If you find this video useful and informative hit that like button, i really do appreciate it. If you happen to be new to the channel, why not subscribe tap the bell? Select all notifications and you will be kept up to date with everything that we do here at cheeky, crypto right. This video is all about my five volt coins that i think ill go into 5x within my portfolio and so lets get right into the first one. Okay guys. The first coin i want to talk about is chain link now. Chain link is a fantastic project in order to bring on real world data in and on chain, and so, ultimately, when it comes to price feeds and d5, something like chain link is absolutely critical and chain link is obviously one of those fantastic projects that has huge Partnerships and a lot of integration across the crypto space, so overall its definitely one of the front winners when it comes to oracles in crypto, so obviously very vital to see something like this. Where, specifically, when we talk about you know, smart contracts, d5 bringing in price fees is just one of many examples that you need real world data on chain. So from a use case, it is obviously one of those ones that you want to be focusing in. On now, there are a couple of other oracle based blockchains that we do like at the channel band is another im also invested in api three or something else that i think is going to be absolutely massive, but on this, video were going to really just focus In on chaining, because i do think its something that were going to see 5x so when you actually jump down to the charts, you can take a look at the structure so far for chain link, and here we can see that we have a good progress.

So we reached 53 during our first leg to the upside. We started to see a nice correction. We found a nice bottom down here about 13. This current performance allows us to see the potential with chain link. We can just bring this down and we can see. We can go up to about 182k, which would be a little so 182 pounds 182 dollars. Here we can see it can go up to a hundred and eighty two dollars, which is a little over, that five x move so right now, thats about five hundred and twenty three percent. Okay, so a pretty good position to be in or something we can see happen now. We are currently underperforming against many of the other altcoins in the space, but chain link has a bit of history of sideways trading right before things really heat up to the upside and again you can see that we reached this area over here in may, yet we Actually traded sideways around this key area from february through to april, so we know that there actually is a bit of a push to the upside. That comes a bit later. So, although we are sideways trading right now, again finding the same resistance that we were finding previously its only a matter of time before we actually start to see this surge all the way to the upside in a really strong way. So, for me, chain link is the first project. I do think we are likely to see a nice 5x with okay.

That brings us into the second coin within our portfolio. That probably will come as no surprise, for those are regular viewers, and that is going to be a v chain now. V chain is a fantastic project from a real world use case, its heavily integrated with some absolute massive players in the space such as pwc dnvgl um. We also have h, m, bmw, renault and, of course, walmart china, let alone also the governmental contracts that it has around the world. Obviously we focus in on china theres a lot going on there, but there are a few others as well. So chain link is definitely well positioned. It is also the only five star rated blockchain service provider in the world, so absolutely massive, so guys – something that i do think is very vitally important with all projects that we are invested in is. It has to have a really good, strong use case and, as a result of that, i think chain link is definitely going to be up there. When we actually dive down into the technicals here for v chain, we can actually see that its got a quite easy. 5X from its current position again like chain link, we can take the high of wave 3 and the low of wave 4. Take that current performance into consideration, and we can see that we look to aim for a dollar during the next leg of the ball run. So that comes in about 766 percent from the current position at the point of recording this video, which puts us at a nice percentage gain, but also a nice easy 5x.

So taking us from 11 cent up to about 5. 55 cents, sorry would be just short of our 2.618 area on the fibonacci. So, ultimately, we can even go a little bit further, so again, another easy 5x position, in my opinion, with a true project that has real use case in the real world in a very similar way that you see chain link bringing real world data on chain. Here you can see v chain being integrated heavily for supply, chain management and, of course, theyre dabbling in lots of different things, around hospitality and, of course, um everything potentially in the near horizon d5 as well, so theres a lot of stuff going on with the v Chain, i think its well worth investigating and digging deeper into and its. At this point, i will obviously point out that im not a financial advisor, nor is chris and in fact these are projects that we are invested in, and this is our thoughts and opinions on where things are going, and we do stress that its important that you Do your own research, never just listen to one or two influences in the space, but actually dive into these projects, get into their telegram groups get into their white papers, read about them and understand how these projects are changing the world for the better. Ultimately, v chain is very well positioned to do a lot of real world use case and a lots of adoption to follow so right now, a nice five easy x is something that i can see happening.

That then takes us on to the next project. The next one, obviously is something else. I talk quite a bit about on the channel thats going to be singularitynet now synchronity net is a project thats been around for quite some time. It was built um on the ethereum network. The ethereum network has been unable to give singularity net the scalability that it requires in order to really make its vision come true. Singularitynet aims to make decentralized ai a true vision as in to make a marketplace thats completely accessible in a decentralized way and removes the ability to have this centralized ai from big tech companies like facebook, google, microsoft, etc. Instead, you end up with a marketplace of ai that anyone can use in a decentralized way. This vision is something i do think is absolutely vital. Of course, the singularity net go much further than just this. They also have developed open cog and sofia, the robot gracie, the little sister to sofia as well theres. A lot going on with this project and the artificial intelligence here from dr ben gertzel is second to none. So definitely worth doing a lot more research. We actually caught up with dr ben gertzel recently on the channel, so do check that one out, if its of interest to you and of course singularity net, is migrating over from the ethereum ecosystem to the cardinal ecosystem, but to be more accurately its actually building. On the cardinal ecosystem, in parallel to the ethereum chain, so as a result, they are very familiar with both the languages, the solidity language and the issues that are there versus the haskell language, the marlow protocols, etc.

That are running on the cardinal ecosystem and that interview that we did with dr ben gertzl has a huge insight into the differences between ethereum and cardano. So i do recommend checking it out now. Obviously, when we talk about price and nice, easy 5x before agi x was actually created, there was a token called agi. This actually had a lot of history to it and that old contract had um some interesting kind of price expectations associated with it, which we did actually see singularity net kind of predicting around the eight dollar level. Now the agi x is a new contract and the old contract doesnt exist anymore. Therefore, im unable to actually chart it, but i do think that we are likely to see that eight dollars still come true right now there are a billion agi x tokens in circulating supply. This is currently positioned with only a 419, a 419 million dollar market cap, which is absolutely tiny, and we could see this thing absolutely pop to the upside once it actually launches on the dyno ecosystem. So, as a result, i do think a nice five, easy x, um could be achieved here when uh singularity net and agi x. I think this project is something i think a lot of people want to get involved in or at least understand whats going on here, because ai is an absolute beast in the future. I believe so moving further forward when we think about 2025 and 2030.

This is going to be a key um piece of blockchain tech that i think a lot of people are going to want to integrate with and therefore, i think its key that its on a chain like cardano and, of course, all those integrations that go with it. So a nice five, easy x, uh, i think for me and i think, were going to see some interesting moves from sync united net going forward. That then, leads us on to the next project, which should also be a bit of a no brainer, as we are keeping in theme and thats going to be singularity down now. Singularity dao is a project that i think every retail investor absolutely must know. This is a spin off from singularity net and is all about decentralized finance, but also, above and beyond that it uses that artificial intelligence machine learning to rebalance portfolios. So, as a retail investor, we are often up against things like hedge funds, institutions and those algorithmic bots that are out there trading against pairs all the time as a result, its really hard to stay competitive and obviously keep the competitive edge, and that is where singularity Down really comes in, instead of investing in the cryptocurrencies directly you invest in the diner set and the dynasty balance the cryptos that it invests for you and, as a result, you have the power of ai behind your portfolio. This is something i think is absolutely critical for retail investors and something i think that all retail investors should at least investigate and understand a little bit more about again.

This is using the artificial intelligence that has been developed by dr ben gertzel, so do check out singularity net, because a lot of this stuff is spinning from the same basket. Ultimately, i do think singularity down. It has huge potential. I can see it potentially 10xing in this particular cycle, so a nice 5x is pretty easy to achieve here with s down, at least in my opinion from here, 2025 is going to be absolutely smashing for singularity doubt in my opinion. I think this project is going to go from leg to strength, to strength to strength right. I think this is a project that many retail investors will end up, owning and really getting into, because its going to really narrow the gap between retail investors and those institutions. So do more research on it theres a new project. You can get pretty good passive income by delegating a stake in your sdow as well, and so do check out. Singularitydow.Ai and youll learn a lot more about it now. This also takes us to the last project. Now again, this is a project that we have recently talking quite heavily about on the channel and something that we can see easily doing a 5x and that is going to be multivac. So mtv is a multi dimensional sharding protocol and this is a fantastic piece of tech. Thats only really kind of launched their main net, its been around for a little while, but the main only went live a few months ago and as a result of that, weve have seen staking as well being implemented.

Now the point of recording this video were at 2.1, and i could see this thing potentially going up towards that 30 cent area pretty comfortably, so that would be putting it well above that 10x position i do think of 5xe is really easy to do with a Market capitalization of only 78 million dollars. Overall, there are three point: five and nine billion in uh circulating supply right now, of which two billion is staked, so actually the supply is actually really really narrow. Therefore, all we need to see now is demand for the token to see the price of this one absolutely fly so the squeeze on the supplies already happened once we start getting the uh token itself actually listed on different exchanges and, of course, getting some publicity and Some marketing behind it, this particular protocol, i think, is absolutely gon na fly so do check this one out dive into all their different colored papers and understand what is going on with multivac. Why the tech is fantastic, why the team is fantastic and what is being built here is basically revolutionary in the space if youre thinking about ethereum 2.0, its already here its called multivac check it out youll be incredibly impressed by what you find right. Those are my five coins, guys that i do think are going to have a nice easy 5x to them during the remaining end of the ball, run guys if you found this useful and informative hit the like button.