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Look ive made much more in depth: videos about polka dot, comparing polka dot to other major chains; deep, diving on polka dots, so just search lark davis, polka dot, youre going to come up with a lot of information on that. So you can understand more about the polka dot ecosystem, but real, quick, polka dots, the big brother kusamas, the little brother. They are layer, zero block chains, para chains are layer, ones that build on top of either kusama or polka dot. Kusama is a little more of the experimental zone. Polka dots more of the polished professional zone right now, parachains have only launched on kusama its the canary network, its where theyre testing parachains first were gon na get pair chains coming to the main polka dot network. In the not so distant future, now lets talk about what has happened with parachains so far on kusama now, weve had our first successful round of five auctions were now in our second round of five auctions. The first round of auctions had five parachain auctions in it. Those five auctions combined resulted in 10 percent of the supply of kusama getting bonded. Essentially, what happens? Is you bond your ksm tokens? You get a massive incentive from whoever you back in the parachain auction. They give you a bunch of their tokens, but your ksm is locked up for a set amount of time. Now you do get it back at the end of that, but still you have to weigh up that opportunity cost that you will have your ksm locked up for a certain amount of time, but ten percent of the total supply with just five parachain auctions is crazy And mega mega bullish for moon maths without a doubt were now on our second round of para chain: auctions: weve just had our first two completed up to this point, so the third in round two, which will be the eighth para chain, will be announced next week.

The auction is ongoing right now. The big story, though the big winner of all of this definitely the the one people are talking about the most right now is moon river. That was the big star of round one ive talked about moon river ive talked about moon beam, which is the polka dot variant of moon river on the channel quite a few times before. This is basically a layer. One smart contract platform compatible with all kinds of ethereum compatible d5 applications. We have a lot of applications that are moving straight onto moon river on the moon beam later, some of the other um pair of chains have also done very, very well. Karura did well, for example, she done did well, so weve had a lot of great results for anybody who bonded up their tokens. But moon river was definitely the runaway success here. How much money did moon river backers get so remember you back boone river by bonding your ksm, so even if you had bought kusama at the top price of 620 or something like that, you would still be up more than 10 x on your moon river coins. So that 600 would have turned into six thousand dollars, and you still get your ksm back at some point in the future, but heres the thing most people didnt buy their kusama over six hundred dollars. Most people bought their kusama for 300 or 150 or under 100 bucks i mean kusama was under 100 bucks for a long long time under 50 bucks for a long time, if you bought at those levels, youre up 100 x or more versus your entry price on Ksm and how much moon river you got for backing this auction, those results are incredible: theyre, incredible, 100 x returns potentially or more for investors, even the people who did the absolute worst made a 10x on moon river and moon river, of course, is just getting started.

That will probably be a multi billion dollar market cap coin moving forward and, of course, keep underlying this. Not only do you get those 10x gains from the moon river more if you keep on holding onto it. If moon river gets up to lets, say a two billion dollar market cap, then youre up 40x, even if you bought the top on ksm, even if you bought the top and then you get your ksm back when the bonding periods up thats, crazy, thats, crazy, crazy Money making potential right there, so if youre, a moon mathematician, the more ksm gets bonded up, the less there is available of it. So the higher the price of ksm will go thats bullish for the kusama asset plus. You can then bond that ksm that you have to make crazy crazy gains. Moon rivers made crazy gains for investors, and then you get all your ksm back after the bonding periods over m o o n that spells moon thats. Just kusama, of course, like i said, were up to the seventh parachain auction being completed now the eighth is being completed next week. Everybody right now is waiting for the polka dot team to tell us, when the heck were gon na get para chains on the main polka dot chain. I think its not super far away my opinion, i think we see it by the end of the year. We shall see, though, maybe they want to play it a bit safer.

Maybe they want to roll out another round of auctions on kusama before pushing it out to polka dot, but its coming its coming and look at the returns that the kusama backers have had its been absolutely incredible. I would expect that were going to see a similar amount of excitement for the polka dot para chains as well. Those will be big, big money makers, everybodys going to be chasing after that next, 100x. Parachain and again, you get your tokens back at the end, which is totally crazy. Now the polka dot ecosystem overall, aside from its massive money, making capabilities through the auction system, its a massive ecosystem and, if youre fading this ecosystem, its because theres another flavor of the month right now, youre not paying attention to what is being built, the polka dot Ecosystem is massive, its an absolutely massive massive ecosystem theres, so many really high quality teams building on polka dot. Right now you can see here theres a massive list of people who are participating in the polka dot ecosystem right now, thats growing. All the time developers are still committing to the polka dot ecosystem, yeah theres, a bit less hype right now, bsc and polygon, and tara and solana and avalanche theyre all out there too theyre all out there too doing stuff and people are experimenting with those chains. Thats a good thing, the futures, a multi chain future anyway, im against chain maximalism. I think its absolutely silly were going to see many chains fulfilling niches, capturing users, capturing market share, but i think that polka dot has really managed to establish itself by the really high quality projects that have been built on it by really talented developers.

We have really powerful products like moonbeam and moon river on kusama, which have them built there, and once of course, those para chains do launch on polka dot, theres an ecosystem ready to go all these guys all this stuff up here. These guys are all waiting for parachain slots and some people will build on top of the pair of chains. Um moon river, for example, or moon beam, theyre, going to have all kinds of projects building on top of their layer one chain so its stacking up. The the d5 protocols here all these guys are going to go after pair chain slots. All these guys are going to be building the ecosystems already coming to life with kusama its the earliest stage of the ecosystem, its the start of a cambrian explosion of development on polka dot and datsam. Really now polkadot also has been one of the biggest pre launch chains in terms of developer commitment to actually build on that chain, so dot sama combined, has more developer activity than any other blockchain remember these are these are basically brothers right. They work together, so polka dot has been getting less attention from developers because theyre focusing on pair chains right now for kusama thats, where all the action is happening. But if you put polka dot and kusama together, it beats out even cardano. At the amount of 30 day developer activity, so very, very bullish to see so much developer commitment to these chains right now.

Obviously, other chains are doing just fine too, but it really just underlines how much activity is happening in this ecosystem right now from the developer community now heres another interesting little tidbit for you, polka dot is also the most held asset by venture capital firms and hedge Funds in the cryptocurrency space you can see polka dot right over here, topping off the charts. You can see the rest of the rest of it all all the way down there, but heres a translation of what that means. Big money players are balls deep in polka dot. They all looked at it. They understood what it is and they invested heavily in it for a reason, because polka dot is a mega mega bullish asset. When you understand the potential of the auctions to make money, when you understand the potential of the technology to be a disruptive blockchain, then youre going to get bullish on it as well. Thats, why? I keep adding to my polka dot bag and just think about this? All this excitement is happening. All those developers are committing all the big moneys committing all the ecosystem, guys are committing and polka dot still hasnt launched its pair chains coming soon and its still, not even back at its previous all time, high, yet its still 30 40 percent. Under its all time. High price, thats, crazy, thats, crazy. Obviously, ksm is getting all the attention right now, but if you want to make money in this ecosystem, its really easy, you buy kusama or you buy polka dot, you stake it, you earn great rewards and you wait.

You earn a free crypto, you wait when you see a an auction that you want to back. You want to bond up that crypto, for you. Take that plus, whatever rewards that you earned you bond it up, you earn more free, crypto, get good rewards pile that back into ksm or dot back another pair chain auction make more theres a reason why polka dot is one of the most anticipated network launches in Crypto right now, its going to be massive as ive been saying since polka dot was three dollars anyway, just my two dots for the day, your question have you participated in a kusama parachain auction and if you havent, are you interested in participating in one of those Auctions moving forward now that youve seen the gains potential that these auctions offer. Let me know down below in the comment section thanks so much for watching todays, video and peace out till next time.