We have an opportunity this morning or this evening, depending on where you are in our world, to buy the dips and thats exactly what i am doing this morning. So lets jump into it and take a look at some of these prices right now, bitcoin down to 44.5 right now, uh ethereum at 3100, cardano uh, just above two dollars. So let me just stop right. There bitcoin! I think this is a great buy at 44k. I do think it could drop as low as 42.. There is a line of uh support there for bitcoin uh at 42 ethereum, i wont, buy any more ethereum until it breaks that three thousand dollar barrier. If we do get into the you know high uh, 27. 28 2900 levels then ill be looking to add on cardano same goes here, actually cardano heres, what ive been doing ill just fill you in ive been buying this dip all the way down. Okay, so over the past few days, uh, i guess last 24 hours or so cardanos been slipping. Ive been just buying little chunks at a time, so im riding that wave buying it on the way down and if it does get below two dollars, though thats when ill be loading the boat on cardano. So if we scroll on down here, xrp is under a dollar and 95 cents solanas a great purchase at 140.. If im prioritizing a few here at the top lets say in the top one top 10, i would have to prioritize hmm thats, really tough right now.

But if i had to prioritize them, i would say: cardano would be my number one that i would prioritize over. Anything right now, then, i would have to say, probably solana, okay salon at 140, we know its been as high as 210 polka dot, though still a great get as well below 30 dollars, dogecoin down to 21 cents avalanche down 14 lets actually click this and reverse It lets see arent many things up except a few uh. Obviously, stable coins are but other than that actually theres. Nothing up. The entire market is red, um, tara, luna down 16 – that is a really good purchase there at 30, even each bar down 15. Another good opportunity, harmony, one so were getting a lot of opportunities to buy these dips zilliqa down to nine cents. Oh zil might be one that ill be adding algorand is another one that looks really good at 174.. These are two that i really like silica and algaran right in here: two that maybe kind of go under the radar quite a bit, but two that i really like all right lets. Take a look at some of the top news here: bitcoin plummets, 4k. In a day, leaving 800 million in liquidations uh, what i think is going on here, i think this is classic market manipulation uh just again and were just being able to get cheaper prices im not freaking out. I dont think this is the end of the bull run: uh bitcoin slips below 45k.

As s p, 500 futures drop, stable coin regulation. Fears resurface, so yeah were getting into a uh fear period. Lets check out the crypto fear and greed index here because im guessing. We are in the fear period and while we do that, let me take a sip. All right were neutral right now, so we are neutral right now at 50, but this, i think its a great buying opportunity. Obviously this. Maybe this hasnt updated yet and well get into the fear mode, where thats a great buying opportunity, really good um but yeah al goran is one that ill be looking to add here down. 15 zilliqa would be one that i definitely would be looking to add as well v chain down below 10 cents. I think thats a good get uh. Always you can get it that low just so many different assets down here. So let me know in the comment section what you are buying also down there. You will find a patreon link come on over and join us.