and they also share their bi weekly report of what theyve been doing over the last couple of weeks. So they have community events, they will officially airdrop different nft, mysterious blind boxes. According to the players levels between one two one level, nine with it will involve more than a thousand community members. They also had a story writing contest and more right. So it looks like theyre really trying to reward their existing users. They also officially released the closed beta version of the game on september 18th. So today, um so lots of cool things coming up for them and then also we got bini saying that owning blue cheap ethereum web 3 protocol tokens is like owning the internet protocols, the ip tcp smtp ftp pop and http. Taking me back to my programming days in another lifetime feels like such a diver. It was a different life, but yeah. The difference is that this new paradigm is decentralized. Tokens are used to secure the network and generate fees for holders. Some of these backbone protocols will do 1000x and uh yeah. I do see ethereum. I dont want to sound like a crazy person, but i could see it there im going to a million dollars in the next seven years.

I would say i definitely could see it happening uh. We definitely still have at least 100 x left for ethereum. I think so. Uh yeah pretty bullish on this, as you guys already know, and then also we got green belly saying. Thank you to 50 000. Followers on twitter do not miss their idea, whitelist event on bsc station as well. So their idea is coming up on bsc station launchpad and theyre, sharing all the information how you can participate. The idea is happening september 20th. So very very soon, and you need to take at least 15 000 bscs, via their staking page, so make sure to check it out very hot. The first eco friendly game fight going after the entire trend of making the world a better place, while also having a play to own game. That is very exciting. I really like the combination of this concept. Theyre really doing something: uh really unique and really uh trying innovative, combining the physical world and the crypto world as well so thats it for this video hope you guys enjoyed that much love. Thank you! So much for watching liking, subscribing turn on notifications.