My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video, and i just want to make this video as a response to the uh viral tweet that bit boy crypto uploaded a few hours ago. He said that he expects the bitcoin bull cycle top to happen within two weeks of september 27th. So well that means were gon na see the bull cycle top very, very soon, um just a matter of weeks, and i would like to just tell you guys that um, i think, thats a little bit too optimistic, but obviously i hope hes right. However, it all depends on the price as well. I mean i believe, that bull cycle top is going to be somewhere above 300 000. Maybe, and if we can see 300 000 within a few weeks, then that would make me happy, but guys im gon na have to be very realistic here. I dont think thats gon na happen. Um bit by crypto is much more bullish than i am um or more bearish. To be honest, if you see it that way because um i he has been saying before that, he believes that the top will be like a hundred hundred and twenty thousand dollars, which, in my opinion, is a you could almost almost call that a bearish prediction, because Its very low compared to what i believe its going to be, i think something more realistic or optimistic, would be like uh. Some yeah, like i said before, thousand three hundred thousand.

That seems to be like a ballpark that that i think is very reasonable to expect, but i think it could go even higher than that. I just um also completely disagree with bitboy uh, because i think that the bull cycle top is probably going to happen. Um at least at least two months from now, but more likely for five months from now, probably or six months from now, according to the bull cycle, if you look at the bull cycles together, um side by side, that seems to be um a reasonable thing to Expect, in my opinion, um so leave your comment down below. Do you think that people crypto is um is wrong or right here? Obviously, we will find out extremely soon. We will find out very very soon and a big shout out to you bit by crypto um, im im making this video in all respect, uh. You know how much i love making uh videos with you and everything. So i i just think that this tweet absolutely blew up its a viral, tweet and thats. Why? I understand that many people want to know, maybe my opinion about it um and then we saw benjamin cohen another youtuber comment below this tweet and he said um. Well, he was very skeptic and he said that. How can you expect this to happen when bitcoin hasnt even had a new all time high in over uh? What is it five months now and um yeah? I guess i have to agree with benjamin there that uh, i dont, really see this scenario happening but um but, like i said, bitboy um.

If this happens and we blow off top uh above 300k, then um ill pop, a champagne with you, wherever you are, i will fly over to you and well pop a champagne, but only if its, above only if its above, at least like i dont, know, 200k. If we top out at 100 000 dollars for this bull cycle, then i would thats a failure, in my opinion, that thats way below where bitcoin is supposed to be in this full cycle, so yeah. But we will find out guys leave a comment down below right. Now uh do you think that were gon na see a blow off top uh within the next few weeks, or not and im talking about the bull cycle top right and also guys remember that if you want to trade the bitcoin price, if you believe that bitcoin Is going to go up in the next few months you can put in a trade on buybit or femix or prime xp with my links down below and you can leverage up and make money uh whether bitcoin goes up or down. So if you think its going to go down, you can also, of course, make money with this, but i always tell it its very, very important that this is only for experienced traders and whether you want long or short, its always a risk, its always a risk. So the link is down below and these deposit bonuses are for all of you guys who are actually experienced out there uh but yeah.

So if you think that the bitcoin price is going to go above 100 dollars in this bull cycle, please leave a thumbs up down below im sure we can reach like um, i dont know. Six thousand likes lets do six thousand and um. If you think that these reaction, videos are something uh you wan na see more of then, please also leave a thumbs up and comments down below yeah. I will put the the big boy: tweet will be on the screen somewhere here, but um. I dont know i just saw this tweet and i uh my heart jumped a bit because i was like wow thats, very, very bullish or bearish, depending on how you view it right, uh its a very yeah. I was very surprised that he tweeted that but uh. I guess im just gon na have to ask him person to person, but big shout out to bitboy. I can even link his videos down below or his um channel down below. Uh shout out to this is, like i said, a very friendly video uh, its basically just my response, its just a response to his tweet im, not saying that hes wrong im, not saying hes right im, just saying that uh! Well, i dont agree and thats what im saying here. Thank you so much guys for watching this video leave a thumbs up down below and go and watch my buy bit and fee mix tutorial on my channel.