Have a look at five projects that i think are gon na do really well next week, uh before we get into what those projects are were gon na review, the ones that i selected for last week were gon na see how they performed. If you like, this sort of content, mash up the like button, subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, so you never miss a video dont forget to comment below. Let me know if ive missed any projects that you think are going to just do tremendously. Well, next week, lets get down to the desktop and see which projects im calling out for for next week. So before we get into those were going gon na have a look at the ones and uh just see how they performed from the previous video that i did last week so multivac so weve seen a 31 increase uh in multivac for for the week, which is You know thats remarkable right um. One of my favorite words is that people really keep pointing out um. So up 31, when we called this out at the time of recording the video last week was at 0.01763 and, as you can see here, its twenty uh zero point: zero, two three two four so um up thirty five percent or sorry thirty, one percent um. So remarkable its been higher as well um, you know im recording this video just off the back of it, pulling back slightly um, so this ones you know gon na.

In my opinion, see you know all new highs and um yeah its a fantastic project, so um yeah thats, the first one that we called out for last week. The second one we called out was was harmony, so this ones down 15 and um, as as i mentioned in last weeks, video um september is a really difficult month, because you know we, we normally see a dump in september. So weve seen you know harmony, one not do particularly well, which is it, which is a disappoint, uh, disappointment, um, but a fantastic project, long term and uh. I do expect this one to to do really. Well so keep your eyes on on harmony. I do think people are sleeping on this one, so thats uh one on one one didnt perform and one did perform, but you know overall, for the two um not too bad um avalanche was the the next one that we called out so um at the time Of recording it was at 61.38 and now at 73.04, um, its actually up 4.79 today and uh 17 and a half percent uh increase. So uh thats, two out of three for for last week, um and said, like i say, septembers a challenging month right so im quite happy with how weve done here, uh moving on the next one we called out was elrond and elrond was a 275. So weve seen quite a big drop on this again. Another 15 um again a fantastic project you know and again september is is my uh my get our jail uh free card, i guess for for elrond um.

You know its its one of those long term, fantastic project, um, even midterm fantastic projects and um yeah its one of those i i did think it was going to push on uh. Unfortunately, the markets had other ideas um, but i do think itll, bounce and uh. You know end up in good price discovery um. You know shortly thats my opinion uh moving on uh polkadot, so polkadot. At the time of recording last weeks, video was uh, 3306 uh and obviously now its at 33.84 again im waiting for for poker to go. It just its you know its one of those, its um, its been higher, obviously uh, so you could have got profit uh more profit than than this, but you know again, three out of the five for for the week um, so yeah not the best of weeks, But you know it wasnt a disaster and uh. I think if we can navigate, you know, uh through september, i think were on to a winner, but lets move on to next week and weve got some absolute corkers. I think next weeks going to be a really good week, so lets have a look at what projects ive called out for next week, so weve got singularitynet, which is down 11.69 at 36.63. This one, i think, is going to do really really well. If we head on over to the website, so the the global ai marketplace um, i believe that there are some uh air drops that are going to be coming soon.

So this could be information about that. For me, you know its a fantastic project on its own, but you know you should check out the interview we did with ben gertzel um its fantastic project, swarms of ai, its really interesting and uh. You can dig in on on the website and see some of the the ai and um. You know get a feel for it right, so you can just sign up to the singularity uh net um website, for example, and go into the ai marketplace. You know youve got song, splitter and stuff like this, its really interesting, so you can get like an mp3 file. You can drop it in and it will um take it out. So youve got like an instrumental and then youve just youve got the the person singing separately. You can split out the the songs which is really interesting. You know youve got fake news um, you know theres. Just so much youve got um like things around art as well. Um opinion. You know um chess, i mean theres just so much right, um, you know here you go like transfer of of two images, so have a playwright. You get to try some of this for free its a really interesting and unique project, and for me its long term is going to be immense, and you know you should go research, this one thats my opinion, but i do think this ones going to do well.

Next week, um moving on harmony, one now harmony won. I i do think people are sleeping on this and i do think its going to do really well. I just think that its just going to take some some time, but i think you know next week could be a good week for harmony. I was expecting it last week timings the hardest thing. I always say this right, but this project sharding protocol building lots of bridges across you know multiple chains, so for me a fantastic project and and definitely want to to research. But i do think this ones going to do well. This week, then weve got quant so 353.. Again, i think this is you know a really good project. Um. We go over to the website here, so connecting all the worlds uh distributed, ledgers for faster and more efficient growth. I think this ones going to do really. Well so dig into it um i like the tokenomics with it um. You know a lot of people have been sleeping on this one, including ourselves um, but you know for for me. I i can see this one. Do it just going. You know from strength to strength so do check it check this one out. Moving on so weve got cosmos again. I think this ones going to do really well ‘.53, again people potentially sleeping on this one, the internet of blockchains um cosmos, is an ever expanding ecosystem. Uh, interconnected apps and services built for a decentralized future.

So really interesting and again, you should really dig into this one, its a really good project and again, one that we think is going to do really really well next week. So keep an eye on this one and then weve got polka dot again um we were in profit, i i cant even be you know, bothered to to put a percentage to it say meaningless, um. But overall, i think this is a project that the timing is. Is the one on this it hasnt gone yet i think its gon na go and i think its imminent weve got lots of people reaching out to us theyre building on the polkadot ecosystem, um wanting to to do promotional offers and stuff like that, and you know Nick and myself, we we turned down 99.9 of these um. We only really sort of cherry pick um projects that actually we were interested and we really like, after doing all of our research before we even sort of agree to anything. So we know theres lots of activity in the background for polka dot. We expect this one to to do really. Well and again, i think its going to be when we get that transactional um. You know volume come in so its going to be interesting, but i think you are going to get that um sort of pump before everything sort of uh you know starts to come to fruition with these other projects building on the ecosystem.

So definitely one to to keep an eye on um im not going to go into the website. I think most people here would know polka dot and if you dont just head on over to their website and start researching it because its a really good, solid project. So you know definitely worth spending the time and digging into that one um. So those are the the five projects i think september is a really difficult month to navigate through, because traditionally we see a pullback or a dump or, however, you want to articulate that um. So you know, timing is always the the challenging thing with with these projects you know getting the time in is always the hardest bit. We think these are fantastic projects. We think theyre going to do remarkably well, and we suggest that you dig into to some of the you know the websites and start doing some research on these projects because they are immense projects. Obviously, none of this is financial advice. Youll be treated as educational purposes. Only but if you did like the content, mash up that like button subscribe tap that bell select all the notifications, so you never miss a video and i will catch you in the next one.