How is the bull market over with? Are we looking at a bull trap? Some analysts are saying that the bull market is going to end in less than two weeks, and who is this analyst? It is none other than bitboy crypto, one of the largest crypto analysts in the entire space, a large crypto influence. He has over a million followers on twitter or half a million on twitter over a million on youtube, and he is someone that a lot of people look up to a lot of people look for his information and he is calling that the bitcoin market is going To top out in the next two to three weeks, let me know your thoughts down below, but before we get into this im going to give you my thoughts, my opinion and why i completely 100 disagree with this prediction and im going to give you all the Data you need to know about this, but that being said, show up and show up if you are bullish in this market and you believe we have not topped out yet and that we are going to inevitably see a bull run 2.0, where we go above this. Previous all time high – and we continue over a hundred thousand dollars for bitcoin over a dollar for dogecoin, then go ahead and smash that, like button subscribe to the channel – and let me know your thoughts down below if you are bullish – and you believe the bull run – Is on just put bull run on if you believe were in a bear market, let me see your thoughts down below all of you bears, but let me tell you if im right guys, you are do not want to be on the sidelines and you do not Want to be a bear in this market, i could see one more sell off one more shakeout of the week hands before we go parabolic october november december.

Then we see a blow off top im powering the table telling you guys. This is how this markets gon na shape out, in my opinion and, of course, not financial advice, but im telling you end of september, which were coming across right now. I think were gon na see one capitulation to the downside, its gon na shake out a lot of weak hands and im going to be greedy, greedy greedy in this market accumulating as much as possible, because october november and december are going to be parabolic. That being said, sit back, relax and enjoy. Watch me disprove bit boy crypto lets get right into it and see red on the day sitting at a 2.13 trillion dollar market roughly down 2 on the day, bitcoin leading the drop of course down. Roughly 2.35 percent were seeing the all the top 10 crypto assets fall with bitcoin here, obviously falling a little bit harsher than bitcoin other than xrp holding up surprisingly well, i think xrp has found some great level of support, but im looking for one final capitulation move With bitcoin, but guys, let me know right here right now before we get any further, is this bull run over? Let me know your thoughts because bit boy ben armstrong is saying that we have two weeks left on this market and then it is over with, and if you are not in profit that you best want to go ahead and sell. I expect the bitcoin bull topped within two weeks of september 27th.

This bleeds into october so think about that. All in this cycle should wrap up before fall ends, guys hes, basically saying we have roughly two to three weeks before we see this market, be at the peak. Take your profits off the table. If you are in the green, we are right on track and let me go ahead ahead and tell you why i believe he is 100 wrong, because guys we can take a look at the stock to flow model, something that has been predictable, something that has shown Exactly the right ratio of where bitcoin is going to top out and look at where were pulling on this on chain metrics guys august, he was calling for a 47 000 bitcoin, and this is all on chain basis with bitcoin. This is a great reason on why i believe that this right here is going to be disproven. 100. I believe, if bit boy armstrong wants to put his money where his mouth is and he sells where he thinks the top is, then he will miss out on the most parabolic move of all time. The second leg, this bull run, which is going to make a lot of people financially well. Okay, that being said, were looking for september, one more capitulation, possibly as low as 43 000, which looks like its going to happen here in a minute guys. That being said, look at this october november december december, back above a hundred thousand dollars and then i believe, january february.

We see that blow off top possible 200 000 bitcoin on the table, but that blow off top before we really see that bear market. And then we will see, of course, the altcoin season go crazy and then we will go into a full on bear market and let me go ahead and show you guys one more metric, thats, something that weve been talking about and its simply this right here guys. I posted this just a little bit while ago. Let me come up to my media. This is something that i believe is going to play out. Expectingly a crazy crazy. Well, it is a chart right here. This is a massive falling wedge, and why is this important for bitcoin, because this is where i think its going to play out, i think, were going to fall under this 47 thousand dollar level of resistance or support my fault and were gon na come down test 42, 43, 000 and guess what that lines up with guys on chain analysis from plan b stock to flow model come down here. This is going to shake out insane amount of people everyones going to be calling bear market everyones going to be bearish and im going to be greedy goblin over here, just gobbling up as much crypto as possible and then were going to see the breakout in october. In november december and we are going to go parabolic, let me know your thoughts down below, but guys.

I think that big boy crypto, is absolutely 100 wrong and if he puts his money where his mouth is and pulls his chips off the table where he thinks his market is over with, then he is going to miss out on parabolic gains and he is going To be looked back on his regret that decision, let me know your thoughts down below thats my opinion thats, where i wanted to give up. My analysis on, i believe, were right on track to go parabolic into the first of next year. Let me know your thoughts and opinions down below make sure you smash that, like button and subscribe to the channel for all the latest updates and ill catch.