You know what that means: grab a snack lets chill and talk about some crypto, but before i get into that, if you guys knew the channel, please be sure to subscribe. Give this video like and let me know what you think down in the comments down below and lets just jump right into it with solana. So salon has actually been doing really well today and recently its had a little bit of a pullback, but from my initial call at 67 just a few weeks ago, it has absolutely exploded and the ecosystem has done the exact same so were gearing up for a Lot of new cryptocurrencies being onboarded onto solana and theres, a lot of things to be excited for for solana, but that 50 billion market cap is massive and its a little bit scary to be jumping in right now at that large of a cap. So we obviously saw the solana crash that happened relatively recently, where you couldnt access any solana, ecosystem projects or even send anything on the network and a lot of exchanges. Havent even opened solana, withdrawals or deposits. And this is a big problem because it shows how centralized solana is and if a network can be taken down like that, i mean it is very, very scary. Now we are still in kind of the early stages of solana. So hopefully this wont happen again, but they kind of just put a band aid solution on it by reversing the protocol back to an earlier date, and i think it will take a lot to actually fix the problem and i dont really know if they can, without Changing the core of solana by making it more decentralized and that would kind of change how fast or how much transaction latency there is on solana.

So there is a ton of problems here and i think, without them, being fully addressed. Solana can really never reach higher than a few hundred million dollars of market cap before those problems kind of take into account, because those problems came up because of very very large volume and if solana continues to grow at this rate, that volume is just going to Get higher and higher and these problems are going to become more and more accentuated. So me personally, i have lessened my solana holdings, but ive actually gained some radium. I now have more radium than i actually do sold because i think it is one of the best bets for the solana ecosystem and i definitely think its still very undervalued now ive talked about why i like radium quite a bit, so i wont get into it Here, but i really think that radium isnt quite where it needs to be again. If we look at the decentralized exchange volume chart, we can see that radium has very, very high volume and compared to something like sushi swap, which has very comparable volume and not as much notoriety being the sole swapper on an exchange. Sushi swap is 60 bigger than radium, so i really think that radium has a lot more room to grow and i think two billion dollars right now as a market cap is relatively reasonable. Now, cropper finance proper finance is one of the worst calls in a while, but i kind of expected eventually one of my solana ecosystem tokens, would do poorly once solana kind of started in the downturn.

Now they havent been as fast as i would have hoped, to get the audit out to help their price uh im hoping for the audit relatively soon, but people are losing faith and obviously i still like cropper. I think the product is great and its the same exact product as when i talked about it initially, but we really need those farms soon. Now a lot of people are buying into the fud and thinking that its a big scam, or something like that and im not going to say, thats, not a possibility. But if it were true that would mean that hal born a very well established auditing firm would be in on the scam because theyre looking at all the contracts, theyve been publicly attached to proper finance. So i really think theyre just taking their time and theres a lot of stuff to get into because they dont want a massive hack, because once these farms go live, theres going to be hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in tvl locked away. So i think the audit makes sense, but in the short term, its probably going to hurt the price, but there is always a positive in that we get a little bit cheaper and hopefully the audit is coming relatively soon to kind of help the price out and They can add more assets once that comes the next one. I want to talk about luxo, oh my gosh luxo has been performing beautifully.

Now. I think there is still a ton of room to grow for luxo and honestly im teetering on the edge of just all. In on luxo, because i really love the product, we are getting pretty close to the main net. It seems from what the team is hinting at. There has been constant stuff being put out by the teams, constant partnerships and everything looks great with luxo and with nfts building a lot of hype. I think erc 725 could start a small new kind of nft revolution and i think it could be a great breath of fresh air for the nft community. Now i dont think that, once the mainnet comes out were just going to see everything that luxo has to offer immediately. I think its going to be a few months, if not even a few years before luxo reaches its full potential as a massive platform for dapps nfts smart contracts, all that stuff, so that will probably bring it to billions of dollars of market cap. In my opinion, and were not quite there yet so my price prediction for the end of the year, if they dont put out the main net, is around this price. I think it will float around 30 to 20 dollars if there isnt massive volatility from bitcoin and if they do put out the mainnet im aiming for 50 to 40 dollars and kind of crossing. My fingers there because i have a ton of luxo and i absolutely love the team – lets, get into flux another equally as bullish cryptocurrency ive talked over and over about how much i love flux, but the main bullet points are fluxs.

Fusion is going to make it unbeatable in the gpu minable cryptocurrency infinity contracts are going to add a whole new layer of utility for flux, and there is just so much stuff on the horizon for flux in q4. I think even with 50 cents it is stupidly, undervalued, so buying it on a 100 million dollar market cap, and i said this at 20 – i set it at 80 and i will continue to say it is still undervalued. Now this chart is scary, and i admit that this chart does make me a little bit bearish, because i hate these massive parabolic lines, but long term im sure this is just going to be. Basically what this blip was. I think that flux long term can easily hit a billion dollar market cap, especially when youre, comparing it to ergo and ravencoin, and i i dont want to be too bullish because obviously 100x is a long ways away, but i honestly think it could hit a 10 Billion dollar market cap, they have an amazing team, their competition isnt, much better than flux and everything that flux has built for two years is finally paying off for them, and i think, with the addition of proof of useful work, infinity contracts basically becoming a full platform Along with being a cloud compute platform and the most profitable gpu mining cryptocurrency is going to bring it to at least a billion dollar cryptocurrency. Now now that might not happen in the short term and we might go down quite a bit as weve gone crazily parabolic, but i think long term, one billion dollars is very, very likely.

Actually, yeah flux is now my biggest holding right next to metis in luxo, and i am so so bullish on it excited to see what happens and i hope you guys are too now cartier chain. I honestly am going to hurt a few peoples feelings, but im not really interested in cardiac chain right now. I think they really need to put something big out before it really catches on now. The market cap has stayed healthy and im glad we havent seen any big dubs and im not surprised. We havent because what theyve built so far is pretty massive and, i think, theres still a ton of potential there, but theres nothing, thats, making them stand out and theyre not really building their ecosystem quickly enough for them to kind of get to that market. Cap that i think they deserve at 500 to a billion dollar market cap, now theyve kind of directed their focus a little bit more towards their smart contract platform, and you guys can learn more about that in my last cardi chain. Video. But honestly, i think that approach is going to hurt them and, i think, keeping cardiac chain. As the quote. Unquote, vietnamese cryptocurrency would have been a better target, what i hope for cardi chain and what i think, because they have a very smart team. They are very likely to do is get back on track to becoming kind of the vietnamese cryptocurrency, the vietnamese blockchain. They have so many connections there.

I dont think it would be very hard and leverage what theyve built so far with their pretty extensive blockchain and use that to further their growth in vietnam. I think its likely – and i hope that they start targeting that im keeping an eye on cardi chain if they start kind of heading in that direction, i will definitely be buying now. Metis dao is definitely one of the most bullish cryptocurrencies in the market. Today. L2 is absolutely exploding, and metis is one of the best if we compare it to something like arbitrom, its fees are in the pennies, comparing metas to something like arbitrum is pretty easily and i think menace comes out on top in basically, every category now withdrawal times Are the big thing in arbitrary? It can take days to even a week to withdraw your funds from it, and medici only takes hours now its sad that its not instant, but they would kind of have to remove their decentralization to make it instant. Another way that metas beats them is transaction speed and transaction latency and transaction cost when transacting on the metas test net, which will hopefully go live in a few days here. It is basically instant and you cant even see the loading times, because it takes barely even a second and i havent really ever seen them load. Its just instantly confirmed how metis is able to achieve that is they took an existing l2 optimism, which is probably the best l2 on the network right now and optimized it by adding extra features like vms, to increase the speed and scalability, and i honestly think this Is going to make metas a killer now? What are the downsides for metis? Why hasnt it pumped to a few hundred million dollars of market cap yet? Well, honestly, i think it is still very undervalued, but they dont have massive partners.

Yet now weve heard from the team over and over that were going to continuously get partners, and i am very excited to see those partners continue to be onboarded, because medicis growing ecosystem is what is going to keep it afloat and make it get to that billion Dollar, market cap that i think it can get to with its existing tech now polis and what theyve built so far in their grant department. Their hackathon is going to help them immensely with onboarding new projects and existing projects from other chains. And honestly, i think what theyre doing is way way more than what most l2s are doing on the market right now, and the speed at which theyre able to get partnerships is just insane its like, basically a partnership a day at this point and theyve already made It very clear that they have a ton of partnerships in the works. Yes, i am very bullish on medicine. I think the current price of forty dollars is absolutely absurd. Now lets get into cold stack and unvest, both of which i talked about in my last video and both of which are up a tremendous amount, cold stack, i mentioned at 270, it had a small quick fall to 210, and now it is up to 385, which Is absolutely brilliant and i love this price increase. I still dont think were quite at where we need to be because cold stack has an amazing product and is soon to go, live on their main nets, so their coin utility is soon to be added into their product, and i honestly think a ton of people Are going to want to use it, and while dilution is a fear with cold stack, i honestly think the project is going to be able to grow at the speed of dilution, if not significantly faster, just because what theyve built so far, incredibly impressive theyve been ahead Of schedule they have tons of partners tons of backers.

Yes, i a hundred percent believe that five million is insanely undervalued and i hope we can get to five to ten dollars relatively soon here now, unvest has done absolutely insane and ive been so stoked to talk about this. I initially called it on my patreon telegram at around six cents and in my video around eight cents, and it just skyrocketed day after day up to almost 30 cents, and now it is sitting around 22 cents, which is still a 3x from my initial video. And i am insanely happy with that. Now the unvest tokenomics are still kind of iffy and there is a lot of dilution to be scared of now fully diluted. I honestly think unvest is still undervalued and i definitely think this price action is warranted, but im hoping that they can onboard new projects onto the launch pad relatively quickly. My hopes is that they can add five projects in the next two months now thats not a very high number, but i think it would be enough to warrant the current price action and to keep themselves afloat at this current price. Just to add a little bit more volume, which is already very impressive, add more token utility and just show that unvest as a product is really in the final stage and can prove itself as something that teams are going to want to use. Theres. Definitely precedence for unvest and i think a lot of projects would want to use unvest, but its all about getting their names out there, and i think this bsc move is massive for getting their name out there.

Not only because people on pancake swap are going to be able to buy unvest, but because bsc projects are going to be on boarded on to invest, and i think there are a lot more bsc projects that would be interested in unvest than ethereum projects, but yeah Thats just about it for this video. Thank you guys so so much for watching.