What kind of returns would i have made if i just bought bitcoin at hundred dollars? If you were a total dgn and put ten thousand dollars into bitcoin back in 2017, it would be enough to buy your favorite car, put the rest into a passive income generating assets and never work again in your life. Well, personally, i would be probably still here playing with crayons, but not everybody like me, and not everybody likes to stare at the screens. 24 7.. A lot of people choose to just buy and hold, and for many that is the best strategy and does not require countless hours in front of the screens. Also stress, free and hands off so heres. My top 5 reasons why you should invest in bitcoin right now, before its totally blast off into the stratosphere reason. Number one bullish fundamentals bitcoin has way more attention right now than it had back. In 2017., every boomer on the block has heard about bitcoin. We have a global adoption of bitcoin and crypto starting right now and recently el salvador made bitcoin a legal tender, and now you can actually buy products and services with bitcoin right now in el salvador people paying for starbucks and mcdonalds, with their bitcoins and its awesome And el salvador is not the only one. There are many other countries that are moving into the right direction, like ukraine, for example, making bitcoin and crypto legal, so people can store and trade crypto freely without a fear of government taking their assets away.

It is a matter of time before the whole world will use bitcoin and other crypto to empower regular people. Reason number two bitcoin stock to flow model suggests one more pool run back in january 2019, plan b created the stock to flow model, and so far bitcoin has been following this price model. Precisely this model takes into an account the current supply of bitcoins and compares them to each bitcoin halving event when bitcoin mining rewards are cut in half these halving cycles occur every four years and historically after each housing, we have a strong uptrend that peaks around mid Cycle following with prolonged bear market until the next halving so based on this model, we are still due for one more round for this current crypto bull cycle reason number three wick of accumulation pattern playing out right before our eyes as more and more institutions and big Players: whales get into the crypto markets. The more weak of events we will see in the future wick of method is all about tracking whales and trying to trade with the whales instead of getting manipulated into selling your coins to the whales. If youve been following me for a while, i have been tracking this week of accumulation pattern, since the initial bitcoin dropped from sixty thousand to thirty thousand. And here on this channel, we predicted the bottom of thirty thousand and anyone who is not a little and has a diamond balls loaded up bitcoin at thirty thousand dollars, because the wick of accumulation in combination with bitcoin fundamentals gave me all the confidence that i needed.

Especially when crypto and fear index was at the max fear, i knew this is the time to jump in and, as some wise boomers said, be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy reason number four whales loading their bags. Despite many people screaming and running around about the bitcoin correction, all the way to ten thousand dollars a lot of retail selling bitcoins at a loss. Thinking that this is it bitcoin going to dump bitcoin is going to zero blah blah blah. All they doing is panic selling to the whales at the bottom and fomo buying from the whales at the top. Now, with all of the on chain data and analytics, you can follow whales and see what the big players are doing. So you can trade with them and on chain data has proven times and times again that big players, whales, been buying up the bitcoin supply and moving it away from exchanges to call storage, and if we have less supply than demand this would equal prices going up. Reason number five bullish, technical analysis. I get it if it was hard to buy bitcoin at thirty thousand dollars the chart looked very bad. We had the death cross head and shoulders giant bear flag, and if you were just looking at the chart, it seemed that we all going to dump into a crypto oblivion. But despite all of that, we bottomed out and now sitting in a nice bull with a golden cross, which is very bullish, technical indicator.

Looking at the history of golden crosses every time we have a golden cross, the price goes up, except one time when we had one more dip before the rip, but still it is a very good chance that bitcoin price will explode to the upside very soon. This is what is happening right now, and it is a huge buy signal. Time is running out and bitcoin is getting more and more expensive.