These are ones that are firmly sincerely, i think, going to break out uh when the market turns back on, got a piece of content going to show you here in a minute outlining which ones they are drop in the comments below. Let me know your thoughts. What do you think a couple of them are im gon na tell you out of the four i own, three of them: okay, one of them im like yeah, probably need to pick that one up as well. Okay, so were going to talk about that. This video is, for entertainment purposes, only going to keep this video pretty short, pretty sweet and to the point uh by the way. Let me know your thoughts drop in the comments below. If you want to talk about this as well, how do you like me doing these shorter videos? Do you like these shorter videos, or do you want me to kind of continue to do kind of longer videos? Do you like the shorter videos you like the longer ones? Let me know in your comments below id love, to hear from you on that as well. Okay, so right here, right now before we get into the four, i want to talk to you about a couple things number one: the overall market down the overall market, not doing a lot. You can see on the screen bitcoin down, one percent ethereum down three uh. The overall market is down two point: two, seven percent.

It feels like weve again have a lot of selling pressure right here right now on us. I firmly believe that this is the calm before the storm uh. I think that again we ever all the futures are looking towards a since a hugely bright fourth quarter and its looking like its going to be really really good okay, so this video is for entertain. Personally, if i hadnt already said that, and before we get into the four i got to show, you check it out if youre interested links in the description to go to my patreon. If you want to join, cancel anytime at 20 bucks, i try to keep it as cheap as possible and help as many as i can ill. Look at your portfolio. Give you guidance. You can see my portfolio everything that im doing all the moves that im making uh you can see and you can – and i tell you guys, every single time when im moving into one or moving out of a different crypto. You can kind of follow my my lead if you so chose and uh, and i have a discord community wrapped around it. Okay, so what did you guess so? A polka dot avalanche and two additional all coins ill. Tell you straight up what they are its cosmos and sushi swap. Do you own these? Do you like these personally im a fan of i own three of them, i own polka, dot, avalanche and cosmos and uh and sushi schwab, probably thinking about picking that up because um, why wouldnt? I okay, so im gon na get into this and read this for you, so polka, dot and avalanche.

The reason is that that looks like we are definitely gon na are poised to kind of go higher as the market looks to wake back up. You know if youre looking at kind of the plays that are out there right, youve got you know: youve got ethereum cardano uh. Obviously the two major leaders but youve got solana, killing it uh or was and is now called that is quiet, its quiet because the overall market conditions. But if you look at kind of the the the hot cryptos that were hot until the kind of market uh cooled, which i think theyll hop be hot again or anything having to do with obviously alternative blockchains uh, smart contracts, d5, nft, etc. Okay, so thats reason im a fan of polka dot of avalanche of cosmos thats. Why i got into those and thats why i advise my patrons to do the same right so uh, so this particular talk. Article is talking about the fact that looks like you know. We could see polka dot surge to around 50 after the cooldown after this cooldown that were in right now. I believe that, if not higher uh, you know and right here right now, we are in kind of this period of consolidation right, uh, consolidation, just really basically kind of means were either kind of going flat or trending down just a little bit to kind of kind Of the again, the kind of the calm before the storm, uh avalanche has been one that ive been really excited about, and i think that its gon na continue to do well and uh.

You know it looks like you know we, we are poised to do some breakout at you know when again the market turns back on and if you look at you know, if you look at avalanche and where it kind of currently is right now um when there It is were, at you know, were at the 74 range and again its actually up a little bit right, its actually one of the few thats up right here right now, and if you look at polka dot, you know in the 34 range a little bit more. You know, obviously, from a price standpoint a little bit more attractive. I think that again theres a lot of upside potential in in in polka dot avalanche and if you look at cosmos similar from the standpoint actually doing well, i hadnt looked at it today. So its up up uh seven, you know almost almost you know seven and a half percent. There you go there. You go went up now, its almost eight percent, looking good and the fact that its moving up and this kind of outside of whats going on in the overall market it to me, is really interesting, because if you look at right here, if you look at the Top movers right now i mean theres, not a lot going on right here. You can see this and actually that needs to be updated, but sometimes coin market caps wrong. We just looked at it and it was up uh what wasnt it.

What did i just look at no, no im forgetting cosmos yeah, its up its up, seven percent, so you can see like right here. We know that its up seven percent, but if you go here and resort on 24 hour, gainers uh there it is it just hadnt resorted so there you go so its one of the top ones right there. But look here. This is kind of whats going on right now in the market. Look at look at the fact that the top gainer period in the entire market is only up 12 period in the top 100, rather, okay, interesting enough, this is top 100 by the way. Okay, so again back to what were saying: polka, dot, avalanche cosmos. I think that those are all major major plays and the other one that was in this. You know if you dont know what atom is its a crypto asset powering an ecosystem of blockchains designed to scale and interop interoperate with each other. Okay, again, smart contracts, blockchain d5, all those kind of related to those core those those core parts are uh. Are our opportunities, in my opinion, so the last one was sushi swap so uh. This is one that really frankly, hadnt been on my radar. Nothing bad against sushi. Its just ive been looking elsewhere um, so it must stay above crucial levels to sustain its uptrend. So so around 14, of course, i dont want to see it go lower than 12.

. The very worse is levels here, which is about 950, because that is our your higher lows. The lows start to break down than that considered a downtrend right now. Okay, so sushi swap lets. Take a look at that one. Before we break for this video again, i wanted to keep this video pretty sweet and short, so sushi swap right here. Right now is yeah trending, in that its in that 12 uh dollar range down six percent overall market conditions not not withstanding right, i from there from really thats kind of where were at so again wanted to kind of make you aware of. These are four that are out there that are poised. That will continue that will just when the market turns back on, they will break. They will go back up firmly, expect that to happen, and again i own three of the four and may pick up some sushi uh if well as well.