Ladies and gentlemen, i truly tried its an all out collapse here for the bitcoin price and right now we could be staring into the eyes of what could be one of the most monumental bull traps in bitcoin history. So lets dive in and analyze what is going on. Ladies and gentlemen, crypto kirby here your crypto expert back with another edition of the daily live stream. So lets not waste any time and get right down to it. First and foremost, id like to pour one out for little jimmy and average joe, who said the bitcoin price had so much room to go. Lets get this crypto its not every day that you see moves like this inside the currency space. Folks i mean this is a big one here and all jokes aside. We really need to get to the analysis. You guys know i just like to keep it fun and light hearted here on this channel, i mean what weve seen here today is nothing short of a debacle. We saw this range of potential support, give way it actually led to a heinous waterfall. So right here on stream, im actually going to flip this from green back to red, because why we did not see the old resistance, slash support, turn into new support. In fact, we saw it as resistance it ripped above, and we fell right back down through so until proven. Otherwise, this range for me here between 46 000 and forty seven thousand is potentially now going to act as resistance.

Once again, if slash when we test back up to it and from an indicators, perspective were going to start here with the keltner channels indicator on the one day, time frame and folks, if youre a long time subscriber to this channel, which, by the way dont forget To give that thumbs up a tap for the youtube algorithm, subscribe, tick, the little bell and select all if youre new. But if you are a long time subscriber, then you would know that the one day, keltner channels indicator has been one of my favorite indicators. To look at throughout this entire bitcoin market cycle, and the reason for that, as you can clearly see, is that on the uptrend we never saw the bitcoin price, close full candle bodies below the bottom keltner channel line until the end of that initial run. Alright, and once we saw that occur folks, the party was over the music stopped. All the moon boys could not find the chair to sit in and boom. We saw a drop deep down into the crypto abyss and the don had to get those golf claps. Ladies and gentlemen, golf claps for the dawn. Thank you. Thank you. You all should know that. I called that to a t i told you, it was an absolute warning, shot fire and well here we are again folks here. In the current day, you just cant make this stuff up: ding ding, ding chicken wings for dinner tofu.

If youre vegan, you can clearly see that now, if we close todays candle body below this line, this would now in fact be the first candle body to close below the one day, keltner channel line on this uptrend from thirty thousand all the way up to. Above fifty 000 lets get this crypto. I mean this is big stuff here, folks, if we close this daily candle body below it would look identical nearly identical to what we saw on this uptrend here, which then led to the massive decline. Will history look similar? Only time will tell im just putting it on your radar lets. Get this crypto and another big one here. Folks, is the williams alligator reading on the one day time frame, you can see that back here before our heinous perilous decline. We saw a nasty bearish twist, the green line going below both the red and the blue with the price action trading below the line that took us down into the depths of the crypto of his, and we can see right here now. We have yet again another bearish twist lets get this crypto if we close todays candle body where it is right now thats a big if we have to watch out folks. This would potentially give us that very early stage, bearish cross on the williams alligator im just putting this on your radar, because we have in the past seen this end massive rooms. You can see.

We had it right there at our top back after 65 000.. You can see that we had it again back in 2020 before our massive plunge from basically 10 000, all the way down to 4 000. You can see that we had it again back here in 2018 upon our massive bubble pop. It happened right up there towards the top folks and, of course back here in 2014, we saw the twist right before we dropped into the sick bear market which ultimately took us to the bottom of that cycle. So take this information for what you will im just putting it on your radar folks, because to me thus far, all of this is equating to an absolute warning, shot fire, and if you are appreciating my analysis here thus far folks, all i ask you to do. Is tap that thumbs up button just give it a tap, it helps the youtube algorithm. Thank you for that and, if youre brand new welcome to the most must see, bitcoin analysis show on youtube period. The end make sure you hit that subscribe button. Tick. The little bell and select all right now, as you cannot afford to miss any more of these important bitcoin updates. Now, if you thought the dawn was done well, the dawn has only just begun, because folks, now we have to look at the dmi, the directional movement index, and what i can tell you right here folks is that this bearish pressure, the orange line here, is starting To make a drastic move to the upside, you can see the bullish pressure here.

The blue line is starting to make a drastic move to the downside, but heres the big kahuna folks, the elephant in the room. If we take off the plus di and the minus di, that is the bearish and bullish aspect to this indicator, and all we do here is look at the strength of the move. This is the adx were looking for. How strong the move is. What im noticing here, of course, this this may wind up not turning out to be anything, but we have seen a pivot point here at the bottom. You see now how this looks like a v shape here at the bottom right. We are starting to see momentum potentially pick back up here and, as i just showed you, if we put back the minus d i and the positive d i, what you can see is that obviously the momentum of this trend is moving to the upside, and that Is bearish pressure the orange line moving up, so if now we are seeing a pivot here on the adx folks, this to me is another warning shot fired. It just is what it is, because if we start to see this tick to the upside here uh and we start to gain momentum – i mean you can see heres an example of a pivot point right there right bad things happened, and if we were to go Back in time, im sure i could find a ton of examples where, when we start to see the adx pivot at the bottom and start to really drive in the other direction, that this has led to some serious moves both to the upside and to the downside.

In this very specific case here with the bearish momentum now crossing above the blue bullish momentum and possibly seeing the pivot point there on the adx, this is something im paying very close attention to, and i think it would be diligent for you to do the same. Lets get this crypto uh. I just know that many crypto analysts arent going to show you guys these things. I mean i have indicators on deck. I have analysis on deck folks, thats just showing how this area looks so similar to so many of the bull traps that weve seen throughout bitcoin history. Yet nobody else wants to show you. This were going to a hundred thousand were going to a million four million kirby dont. You understand, theres a supply shock. The thing ive been getting over the past day. Folks from these neanderthal degenerates is well this guy. He doesnt ever talk about the on chain data. Really the unchained data little jimmy and your 600 stimi get out of here. My friend i look at the on chain data as well, but what youre trying to tell me is that everything that im looking at in the price chart, which dictates the price action stun odd you understand – fundamentals get out of here on chain data get out of Here, what are we paying attention to the price chart? Because anything anybody cares about and all everybody cares about, is the price chart. This is the meat and potatoes of whats going on in the bitcoin price.

Not your fundamentals, not michael saylor, none of it folks. These degenerates theyre, going to learn the hard way theyre going to have to take that slap in the face the punch in the mouth before they understand that the price chart, in my opinion, dictates all. And if you appreciate the realism here, folks make sure you hit that thumbs up button for the algorithm, do it right now? Thank you. Subscribe, take the little bell and select all lets get this crypto. Welcome to the channel now listen! I could go on for a very long time here. As i said, i have indicators and analysis on deck. I did a whole video yesterday, pointing out some very different things. I mean we. We could just run through this folks in in a very fast manner. I mean we could pull up a fibonacci here that you could see. We topped out right between the 0.618 and the 0.786, which is something that weve done time and time again throughout bitcoin history. Ive shown you this in so many videos, but what im going to do here is im going to cut this short right now, because tomorrow or the next day, whenever my next video comes out, im going to hit you with some more data here thats. Why im telling you that you need to subscribe now because im going to come out with the next video that you dont want to miss and this isnt, just a plug or a shell ill, subscribe its not im telling you that these videos would be far too Long if i were to put everything into one video so make sure that you subscribe tick, the little bell and select all right now.

So you get the notifications im going to cut this off here. Okay were dealing with a serious, serious potential shift in the market environment right now. The equities markets as well theyre on fire commodities markets as well theyre on fire, were entering a critical and potentially pivotal point in the market in general, across all asset classes. So right now this is a very important time to be smart. Do not trade with emotion, trade with logic, trade, with proper risk management manage your risk degenerates. Please manage your risk degenerates, because if you do not respect risk management, you will get crushed folks crushed like a two ton. Man on a tuna fish can lets, get this crypto. So right now, youre, probably wondering well don don. What are you doing here? What are you looking to do to potentially crush this next move? Well, folks, right now, im just remaining cool calm and collected preparing to potentially crush the next market move theres. Nothing else for me to do here, besides strategize plot and plan, to look for high reward low risk trade setups right now, theres a ton of risk in the market. What im looking to do here is personally mitigate and minimize my risk to the best of my ability, while also putting myself in a position to potentially crush it and profit. The most that i can lets get this crypto. So if you do want to see all of my real time trade setup ideas for whats going on in this market right now, i will be keeping you up to date with this in vip, if youre, not already in my vip thats, where i post all of My real time trade setup ideas, my entry ideas, my potential take profit ideas.

Everything like that seriously in real time, as the dong looks to potentially strike gold again. So if you are not already in my vip, come on today is the day its time to transform yourself from average joe into savage joe lets. Get this crypto ill see you in vip right now, after this video lets go so folks, please do not get wrecked here. Do not get caught like a deer in the headlights with average joe and jeans at the water cooler youre better than that, and you deserve better than that, alright. So with that being said, i will see you in vip right now, after this video seriously ill see you there right now, after this video and one last time, if you did enjoy here today. Folks, all i ask for is that thumbs up for the youtube algorithm and if you want to see my next video, where ill be sharing way more data, different data that you need to subscribe, take the little bell and select all right now. So you get the notification when i upload ill see you in the next video and, more importantly, ill see you in vip right now. After this video lets get this crypto and until next time the don has spoken be safe, be happy, be healthy, its your boy, crypto, kirby, peace and love. My friends curbs oh and before i forget, dont fall for any of the fake kirby accounts posting down in the comment section.

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