So we try to choose our spots, but then, in the day you know, if you add another 10 000 bitcoin, when the price goes to 100 000, its a lot of money when it goes to a million its a lot of lot of money and uh our Shareholders are long, bitcoin, theres, no one buying microstrategy stock. That doesnt believe bitcoin is going up. Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily, where you subscribe, because youre interested in making money with cryptocurrency and this channel keeps you informed. My names austin hit subscribe, join us on our road to 1 million into lets. Jump in that was of course, michael saylor on bloomberg tv illustrating that most people still dont understand. Just how big cryptocurrency could get bitcoin will be at 100k. It will be at one million dollars per coin if youre willing to huddle, which is why microstrategy feels good about buying bitcoin at these prices. They have the long term outlook, but hey austin wait a minute. What about regulation theres a looming presence of regulators? Are you not concerned that they may be here to quote unquote ruin the party in this second clip out of three listen to michael sayler react to a senate hearing with gary gensler, where theyre talking about stable coin regulation, specifically where every party agrees that we just Need some clarity? Listen to michael saylor, explain that bitcoin is the safest bet with the most upside from a regulatory standpoint, but any clarity.

Clarity for the entire space will only bring more money into this industry. Watch this and yet theres. Obviously, a looming regulatory crackdown take a listen to this from sec chair gary gensler. Is it your view that stable coins themselves can be securities um? I think thats senator. They may well be securities to me. A stable coin. Doesnt meet the second prong of the howie test that there has to be an expectation of profits from the investment, and so if it doesnt meet the howie test, it looks to me like its not a security. Now maybe youve got a good argument for why some are and some arent. My whole point is: i think we need to have clarity on this. Michael. Are you at all concerned that regulators could regulate the exuberance that you were talking about earlier out of the market? I think that um, the big winner of that entire hearing was bitcoin. The the consensus thats emerging is that bitcoin is a commodity and bitcoin is property and if your use case is to buy bitcoin as a long term store of value, then theres broad based consensus and support for that across congress. The senate, the regulators, the administration and industry here and abroad. I think that there is a need for clarity. I mean theres consensus that people think um. The innovations of of cryptocurrency could be beneficial for the next hundred years, theyre good for the industry, theyre good for the western world.

Uh theres also consensus that we would benefit from clarity, and i think senator toomey was pointing out that that uh, we would all benefit from clarity. But i think that the secs uh would probably agree with them, and i think that over time we can expect that. Well see more clarity with regard to all digital assets, and i expect that will reduce the volatility in the bitcoin space. Itll increase public confidence in bitcoin and its also going to accelerate institutional adoption and retail adoption of bitcoin, because these are all good things for the industry. Interesting, give me your thoughts on this michael saylor perspective. Give me your thoughts down below in the video description. If bitcoin gets to 100k gets to a million in these next 10, whatever amount of years, what could that mean for the space? Where would that put certain altcoins? Give me your thoughts down below. I do want to share with you a few other pieces of altcoin news, but in this one last clip known skeptic of cryptocurrency, emily chang host of bloomberg tv pushes back on michael saylor, saying that in el salvador, a country that has just adopted bitcoin as legal Tender we are seeing some pushback some protests against bitcoin and guys, obviously, with anything that has lovers of bitcoin is always going to have. Haters and michael saylor reminds emily that over 500 000 people have downloaded a bitcoin wallet have gotten some bitcoin in el salvador.

This is a huge snowball effect that we have never seen in history watch this meantime, you have demonstrators in el salvador burning a bitcoin atm protesting the countrys adoption, the countrys president pushing uh the adoption of bitcoin whats your take on what this kind of resistance mean In just in just one country and for the rest of the world, well, i think first of all, uh. The big news here is 500 000 people in el salvador, downloaded uh, a lightning bitcoin wallet and they received 30 worth of bitcoin and thats. An extraordinary world shaking event never happened in the history of the world, and it indicates just how rapidly bitcoin and lightning can spread. I think that uh there are sparks in el salvador and theres politics right theres, an opposition party in the country, theres opposition parties in every single state of the union in every country in the world, and and so if the government takes one position, theres going to Be an opposition to that position and its natural to see that. But i i think that the way to think about bitcoin is bitcoin is the most disruptive technology of the decade. Its making peoples lives better, but its something you cant avoid, which means that everyones being forced to have an opinion, and so you see some sparks because its moving so quickly like like a airfoil moving fast in the speed of sound theres, going to be a shock. Wave but its because its changing the world so quickly good, clip good good clip and, by the way, like i said, if youre interested in seeing more good clips into learning about cryptocurrency click subscribe, we are blasting off through a million one of the fastest growing channels.

On cryptocurrency, in the interwebs and next piece of news keeping, you informed the united states, homeland security has just paid coinbase or signed a 1.36 million dollar contract with coinbase, and this new deal with the u.s government is around 40 times bigger than its last. And why? Why is the us government paying coinbase well coinbase will provide immigrations and customs enforcement branch or ice with blockchain analytic software. The us crypto exchange has also provided software to the us secret service and inland revenue. Those are separate branches. Now they again signed a deal with ice. This branch, the immigration and customs enforcement branch of u.s homeland security – has given a 1.36 million dollar contract to crypto exchange, giant coinbase, so ice will be collecting some data and specifically specifically, what do they want this data for? Well, details as to what exactly ice wants. Coinbase software for are scarce. The same document later states that this requirement is a law enforcement sensitive. Therefore, minimal information will be provided publicly, so theyre just collecting data, and i have seen some people sort of angry at this angry. That coinbase would do this theyre a centralized exchange theyre a centralized exchange in the us. This was inevitable. They do not have a choice. That is why, though, decentralized exchanges can be the silver lining in all. This, keep supporting decentralized exchanges and next piece of altcoin news for sushi sushi, swap co founder, who is the anonymous xerox maki steps down as their leader? In a candid blog post, sushis, co, founder explained, the toll that running the exchange sushi swap has taken on his personal life.

So in a way, sushi swap, which is a prominent ex in a way, is getting more decentralized as their anonymous founder steps down. He will remain in the dao as an advisor, so a less prominent role, and i believe all this is due to sushi swaps. Tokenization platform miso suffered a 3 million hack yesterday, though, all funds have since been returned, but obviously stressful for any founder. In a tweet and forum post, the pseudonymous developer said that he always strived for sushi to be leaderless and he encourages decentralization as much as possible and in another direct quote. He goes further on to say i put sushi before my physical and mental health. My relationships, my family, my friends, so hes stepping down sushi still very much in in the picture, but uh theyre just going to the dao model right led by the people, instead of a centralized entity and thats the video my names austin, like always see you tomorrow. There are no informed critiques, i have yet to see them, there are uninformed critiques and what is that? Thats the same as your fighter, jet slamming into a wall of air faster than the speed of sound and you get a shock wave and you get turbulence and you get heat and you get sound and fury and is that a bad thing? It just means were moving fast right were moving very fast and were getting noticed, and everyone has to notice it right when youre asking the spokesperson for the kremlin, you know for for for putin whether or not russia is going to adopt bitcoin as the national currency.

Thats not when they say not yet or no thats, not thats, not a negative signal, thats a positive signal. Nobody asked putin whether theyre going to adopt apple stock or gold or silver or the giant stone coin of the people as currency in russia right theres. Only one question theyre asking them and theyre asking them the question because its on the table and thats indicative of the success of bitcoin.