So in todays, video were going to talk about six different. All coins that whale accounts have poured over 41 million dollars into in the last couple of days and were also going to go over three of the most common investing mistakes that you must avoid in order to multiply your money and profit during market crashes. So if you guys enjoy this sort of content, well then, please be sure to like the video subscribe to the channel, and if you want additional content well, then make sure to check out our patreon group, where you get trade alerts for my 750 000 portfolio on Robinhood 220 000 portfolio on weeble, and also you get additional content and access to our discord. Community but anyways the entire crypto market is down. Almost nine percent were seeing almost every single crypto in the red, and this is not an uncommon scene for the crypto market. Weve seen this happen multiple times in the past and its going to continue to happen in the future. We are always going to see these red days and theres nothing. We can do to prevent them, but we can use these as opportunities to buy some of our favorite all coins and profit even more long term. So first thing is with a new report that just came out from coin shares. Coin shares they come out with a weekly report: um explaining digital asset investment, product inflows and outflows. These are what products, what investments institutional investors are pouring millions of dollars into and most recently while were seeing the market have a bit of a correction were seeing that institutional investors have not backed down at all in terms of their investments.

Theyre continuing to pour millions of dollars into almost into most of their cryptocurrency picks and theyre, not even taking money out of bitcoin or ethereum theyre continuing to put money into those as well. So, in the most recent report ending september 20th 2021, while the market is seeing a bit of a correction, according this report were seeing that digital asset investment products saw inflows of 41.6 million dollars. This is pretty good. Whenever we see that were see whenever we see inflows from institutional investors into digital asset investment products, that is a good sign for the overall crypto market. That shows us that, even though we may be seeing a bit of a correction that overall institutions, retail investors are still optimistic about the market and people are still bullish on it long term with regards to which specific coins they are buying. Well, first is bitcoin bitcoin ranked the highest in this last week in terms of inflows from institutional investors. I didnt want to include this one as one of the six, because bitcoin isnt, an altcoin it is one of it – is the highest crypto in terms of market cap, but still bitcoin ranked number one in terms of institutional investor inflows, where they poured 15.3 million dollars Into it, this is important because over the last 16 weeks, weve only seen three weeks where bitcoin had positive inflows. Previously out of the last 16 weeks, we had seen 13 of these weeks where money had come out of bitcoin seeing outflows, which shows us that institutional investors are still extremely bullish on crypto right now, even with this bit of a correction we are seeing were seeing That they are pouring money into when a majority of the last couple of weeks.

They have actually taken money out of bitcoin. The second highest in terms of inflows was aetherium. Ethereum was ranked number two in terms of inflows and it had 6.6 million dollars poured into it. This is to be expected. Bitcoin ethereum are always at the top of the list in terms of institutional money and theyre, typically always number one and number two. So this was not a surprise, but what was surprising is a couple of these smaller altcoins um, which the highest one was. Solana. Solana saw 4.8 million dollars of inflows into its digital asset investment products, and this one actually was surprising because solana had an outage and they had to restart their entire blockchain. Just a couple of days ago, during this report, insta solana had to restart their blockchain. Many people were worried about solana not being able to handle as many transactions per second, as they said, some of the issues that theyve experienced. But according to this report, institutional investors were not worried at all and if you want more details on what happened with this solana crash, why they had to restart the blockchain ill link, a video down below that. We did a couple days ago explaining the entire thing. But the important thing here is that institutional investors are still extremely bullish on solana, their growing ecosystem – and this shows by this report from coin shares. Next, all coin that was ranked number four in terms of inflows was going to be ripple.

Ripple has 2.8 million dollars worth of inflows and while many people are saying that these numbers arent so high, why do we care about two million dollars or three million dollars? Or you know this isnt a lot of money in the big scheme of things? It still is very important, especially with all of the legal battles going on with xrp and ripple, so its important to look into this and see that, despite this, despite the market having a bit of correction, institutional investors still pick ripple as one of their top performing Altcoins moving forward next up is going to be number five, which is poke, which is litecoin actually litecoin had a bit of drama this week as well. Litecoin had some drama coming out from walmart. There was a potential partnership going on there. We saw litecoins price rise. 20 percent then dropped 20 in a matter of an hour or an hour and a half, and despite this we are still seeing that litecoin is ranked one of the tops and one of the favorites among institutional investors. The next coin is with polka dot and the last one is cardano. Both of these coins are seeing consistent, inflows from institutional investors. Pogus polkadot saw 2.3 million dollars and cardano saw 1.9 million either way, though, these are two of the favorite coins that we talk about. On the channel quite frequently, we love cardanos ecosystem. We like how they have smart contracts and they have a big event that is going to be happening on september 25th and 26th, which is the cardano summit.

We also like polka dot, which has a growing ecosystem and is one of the favorites among developers when choosing to build on platforms. So, despite seeing a bit of a correction in the market, these are the top all coins among institutional investors, which ones theyve been picking and which ones theyve actually been pouring money into. Despite what weve been seeing with the overall market, so its exciting to see this, and this leads us into some of the three biggest investing mistakes you can make, because, while were seeing that institutional investors are putting money into all coins, many people do the exact opposite And this leads us into our exact um three cryptocurrency mistakes. People need to make sure to avoid. The first is going to be panic. Selling panic selling is one of the biggest problems in crypto in the stock market and among new investors. Whenever we see prices drop, people get extremely worried, they sell off their positions, and this is how you are going to lose money, because, if youre invested in projects that you truly believe in for the long term, you shouldnt worry about these drops in the short term. You shouldnt worry if it drops 10 20, because you believe in the project long term, in a 10 20 30 drop, should not change. How you feel about the project moving forward and like one day drop, does not change what the project is actually doing or what the stock or what the company is actually doing unless theres an announcement that comes out from the company or from the actual project.

Well, a drop is simply that its just a drop its fun being spread on the market, its fear in the market and people start to pay and excel. So you need to make sure that you avoid panic selling if you truly believe in the project or the stock that youre invested in, because you should only sell when you dont want to be a part of it anymore. Youre simply getting out of your entire position and you have no plans of buying it back ever in the future. That is at least what i do if im going to sell im selling off everything, if im never just going to sell off a small portion of my position, its either im in or im, not it, i either like the project or i dont like the project. Second, big mistake is going all in many people when they see projects drop when they see some of their favorite cryptos and favorite altcoins and favorite stocks start to drop. They start to go all in and just pour all of their money into one specific project and while yes, its good to buy the dip and buy and dollar cost average into positions, it is not smart to go all in and put all of your money into. One position because then you are not diversified, you are risking. You are putting like risking your portfolio in such a big way in a way that you dont have to do, and this is one of the biggest mistakes, because when you start to put all of your money into one project, it is simply not smart.

To put all of your eggs one basket and risk everything on one project or one stock, its best to be diversified, because on days like this, when we see markets crash well, youre not going to lose as much money is going to be easier to sleep at Night, when you are more diversified and then lastly, third and um, one of the biggest mistakes in the crypto and in markets is trying to time the market. Everyone tries to say: okay, lets, try and time. The bottom lets try and get it just right. So we invest at the very bottom of the market, and the problem with this is theres no way of knowing how far things are going to drop, how high prices are going to go in the short term. Like i said its either, you dollar cost average in overtime, which means, if you like positions, you like projects, you like stocks, you get into them over time. So if you see a big red day, you add some money and keep some money on the side to continue. You know to have money in case theres, more opportunities, but you put some money into those projects. Dont, try to time the market and say im going to put all my money in at the very lowest price, because theres no way to know theres no way youre going to know what the lowest price is its best to just dollar cost average over time to Invest in projects you believe in long term and not worry about small corrections or 10 20, even 30 corrections in the short term, because, if youre invested in the long term, that historically proves to be the best way to invest pick projects.

You believe in long term hold on to them and not worry about short term fluctuations, so anyways thats whats, going on with the market right now with crypto and whats, going on with whale accounts, so i hope you guys enjoyed todays video. Let me know your thoughts.