We are talking about legit projects with fundamentals here, where the chance to like you, decide that if the outcome season continues that these ones might make you millions, we will talk about all of them, but before we are doing so, i wanted to come to the most Important question of today, finally, we are back here with this collaboration after you hit like 10 000 likes on that video, where i ask you for 10 000 likes for this collaboration. So now i want to come to the most important question of today: davinci ta15. Wearing your green jacket today, how are you doing today my man im in the five five five five? How are you doing today, im doing very well im happy to be back at these collaborations. I think the last one was a few months ago now. Finally, we are both in dubai and i hope we can continue with those ones here in the future. Just smash up the like button to a new all time high. If you want to incentivize us to make more of these videos in the future, and now before i come to the most important question in regards to the content, these three altcoins today, i wanted to incentivize everyone here watching this video go down below into the comment Section and if your favorite icons down below i bought each others outcomes and we can take them into consideration for future altcointa videos and for future videos.

And now i want you to come to the selection of the top three altcoins and it starts with the most obvious one, and then it gets more and more surprising and in the end he really insisted he wanted to add a bonus outcome. A fourth one, which i want to distance myself from watch until the very end. I can tell you guys this is a surprising one and i can tell you its much more surprising than xrp would be surprising. This is something i can tell you all right. All right so theyre all moved up for this one yeah, so lets start with the first one, the least surprisingly. Okay, so were starting off with the finance. Oh, my goodness, you know thats a bet that the bnb is bet on on on binance right. You know that finest the amount of revenue that theyre making is just incredible off the charts in the billions of dollars per year, and so and also their coin right. I have over 500 coins finance coins right, which stake on their their webs on on my binance uh account carl has the same. He has well over 500. I think you do dont you. I have a lot of finance cod as well. Yes, for sure exactly because why why? Because we get uh, we got a lower fees right and we can provide lower fees to our anyone that follows our uh. Our affiliate links right mm, hmm yeah.

So this this is good, but then we have also taxes. We have the we have the binance matching. We have like so many incentives to either stake to lock binance coin, to um, to buy more and lock them. I mean its its its insane. Its really insane – and i really agree and also the ecosystem – is getting bigger and bigger and bigger, more and more projects are launching on binance chain and um yeah the volume you just said it its its completely crazy jamie. Do you know the volume of binance well, anyways uh, also finance point right that finance goes and buys their own coin and burns them yeah with their profits. So i mean its like youre. Getting profit shares almost like its inflationary, exactly so its it makes sense to own some finance point. That is a very good point. He has the 1.23 billion volume a day: 70 billion market cap yeah. So there you go there. You go thats, actually a lot already and now we want to talk about the second one, and maybe you already will address the narrative here, uh of the outcomes we are. We are we are talking about today. What is the second alkanda, which you know rest of 2021.? The second altcoin which is coming up is uh up and coming as fttx ftx. Yes, yes, ticker symbol, ftt right, um. That is another coin that ive been starting to buy up and starting to stake, because you know when you stake it, you also gain you gain access not only to um lower fees but also to to get to participate in in uh initial exchange operations yeah.

So i want to be able to get in on some of those those cool conventional exchange operators, because they are popping, of course like. If the outcome season is dead, they will probably not be popping as much as now, but because its always very low caps, people are really fighting for these tickets and they are giving out very small tickets, so usually low dumping pressure after the launch thats. Why? All of these projects are popping what i like about ftx. There are some things, maybe i dont like too much for me like because i dont like kyc, but from a from a perspective from a regulatory perspective. They were always spot on and i think fdx has one of the lowest probabilities of being hunted down by governments, because they are extremely legit. They are really looking out for all laws and regulations, and this is when, when we see like some headlines for people coming coming down for finance, i dont think they are going to be cracked down. But i think fdx has even a lower likelihood, and this is something which gives a little bit security, especially for maybe a bear market which will be coming at any point of time. So exactly thats an interesting one as well quickly before we go to the third and much more surprising one and also the bonus one, which is very surprising. Do you have any access in mind, of course its very speculative, but what ex are you looking out for? Binance coin: what x, are you looking out for like what multiple in return are you looking out for ftx? Well, i see in dollar terms right its easy at the end of the boom cycle, another from here probably another five to ten x on both wow okay.

But that is a good one, because what you have to understand is youre, oh im, looking for 100x! Well, try to get yourself 100x and then see the bull market. Ending these ones are going to go down to 99 down 99.5 percent down with binance and fdx. Of course, i cant promise you, but this is not gon na happen. You are looking at serious fundamentals here, backed by volume backed by millions of users. This is why the downside is extremely limited and if you then have an upset off like 5x 10x, its extremely powerful. So thank you so much for that one. What is the third one you are looking at uni swap, i i really love uni, swap i use it for my token right, the dj 15 token right, if you dont, have any make sure you get some right links im sure a link will be in the Description below, of course, as always man dj did you have to j15.com. Yes, exactly and then you can join our telegram group for to go token holders and i burn a lot of those tokens myself as well with my room, so anyways um yuri swap, oh my god, you know uni swab is a. Is the token that the darling token, because they uh provide governance right and with their token, and also a lot of a lot of individuals, even yourself own, a whole lot of beauty? Swap yes, yes same here, i remember we talked about it before like 2020 or 19.

We started talking about, i dont know whenever they launched, we started talking about what was happening exactly that was actually last year. Specifically, twenty yes – and i remember talking about – and you were like no im holding all my uni swaps, because i i i saw like it was a revolutionary thing. They were like. It was the first project ever to use liquidity, pools its mind, blowing its so easy to have a liquidity pool instead of an order book, but you have to come up with that idea. It was very, very interesting, very intelligent. It was a first mover and i thought it was very innovative and well there you go look at uni swap right now, and you can see the reason why uni swap was like the price of the value of that. That token goes up is because a lot of tokens are priced against. A lot of our tokens are priced against you yeah, so yeah. So that means that the the tokens being used as that trading period, and so that means theres less tokens available for people to actually sell so its amazing amazing. I find it very very interesting because every single altcoin listed on uni swap is paired against uni. Swap, of course, the volume might be lower than the us dollar tether trading pair, but every time you someone trades or everyone every time someone provides liquidity that those ones are being locked up and they are gone for now, uh to be sold on the market.

So now we are getting reaching our destination very soon. I wanted to ask you for the last one – and this is one im distancing myself from it right now. What is your uh bonus? Laughter? Okay! Well because mean coins are going to do well in in the run up and the final run up to for all the all points yeah right, just like dogecoin did well, i think chiba ita will also do crazy, a crazy amount. You realize that because you could buy a lot of people have unit buys youd, advise us, because you know when you go to the grocery store you dont go and buy one apple or half an apple. You buy a whole apple yeah right, so people low prices likes to like to buy a bunch of things at a low price. They could buy shiba. You know with one dollar and get millions of them and say: oh imagine if this goes to a penny yeah. This goes to a dollar which is not possible right, i mean we have to make a calculation from the market cap, but in the end of the day, it really supports the buying pressure from the mainstream right, exactly exactly and thats what thats, where the buying pressure Comes from, i cant see this point. I just dont think it fits our beautiful, valuable outcome. Selection earlier, take it with a grain of salt. If you want to put in ten dollars hundred dollars, whatever consider it being lost, then maybe its gon na go well.

If this alcorn season continues uh, i think still a good gamble, maybe right. Thank you very much for watching the link to davinci js to j15s channel is down below to his website to the token to pandoras wallet. Everything is down below click it right now. Obviously, you also find 3200 us dollars in free bonuses. Take advantage of that as well. If youre an experienced trader and with that being said, join the mn crypto felony join the davinci j15 channel family subscribe to the channels, and i dont know with any further ado.