We do have new cryptocurrency videos coming out every single day, make sure to hit that bell notification to get updated on all of our new videos and in todays video ill, be giving you guys the top three all coins to invest into right now. These are three coins that you dont want to miss out into. I think these are three coins that you can definitely make some gains on coming later this year and we can see. Bitcoin is currently at 48 674 at the time of this video, and i think we have a long way to go. I think we will see a six figure bitcoin later this year early next year guys, so i do believe we are still in a bull run. So without further ado, im gon na jump into my top three cryptocurrency all coins lets get into it coming in at number, one is cardano currently sitting at two dollars and 41 cents. I think this is a good price to dollar cost average into cardano. We saw card idle in the past couple weeks recently just hit its old all time, high of 3.10. We can see that was right here back in the first day of september. Really and since then, we have came back down a little bit to 2.41 cents, and i think this is a great price of dollar cost hours into this coin. I think well see higher gains coming this year. If you look at the fundamentals of cardano, they just released smart contracts, theres a lot of developer activity on cardano, so that is very bullish.

In my opinion, along with how big the cardano community is, the community is very, very big and is continuing to grow. Every single day, if you look at like twitter statistics, reddit user statistics, cardano is at the top of the playing field and its actually gaining on bitcoin and ethereum. So we will see what happens with cardinal in the second half of this year, but i do believe it has explosive potential, along with the cardinal summit that will be coming up here, september 25th and september 26th, and there have been rumors even from charles hutchinson himself. Saying that there will be big partnerships for cardinal that will be released during this conference, so this may be a buy. The rumor sell the news type event, but if this partnership is big enough, this could definitely make the price of cardano move up very very quickly. So do not miss out on cardano. I think this is a great altcoin to invest into right now. Definitely, dollar cost average into dont fumble into cardano guys or any of these all coins. We show you on the channel. The best thing to do is just dollar cost average in or even just wait for a dip. If you do want to try to go all in, you do not want to buy at all time high prices and then coming in at my number two cryptocurrency to get into right. Now it would be the theta token. Data is currently sitting at about 6.

56. This coin has not been performing very well in the last couple of months. We can see in the past 90 days. It is actually down 25 and thats usd value, and we can see here. Even the bitcoin and ethereum value it has dropped substantially, has not performed very well in the past couple of months, but theta was a top 10 cryptocurrency. Earlier in the year we peaked at price back in april 16. It was around 16 dollars, but i think theta is a long term play a long term hold, because if you look at how the world is changing, more and more video streaming is coming out. Weve seen the ufc ceo dan white. He believes that streaming will be huge in the future. He thinks that in the next 10 years most videos will be watched via some type of streaming and that could be decentralized streaming. If you have not checked out theta.tv, it is basically decentralized streaming guys and it is very, very cool, and that is what theta is focused on. They also have nfts. You guys know how hot nmts have been in the past couple of months. Really and nfts have really been hot this whole year and they are starting to get involved in there. They have people like katy perry, having nft drops. If you guys havent, checked out, theta drop make sure to check that out, but just a lot of cool, innovative stuff going on with theta.

I think decentralized. Video streaming is a very, very hot topic. I think in the next 10 years, centralized streaming and just streaming in general is going to continue to grow. So that is my thoughts on theta. I think this has a lot of potential and i think this is a great price to get into theta, especially since it hasnt been performing very well as of late. I think getting into theta under ten dollars is a steal of a buy, and i think we will see theta break past this old all time high sometime this year, guys and then coming in at number three is the celsius network. This is the celsius coin, and this is actually a centralized kind of you know. Cryptocurrency. You know if you guys havent heard of celsius. Basically what celsius is? They are a uh platform, just like black flash. You guys have heard of blackfly. You can put your bitcoin or your ethereum or some of your other cryptocurrencies on the celsius platform and get interest, get loans off of that and also lend with some of that cryptocurrency guys. So if you havent, checked out celsius make sure to check out the celsius app, the link will be in the description below and also in the pin comment section. You guys can sign up with our affiliate link and get a free, fifty dollars, and the reason why i think celsius is a good buy right now, because it has not performed very well in the past couple of months and the price has been pretty stagnant around Five dollars since about i mean really since january of this year and i think the celsius network, the community, is continuing to grow.

More and more people are trying to get passive income with their cryptocurrency and theyre. Looking at something like celsius or block five. But celsius has really good reward rates and if you want to get a loan with your cryptocurrency, they have loans as low as one percent. And if you are in the state of california, you can actually get a loan with zero percent interest, which is crazy. If you think about it, just literally zero percent interest on a loan that you can get, if you want to just you know, leverage some of your bitcoin or whatever else you want to leverage ethereum, they have other options on there as well make sure to check Them out guys and another reason why i am bullish on celsius network is theyre going to have a debit card and a credit card coming out. They want to act as a bank account. They want to bank the unbanked, along with having insurance its not on the platform. As of yet and there hasnt been too many details that has came out about it, but they are going to have insurance and you will actually be able to ensure your cryptocurrency through the celsius platform in case of anything happens, potential hacks things of that nature. So, im very excited to see what the insurance would be all about, along with theyre, going to have zero percent in app swap, so you can actually swap for bitcoin ethereum ada litecoin, any other cryptocurrency.

They have on the platform. Zero percent – and i dont believe that has came out yet, but they are looking to launch that in the next couple of months. So a lot of cool stuff coming out for celsius and as the platform continues to grow its going to give the cell token more value because you get different perks by handling the cell token. So that is why i am bullish on the celsius token, and this is why im bullish on the celsius network. I think this is a great cryptocurrency, the dollar cost average into. I think this coin will be here for a very long time to come and there is one key indicator. I want to show you guys. Those are my top three cryptocurrencies, but i want to show you we are still very early in this cryptocurrency market. We can see here back in april and like to mid, may we were at a hundred on the google search trends for the search term crypto, and i showed this in some of my other altcoin videos, but we can see here in the past week. We are at a 26, so one fourth of the people that were talking about cryptocurrency back here in april and may are now talking about it. Even though bitcoin is almost at 50k, basically almost at its old all time, high of 63 000 and a lot of these all coins have exceeded their old. All time highs.

We know some of them that have are currently sitting at all time. High prices as we speak and nobodys really talking about cryptocurrency right now, and i think there will be extreme fomo when bitcoin passes back his old all time. High were gon na see new levels. I think bitcoin will hit six figures this year and were just going to see institutional fomo, along with retail, funnel, along with potential countries getting into bitcoin and cryptocurrency, guys so very, very bullish. We could see etfs on the bitcoin side, which i think would propel a lot of money into the cryptocurrency space, so a lot of stuff to be excited, for i think this is a great time of dollar cost averaging the cryptocurrency guys i mean nobodys talking about It right now and bitcoin is really 50k. We can see back here when bitcoin was about. 20K was a 36., so more people were talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrency when bitcoins at 20k, then theyre talking about it at 50k. Put that into perspective guys great time to dollar cost average into all these projects and your favorite all coins guys. Let me know what your guys favorite. All coins are in the comment section below. Where are you putting your money, but this is all i have for todays video. I will see you guys in the next video and i am out you guys – have a great rest of your day.