At this rate, i might have to shut down this youtube channel and get a job again, but if we take a look at the markets, cryptocurrencies all down eight to ten percent, bitcoin ethereum cardano, all down eight percent, so lana are darling. Cryptocurrency from last week, down nine percent, those going down ten percent with tether being the only thing in the green today, up zero point: zero one percent to one dollar, looking pretty good, so tether holding steady. Maybe we want to pick some up. You guys now im just joking tethers, a massive scam but heres the truth. You guys you want me to explain whats going on in the markets today. Nobody knows nobody knows wasnt it. Just last week everybody was talking about bitcoins golden cross technical indicator. On the 5200 day, simple moving average, and yet after that, the price is crashing hard. Today and even a few months back, there was a death cross on the 5200 day, simple moving average a bearish indicator in which, a few months after that bitcoin would rally. So nobody truly knows whats going on, but in short recently everybodys been concerned about chinas ever grand real estate developer, which is verging on bankruptcy and could become the next subprime mortgage crisis at the lemon brothers of china, which can have massive collateral damage to all sorts Of other markets globally, because the company evergrand has deaths of about 300 billion, of which about 200 billion of that is for uncompleted housing.

So youve got a lot of people and companies and developers contractors, individuals who have invested in building new houses that are not going to get built, and so people are going to lose a lot of money out. There evergrand employs over 100 000 staff and some believe this may signal the start of chinas real estate bubble crash, which, if it comes to fruition, can be catastrophic. Although you know, if you take a look at the bigger picture, 300 billion dollars worth of debt – i mean the cryptocurrency space is two trillion dollars worth of value, and while some of this is going to be affected, you know if you were to take a look At just purely technical indicators, it is still bullish. Technically, weve got the 25 50 and 200 day simple moving average for bitcoin still in a bullish pattern actually and for ethereum, its quite bullish. Actually, they are still in play, one above the other, but overall the price action is going to be very volatile. I didnt know theres many other technical indicators here, except perhaps an ascending wedge pattern, which is a bearish indicator, but probably the best way to trade. The markets is to keep in mind that time in the market beats timing. The market theres this interesting post on reddit, where somebody analyzed what if you were to try to time, bind in on the dips, but they found it doesnt really matter. If you tried to time the dips over the past 30 years, if you invested only during a market crash, your return would be about ‘0.

Whereas if you invested just on random days of the year, it would be 300 returns and they found that within the past 20 years, 70 of the best days in the market would happen within two weeks of the worst days of the market. And if you were sitting out of the market trying to time it, then your returns would be substantially lower than somebody who just didnt try to time the market and stayed invested and typically for me these days day, trading call options, put options futures i dont play With anymore, because i just got tired of paying short term capital gains, taxes, paying capital gains, taxes in general, and so my investing strategy. These days is similar to warren buffetts, which is to buy for life to never sell, and maybe, after you die, the cost basis. Will step up and you dont have to pay taxes on that, but theres been some concerning news coming out of the crypto space, which is that the crypto regulation proposals from the us congress are far more invasive than previously thought. In short, congress is proposing to bring cryptocurrencies under full oversight and control, classifying virtually every crypto as either a commodity or a security, and so theyre planning to expand the definition of commodity to include not only wheat, cotton, rice, corn, livestock, but also digital assets like bitcoin Ethereum and hard forks and one problem is if crypto is considered a commodity. Commodities are taxed differently mark to market, which means you essentially have to pay taxes on your capital gains for them every single year, instead of being able to hold for long term like some people want to just hold forever well, no, you would have to report taxes Each year and this would bring reporting fully under their control, smart contracts with delivery times of more than 24 hours are considered securities by the sec or thats the plan, at least so, for example, if youre to stake your tokens to earn yield on them for 30 Days that may be considered a security theyre suggesting all crypto projects will need to be regulated and provide clear.

Financial information and trading of securities are to take place on regulated exchanges plus theyre clearing the road for a central bank, digital currency. The federal reserve system is to be authorized to issue digital versions of federal reserve notes using distributed ledger technology for the creation, distribution and recreation of all transactions, and they are clamping down on privacy, coins and anonymous services like mixers, where, if you were to use those Or operate those services, you could be fined 250 000 and spend more than five years in prison, so more regulation incoming which can be good or bad. I think its probably a good thing to just see the space becoming more legitimate because theres too many dark shady things going on in the crypto space. We see that u.s states are starting to clamp down on celsius network as well, which is similar to block fly. Uh interest yielding program for crypto, both new jersey and texas, are now pursuing action against celsius network for offering securities, and by bit this other crypto exchange recently began to suspend services out in south korea, which is also clamping down. South korea imposed the deadline of september 24th, this friday, in which more than 60 crypto exchanges out there are going to have to partially or fully held services because theyre operating without the license, and meanwhile theres been a lot of hacks going on in this space. Just today cross chain protocol p network lost 12 million dollars in a hack, and this past weekend, sushi swaps, miso platform lost another 3 million dollars, which was later on returned by the hacker but heres.

The disturbing thing i found about this story, which is that everybody is anonymous in the crypto space sushi swaps, co founder, is known as zero x maki i mean we dont even know who this guy is, and the hacker who stole the funds was a disgruntled sushi. Swap employee known as eretos and so youve got anonymous people working for anonymous people. This is the crypto space and when coindesk was reaching out to do an interview, they were dealing with other anonymous developers like base money – god senior vice president mcgowan sales guy number two and the unnamed fourth team member who joined and left at various points. So why is it that everybody is anonymous and then sushi swap co? Founder xerox, mikey decided to step down as a leader and i think its because theres so many shady things going on in this space. Some people are losing a lot of funds in this space. People getting hacked out there theres a guy who lost three hundred thousand dollars the other day, krypto lionheart, and there was another report of someone losing six hundred thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrency their entire net worth. Reportedly now, apparently, people have been entering their passphrases into random web pages, or you know some people say they were using used ledgers which were not bought brand new. But i have a suspicion that these claims, some of them, may be fake, even in which, after people claim to have lost money, they actually go around begging, twitter followers for donations.

I mean just look at the audacity of this person. He says. Oh, i love albert hes, my friend, i hold the opera close to my heart. I trust him. I appreciate you will donate some of your chain link. As you know, i have never asked for anything from our community and so theres tweet after tweet playing the victim asking for donations in which hes calling everyone friend, i hope all is well friend. Thank you friend thank you for the donations being robbed broke. My heart. Thank you friend were here for you, i dont buy it and yet, at the same time, this person is completely anonymous. I would imagine if you lost 600k, you would go straight to the fbi and the authorities right. You wouldnt go to twitter and start begging, people for donations right away, not to mention hes retweeting. These fake accounts, like junko suzuki, thanking everyone who donated any donation to help will be remembered. I mean this persons collected ten thousand dollars worth of donations already completely anonymous space and meanwhile openc admitted to insider trading of nfts. Basically, the project lead knew which nfts would be promoted on the home page. He would pre buy those and then sell them after he would promote them on the home page and binance as well accused of possible insider trading by the cftc, all of which shows that more regulation in this space, probably isnt a terrible idea. Amc now fully accepting this role as a meme stock has confirmed the plans to accept bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash as a marketing stunt really similar to the way that elon, musk and tesla used crypto, also as a marketing tool, which all brings us back.

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