Ive said this in a bunch of videos, but i wanted to make a specific video to talk about this and some key indicators, some key things that im seeing out there. This is going to be a talking head. Video me just having a fireside chat with you. Not cutting any charts or anything like that, its going to be really short, really sweet as well. This video is for entertainment purposes, only okay, so why do i think that cryptos about to explode number one weve got a lot of things that are starting to kind of come into play. We got major major whale activity uh buying across the board, wales buying up bitcoin theres a theres, a one stat that i saw the other day that wales bought 2.9 billion thats with a b 2.9 billion worth of uh bitcoin in about a seven day period about A week ago, weve got whales buying ethereum tremendous amount of whale buying activity going there. We have whales buying up cardona ada. No, the price action is not moving a lot right now, but this is whale activity getting ready buying in at nice good levels right getting ready to basically ride up, and you always want to look at what the quote. Smart money is doing. Whales, obviously are large holders, maybe individual holders. These are really wallets right, large, individual holders. These could be institutions. These could be organizations things of that nature. Regardless you watch what the whales are doing.

Second thing: we have some things going on with ethereum. We have a supply shock going on. We have a lot of things going on with ethereum and theres a lot of stats and tracking around ethereum, but regardless youve got some pretty significant stats happening around ethereum that are lending to the scenario of setting the stage for the crypto market about to start to Really go up. Thirdly, you have everybody readily agreeing that fourth quarter is going to be a insanely high, parabolic, meaning really big right. Bull run right. If you dont know the word, parabolic means go, look it up its actually a very interesting meaning, its just going to be really really big, because youve got that set up for the end of the year and and what what it really feels like is the calm Before the storm right and right here, right now, thats kind of where ive been looking at ive been adding to my levels of certain cryptos things of that nature, ones that ive ones that im buying into ill make another video specifically on that, like ones that ive Been looking at and getting into and adding to my levels as well, but regardless this video is very short, very sweet. The crypto market is about to explode, the crypto market is going to take off. It is a matter of when it could be tomorrow. It could be next week, i think its going to be more towards the end of september moving into october.

Obviously i dont have a crystal ball. If i did, i would be rich beyond imagination, because i would just be well looking at my crystal ball right, but the indicators are there: the indicators are there and thats how im looking at it thats how im im so im just kind of biding my time, Adding to my bags respectively for some different cryptos and just kind of kind of wait for the run, because the run is going to happen. Crypto is going to explode by the way. Let me know in the comments below: do you like these shorter videos, id love to hear from you? Do you, like me doing shorter videos like three or four five minute videos versus the longer videos im trying to kind of test out this uh methodology? Also before i let you go, i need to make you aware if you want help, you dont want to be alone in your crypto journey links in the description below uh to join my patreon, and i keep it really cheap, as possible. 20 is, where is? Is the level that you want to look at where you can get direct help from me? You can message me ill. Look at your portfolio. Give you guidance. You also get to see my inner circle portfolio, everything that im buying that im holding when i sell. I let you guys know when i let you know when i buy, i let you know. I also do a lot from my patrons in discord and things like that.

So theres, a lot of things that i do because those are my most ardent supporters. If you want to become one of those, then i would love to have you and and help you in any way that i can, because i actually really care about all you guys. I care about all 80 000 plus subscribers and for those of you guys who need extra help thats why i created my patreon, so links are in the description below if you want to check that out. As always. Truly thank you for your support of myself. My channel my videos, thank you for giving me a voice in this crazy crypto world here on youtube and uh.