A couple things happened, uh, since the challenge im still in audio, i havent sold any of it uh. I do really like the news that came out its just going to push the swing trade a little bit longer, but they got to katy perry. They got nas, they got jason derulo. I dont know how half these people are, but i was told theyre pretty big people. I got the chain smokers mike shinoda, i dont know disclosure pusha t is uh its bullish on audio. They did uh, they they wanted to invest. I believe it was five million dollars into audio, so normally what happens? This is why i didnt sell. Yesterday i was close. I was tempted. I didnt think bitcoin was going to retrace the freaking 42, but it did but last night see what happened was when investors come in with big names come in and they invest into it. Some it was. It was over the weekend. So i was wondering if monday was going to more money was going to flow into audio. That was kind of what i was waiting for um. I did have a part of me that wanted to sell yesterday at 321, i did put in a uh a cell in my head when we were live last night and it ran to like 3 21 and at 3 25. I was really considering selling just in case there was a pullback, but i was nervous that today was going to be a good day.

I wanted to wait till monday to see if that, if more money, because normally when those investors put money into it, they dont just go and buy five million dollars worth of audio. They invest in stages right. They give part here part here part. What have you so i mean i was hoping anticipating that the news sparked some interest. We had retail investors getting into audio and then the big investment came in monday. Today, it didnt we were probably not even gon na lie. We were probably on track for that. To happen, but then bitcoin decided to freaking go down to 42 last night or this morning early this morning and this morning, and it kind of just took everything down with it. So, as you can see, everything is down was down about 10, if not 20 percent. I didnt really see any too many 30 percenters, but a lot of good fire sales. Cardano 214. I dont like that that sucks it is what it is solana dot. Everything is down its pulled back crazy right now. Doges was 20 at one point. Matic was a dollar 13 at one point, so i mean ton v chain was like 85 cents. There was a ton of freaking fire sales. The um crow came back down so like what i would have done if i did end up selling last night. What i would have done is uh, i dont know i would. I would have been in a predicament because i would have sold at 320 right, so i would have had to buy back in just say 30, but i would have bought back in somewhere.

Uh audio went down to this is average across the platforms. Audio went down to like 3′ or 2′ and then pulled back up a little bit like point like over a quarter. The um i dont know if i would have got into crow, so i would have had that bag. I would have sold that whole bag. I dont know if i would have put into staked into crow my own bag or, if i would have just bought back in the audio and went for another ride, because that would have been a great great new entry for audio im. Still believer in audio theyre. Getting big names in it big time, investors these these, the artists that want to get on audio or are loving it because of the utility, because theyre theyre securing their their their revenue theyre securing their. You know what i mean: theyre theyre theyre, putting it on on the blockchain. They love that they, you know its not going to get stolen per se, so so they think right so everythings always possible. They just they just like it. They these people want to be involved in crypto, theyre, artists, music musicians and theyre uh theyre, getting an audience its cool. The audience is the platform that theyre getting big on, so i mean normally what happens? Is you see? The first set of of people come in and then itll kind of spark some interest for some of these musicians, and maybe we get some more so like i really do.

I dont want to go long im not trying to go long in audio, but i really do believe that we can break that all time. High and thatll be big money, thatll be good money. So i just like the project. I like it a little more than i probably should for a swing trade, but i do believe with the market as volatile as it is right now. I do believe audio is just itching its trying so hard. If you look at the chart, i mean i can show you a quick chart real fast. You can see, it is trying so hard. It rejects 320 every time its trying so hard to get past 320.. I think today we could have done it, but what are you gon na do bitcoin is? Is it mine, if its someone likes to do whatever the heck it wants to do? 495? Was the all time high? I do believe that we can get past that. So i mean i dont know thats kind of what im waiting for. I know people are getting impatient, but i do believe audio was a good one. I you cant anticipate a bitcoin retracement to 42.. We could have said it got rejected and it pulled back, but i its hard to you dont, want to you. Dont want to get caught up in paying fees. You know what i mean for for a small retracement i dont want. You know i dont want to retrace 10 percent and pull back so i mean and then try to get back into it.

Thats. What im trying to say you if we would have predicted bitcoin to 42 and audio going back down to 240, then it would have been worth doing it and we would have called that. But i like the money coming into it. Maybe they start buying power now and it pushes us back to three dollars and then we got ta wait for the next set of news, because they, you know what i mean so well see what happens im still on audio. I, like it a lot theres a couple. Others i like ill put out a video for another five top five, be sure to look out for that and ill catch. You all on the next.