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Your gains before the bear cycle hits, because that is money. You can invest well, and it will make you many many times over in preparation for the next full cycle in a few years. Okay, right guys, uh lets check so bitcoins at about six percent retracement uh, which has meant that all coins are bleeding um. So lots of double digit percentage drops um, except cosmos, cosmos. I think its the only one properly up um. So if we actually have a look at whats happening, the outflow on the exchanges hasnt been anything special. Neither is the inflow, so people arent plowing in a bunch of money and selling off bitcoin theres, not any big manipulation in that sense, uh not with bitcoin, nor with ethereum, again inflows pretty low a little up yesterday from the day before nothing dramatic outflow, uh down A bit, but nothing screaming manipulation, nothing screaming concerning behavior, so generally pretty: okay, um Music, even on futures. If we look at the um the open interest on futures at the moment, obviously its a bit higher at the moment, but thats its steadily been going up for the last few days. Nothing major uh leverage ratio is meant to be about 0.14. So again, not huge. Its been actually a decent drop from the ridiculous leverage that was earlier so yeah. Nothing screaming nothing screaming. Concerning, though, at all it just looks like standard retracements um now ftx is um. Ftxs bankman freed uh has been talking about the regulation within uh crypto and the nightmare of um, the solana meltdown um, which was quite an interesting article to be fair and then bloomberg tried to charge me so screw them um, but yeah.

So the the big news is obviously bitcoin slipped below 45.. It seems to have recovered slightly, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. It could carry on retracing for a little bit to be honest, theres real room for bitcoin to drop down to 40 before a recovery starts uh but well see 42 9 800s been consistent line of uh support so for for the last few weeks. Certainly, last couple of weeks, so um now theres, obviously speculation knocking about about the u.s government declaring stable coins a risk to the financial system that could that is adding some level of uncertainty. Uh the fed are meant to be meeting uh regarding u.s uh stock futures. So well see how that plays out this week. Um theres also um concern over china uh with regards to a couple of things but um, not least of which is obviously the uh the fact that theres so much so much bitcoin within china. We havent actually seen a dump from china at any point this year, so i do sort of think that thats on the cards, but i dont, think thats on the cards to bitcoins a lot higher um Music. So evergrande fell more than 10 in hong kong earlier today, um now chinese authorities have already told major lenders that the company is likely to miss payments, um, which doesnt bode very well. Investors are looking to uh look to be taking risk off the table on fears that a crisis at chinas ever growing group may become a systemic problem to global markets.

Markets will also be looking at the fed commentary later this week to make sure there are no changes in liquidity from the central bank. Now um weve seen the stock market retrace somewhat. Even oil we see were seeing that consistently across the board at the moment so september, as we know, is a rough month um now in terms of crypto. At the moment, um, when were looking at uh stable coins, the total market cap of all stable coins has seen it about tenfold rise to 115 billion dollars over the past 12 months. So a regulatory crackdown may bring some short term pain to crypto markets. That is the concern um there hasnt been anything to suggest that thats coming, though in terms of um american government at the moment, obviously weve got over extend over reach of the sec top coming after lending platforms. Um and weve got the the bill in uh congress. At the moment and senate yeah theres um theres got some pretty crap um amendments in terms of pretty crap language in terms of crypto, which doesnt provide clarity, but neither does the sec but theres not and theres, been Music rumors. You know of of stable coins being targeted, but theres not actually been anything outright stated so so waiting to see on that um coindesk also share a chart from uh, basically the the last 10 years of bitcoin uh. So across um september 2013. It was down 1.3 and there was a sharp rally from october to november uh in 2017.

It was down 8.8 in september and then it caused the bull run for the last quarter, so um these uh these september dips have often seen a rally very shortly. After so, we could well, this could well be the preparation or the sort of accumulation, slash retracement, before a real run up on the crypto market um in terms of flood news, there is still a bit knocking about, but none of its like as dramatic as weve Seen earlier in this this past year, um, so i dont see necessarily anything that suggests that were gon na have a huge, crippling Music uh price capitulation on on any of the cryptos. I think is like i said with with. If we look at the um the inflow into exchanges, its not dramatically high theres, no doesnt seem to be any manipulation beyond media perspectives. Um so yeah well see and then theres an interesting little article about um on um about uh the ethereum co founders that are all sort of again uh battling each other. Now so youve got i i, i think its sort of nonsense. Basically, it is a funny read, but metallic buterin, obviously theorem co founder charles hoskinson, the theme co founder of now uh cordano, gavin wood, a theme co founder now, polkadot and kusama uh, joe lubin uh, who went on to find consensus um and its an interesting little Discussion between all of these guys but uh like interesting little discussion about the article but theyre not working against each other and theyre, not really competing for dominance.

I dont agree with that. Interoperability. Blockchain is the thing theres not going to be one dominant blockchain um in the future there will be. There will therell be an internet of blockchains that all interact um but its an interesting story. It might be worth a read if youre, if youre intrigued about knowing the background of the co founders and stuff um yeah thats, it thats it, like i said, were in a were in september, guys septembers always had rough months in bull cycles. Um theres no signal that anythings happening its just uh at the moment, dealing with some retracements but thats it anyway um. If youre new to crypto checkout copy, my cryptos, where i share my portfolio um, where i have built a portfolio to maximize gains and full cycle. My biggest holders have been absolutely crushing it um if youre, if you want to actually make these gains and prepare and build some wealth before the bear cycle hits. This is your opportunity. Youve got a few months before were probably facing a bear market, so theres a chance to really build some wealth and uh. Then youve got more money for the next bear cycle, and that is the one you want to be investing in throughout, because my god, the next bull cycle will be brilliant.