All of this will there be another surge in the xrp prices watch till the end to find out, because this will double your money before we get into the video dont forget to drop a like on this video and subscribe to the channel. If you havent already make sure to enable all your notifications to our channel to keep up with all the hottest secrets in the world of xrp whats the secret, because i need you to hear me without further ado lets. Dive in coinbase is rumored to be reinstating. Xrp trading on its platform, soon xrp was relisted on coinbase pro on september 9, with xrp u.s dollar xrp euro xrp, great british pound and xrp bitcoin pairs accessible for trading. However, this was quickly cut short, with coinbase, citing a technical issue as the reason for the suspension of xrp trading. Furthermore, one reddit user pointed out that the coinbase app specifies that trading not yet available. This asset is not supported by coinbase. It previously stated both examples. Admittedly, fall within the category of flimsy evidence, especially because coinbase has disputed the reports. A bit of a disputed call im afraid. However, given coinbases recent run in with the securities and exchange commission, realistic xrp might be a reasonable response, but why was it removed from coinbase? In the first place, why was it was like a nervous breakdown? The decision by coinbase to remove xrp as a traded asset was obvious and simple.

Being a platform for anything that could potentially be security would require adding extra paperwork simply to be able to legally allow retail consumers to buy and sell a single cryptocurrency as the firm seeks to go public. The sec filed a lawsuit against ripple in december 2020, accusing the company of selling 1.3 billion dollars in unregistered securities. The regulator claims that illicit sales of its xrp token occurred over an eight year span. Ripple and xrp were surrounded by a lot of uncertainty at the time, given the secs track record of case victories, particularly in the crypto field, youd be forgiven for assuming ripple was doomed several ripple partners, including moneygram, and a bevy of exchanges like bitstamp agreed. With this viewpoint, would you agree with that, but as the largest u.s exchange, coinbases choice to abandon xrp was the most difficult to take. Exchanges that continue to be in favor of xrp, without registering as a securities exchange with the sec may risk penalties in the future, including enforcement actions. Nevertheless, if ripple wins its case, coinbase will most certainly re list xrp pretty quickly and left pretty quickly according to alex krueger, a trader and analyst crypto exchanges are unregistered, with the sec by choice, as registering carries on many burdens and increased costs, and thus it is In their best interest to not offer trading of securities, it is for their protection, not their customers. Last week, gabriel shapiro an attorney at belcher smolen and van loo llp, told coindesk that the decision to de list is a difficult one, including both business and legal issues.

Coinbase ascribed the decision to the continuing legal action in a statement dated january 19 2021. Given the secs recent action against ripple trading on our xrp order, books has been suspended in all regions, youre still able to deposit and withdraw xrp, while xrp funds will remain safely stored in your account after the trading suspension, you will not be able to buy, sell Or convert rather than cave in ripples, defense has shown serious problems in the secs charges since then many believe the regulator is stumped as to what to do next, with this case, to make a calculation and then to determine what to do next. The discovery process revealed a clear absence of sound regulatory practice on the part of the regulator. Some have accused the agency of inventing things as they go along coining the phrase regulation through litigation to describe the farce. Coinbase, ceo brian armstrong, tweeted about his run in with the securities and exchange commission last week, armstrong claimed that when he brought up the idea of a new loan facility with the regulator, he was confronted with charges that the program was illegal. They declined to explain how they arrived at that decision. According to armstrong, coinbase has even warned legal action if it continues to offer this service to its users. After witnessing the secs irrational approach, some argue that its only fair that coinbase reintroduces xrp trading its anyones guess, if it happens or not, are you still watching, because now it will get real dont miss what is about to be released in this video, despite the fact That xrp status is under investigation by the sec in the united states ripple labs key partner.

The sbi group in japan has accepted the asset as a result of this crucial link. Xrp has yet to be ruled out as a digital asset in the country. The re listing of xrp on multiple exchanges that had previously delisted it demonstrates this tau tau was the most recent cryptocurrency exchange to re list xrp. According to rumors, the exchange will begin processing physical xrp transactions after maintenance on september 22nd at 1600 hours, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash are already available on the exchange following tau taus merger with sbi holdings, japans largest online financial conglomerate xrp, was included, sbi liquidity market Spis foreign exchange and derivatives arm purchased all of tauto exchanges shares, making it a wholly owned. Subsidiary of the firm sbi now owns two licensed cryptocurrency trading platforms, including its own spi vc trade. As a result of this new expansion, according to an official statement from sbi, the acquisition will help the company achieve its goal of providing superior crypto related services further in the future, we will make maximum use of the management resources, such as knowledge of the sbi group. As a comprehensive financial group, as well as the customer base and service expertise of the crypto assets, that tao tao has cultivated so far, sbi also announced the end of november launch of the countrys first crypto fund, which would allow ordinary investors to diversify their broader portfolio. Tomoya asakura, who supervises asset management for japans largest online brokerage, is quoted, saying the fund could grow to several hundred million dollars invested in coins, including bitcoin ethereum, xrp, bitcoin cash, litecoin and possibly others as the financial giant expands its wings with a variety of crypto assets And products it appears that japan is on its way to becoming a crypto friendly nation x.

Ripple executives have revealed plans for a worldwide micropayment network based on blockchain technology, bringing their latest company out of stealth. The firm, dubbed ping and pay aims to establish a new category of high frequency, low value payments under 20 per transaction geared at enabling new digital retail services that will be at the heart of the internets next evolution. Web 3.0. Richard bell, a former executive at ripple visa and santander and jeremy light who worked at ripple and ran accentures payment consultancy division in europe founded the company. The network intends to begin next year in the united kingdom, initially with a digital token, backed by the pound. To address legal requirements, the network will eventually employ stable coins in each nation of operation, which will be denominated and anchored in the local currency and 100, backed by liquid fiat assets with a published proof of reserve. Consumers and merchants, on the other hand, will not be aware that they are paying or receiving stable coins, because payments and balances will be displayed in their local currency. The xrp price appears to be on track for a 26 percent gain, but various resistances that lie in the way of the optimistic aim could stymie the ripple surge. Should the optimistic prognosis be shattered, the cross border remittance token could find significant support. On the four hour chart. The xrp price has printed asymmetrical triangular patterns, indicating that buyers and sellers are in general equilibrium. The heightened amount of hesitation may be coming to an end soon, as the squeezing of the bollinger bands suggests ripple is poised for a major move.

According to the governing technical pattern, xrp price might seek a 26 upswing or a 26 decline from current levels. However, the bulls are gaining ground as ripple approaches, the triangles top side trendline the arms index trin, which measures the markets overall mood supports the bullish prognosis. The signal indicates that there are more buyers than sellers on the market if the price of xrp rises over the chart patterns, top trend line ripple may be able to achieve its optimistic game of a 26 increase to 1.40 cents. However, there are a number of obstacles that the bulls need to be aware of before the altcoin may reach this level. The 104 hour and 204 hours, simple, moving averages or smas meet at one dollar and 17 cents, which is the first hurdle for the xrp price. The 78.6 fibonacci retracement level at 1.21 will be the next level of resistance. Another stumbling block could appear at one dollar 30 cents. The all time high set on august 23rd ripple will only rise, 26 percent to 1.40 cents. If the xrp price surpasses all of the previously indicated resistance levels, the chart pattern, on the other hand, predicts that the price of xrp might plummet by 26 percent. Ripple may find immediate support at the 61.8 percent fibonacci retracement level at one dollar and 10 cents, then at one dollar and eight cents. At the fifty four hour sma before the bearish goal of 80 cents can be considered.

Further lines of defense could appear at one dollar and seven cents, the lower limit of the symmetrical triangle and then at one dollar and five cents. The support line provided by the momentum reversal indicator mri. If the xrp price takes a negative turn, ripple may find additional support at the fifty percent fibonacci retracement level of one dollar and two cents followed by the 38.2 fibonacci retracement level of 94 cents. With this we have come to an end. Thank you for watching the video. The content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered.