Everyone welcome to the channel if youre new subscribe, bell button leave a like pretty important video, a bit of realism, and i have a bit of fun here, a lot to get through um. I will do a lot of analysis on the charts in terms of whats happening with the index elements. Well talk about whats happening in china. Well talk about a huge airdrop, okay and well go from there. It may be a long video, so sit back and relax. Okay, i have tried to sort out my audio um. As you know. Well, some people dont know my room is unfurnished theres, nothing in here so once theres, a sofa bed in the corner thatll help once the wall in front of me is soundproofed even better and yeah cool right lets crack on eh. So the first thing we need to talk about the obvious youve, probably heard of this youve, probably seen it on twitter youve, probably seen it on reddit youve, probably seen it. You know your cat might text you about it, because theyre flopping about their bags, its a bit of a worry, i wont, lie when you think about it. In terms of realistic expectations, the market is high, i.e the stock market. The entire stock market, in my opinion, is propped up by fake money, keeping zombie companies alive right. The element is the futures market right now. Now the time of recording this by the way is 11 17 uk time in the morning.

So when you watch this video, it would have played out the futures right now. The dji is slumping, like its 540 points down, thats, not good, yo, thats and thats. A problem whats happening in reverse of that well, gold is up right. Now, silver is up a little bit as well, as you can see. 55.55.49 thats good, but we dont know whats gon na happen with crypto do we. This could be. I dont want to say it too loud. This could be a little bit different for crypto than it would be for the traditional market. This could be the black swan event. This could be the element that me all the moneys going to go into crypto as a hedge against a collapse same with gold same with other commodities. Right youre with me awesome dont, look at this are too bearish because it could be the catalyst flip. I remember. Last time coronavirus, youve, probably heard of it, i was bearish because i didnt know whats gon na happen. I was thinking. Maybe maybe it might just themselves, did the opposite, because the dollar value was, you know, changing it dropped. Quite significantly, the inflation rate was increasing. The hyper elements towards the quantitative easing was ridiculous versus the previous 20 years so yeah, i wasnt sure what was going to happen, but we were in a bad market. We were not expecting a lot of wealth to jump into crypto, so maybe maybe this might be similar right.

So lets put our heads together a little bit and understand the basics. I dont want to go too deep into this, because its not really my expertise, but when the chinese property sector is selling off its a little bit worrying why there was lows at one point in i think on friday of 17 yeah. Here we go on a monday morning taking yesterday, losses are 33 and fell. The 17 at one point thats a lot 14 down in the sunshack chinese holdings thats massive, and we are already comparing each other to 20 the 2008. You know the the property sell off in america, which kind of caused a bit of a problem oops, so we are going to have that. You know that expectation that maybe this will wash over into you know our kind of sphere in the world and it may be an issue, but we need to be realistic. We need to think we need to use our heads here. We need to think well may not happen, but we need to make sure, but obviously the liquidity conditions are always going to be an issue but theres all kinds of issues. Regarding the fact that you know with you know the changes between hong kong, china, its not ideal, so we need to look at this as a level head, but right now, im not worried just yet and we will talk about the crypto market now. The reason why i want to talk about it now is because i think ill look at bitcoin and then im going to show you an airdrop which is pretty awesome, um, try and dilute the the situation.

That is old, even gloom, but its not this level here. On bitcoin is important: ive had this on my chat for a while ive said it for a while thing. Its a big key level of support youve got to think. Realistically, though, theres a load of fibs that we can do from this, we can go from this level to up to this point, weve retraced happy days right this level here, 42 000 will now be the level of support as well. Youve also got to think well from the low to the high of the entire market structure. Its in between that level as well were currently looking at the 42 4000 level. 382. Its been tapped there a few times its looking all right right, but we also need to look a bit closer to home and go level of structure. Weve had this ema bounce from this top to this bottom were currently on a collision course towards the six one. Eight 43k, in my opinion, its key massive, its huge, its monstrous right. However, we may be all right because, even when you be doing this from this low to this bottom here by the way weve went, you know literally hold on ive cocked it up there. We go so, if were looking at this level, im not going to go for the same candle actually now i am going to go from that point there to this low. We bounce up to the six foot, eight again, its 40 000 level in and around this region.

I think this is the key level around here. Distribution were still in an uptrend, we are still in an uptrend technically, you know we are still even if it doesnt drop to this point and were still around this point, its all right. You know, really you can. You can draw a nice big juicy trend line and go well actually were all right. You know realistically, but its a bit wishy washy its, not the greatest in the world, so just got ta be careful, but it looks alright. So too chat again. Ive talked about this. Quite a lot always take profit guys, always whenever we are above that ema too much, i always say, profit thats. The golden rule right were going down into a level of support. It is still looking okay, though, realistically still an uptrend. Why? Because weve got, you know, were still creating situations if we start dropping too low and its not looking great itll, be an issue because were going to go into a downtrend, which is a problem where people wont be interested in all coins anymore. Itll be a bit boring, bear markets here, but we already know the data weve already spoken at length about the historic data of this and ill put it up now bear with me. If you want some cake there, you go now weve already looked at this. You know i dont have drawn it too much with it like a broken record, but we are shite in september.

We always have been look at that its ridiculous. Even you know when weve had really good bullish months, but previously its just been, you know its just one of those things are we on a collision course to repeat. I freaking hope so because, if that is the case were laughing as realistic as i want to be were laughing right because it could be the dip before everything changes. But before i go into other charts, i want to talk about an airdrop because i think its important to know i tweeted yesterday about hero about the airdrop right. The reason why i want to cover it is because it makes common sense right, its huge, its a monster airdrop. The reason why theyre doing it is because they are, they have to change the dynamic of the protocol, because, basically, simple lines are most exchanges. Dont support the rfi mechanism within the tokenomics. Basically, what that is right, im, sorry to bore you guys whenever people sell theres a little bit of a tax and the holders will get a little bit of extra passive income, its a part of the 10 cent kind of mechanism, pretty good right. However, most exchanges dont really use it. So the kind of to open up the doors to the exchanges are going to remove it and, in its place, are going to give people an airdrop. You know so 5000. You need. You do not sell anything before the 30th of september.

You need to, though, move your over to a a private wallet, basically a truss wallet, meta, mask, etc, as it says here and anything over 5000 will qualify now. The reason why i want to talk about when i explain it is because a lot of people whinging like buggery yesterday was because simple lines are oh 5, 000s too much its not get a grip. 5000 hero is not a lot of money. If youre an investor, you need to put your money in the market, you dont just oh im, gon na put twenty dollars a year. Twenty dollars at it is not horse racing. It is not a football bet seriously. If you wan na sort, your out ive said it before in tweets, have a passive income, a job, have an emergency fund and then invest some money right, dont just be footing around it now. The reason why im so passionate, and so obviously annoyed with people is because i dont think people realize the sums of this already were roughly around. I think its about seventy thousand seventy four thousand holders of hero right now. Seventy five thousand lets do a process process of elimination here, ten million dollars divided by that isnt bad anyways, but they will be people below that that that caveat of five thousand there will be people that wont move it because then ive shown an exchange. I dont have a wallet so already right if theres, only 20 000 holders that qualify for this thats 500 for free boom right.

Why are you worrying about your 475 dollar input right now? Hmm, okay, what about if its 30 000 holders 333? What about if its 40 250 even 50 50 000 is like 200 bucks for free for just holding an asset? If you have to put in the minimum, the minimum could be 500 right give or take. You could potentially get an extra 20 30 40 on top for free 10 million dollars ass as an airdrop is ridiculous right, its huge its historic. So i hope that helps you understand why you need to start putting money into the markets, because, yes – and it pains me to say it especially from a working class background, but more money usually helps thats how the rich get richer. Sorry thats a fact: anyways lets talk about other things, because ive said it before ill say it again. The mark is looking all right, its okay. The dominance is doing what i expected to do. Basically, the sell off always helps, as we all know, unless you watch other channels. Btc is king. It is a market maker. It is the dividing right of what the prices are of your asset in satoshis, its just a sum into usd to give you that price. Whenever the old coins go a bit down, they usually sell off a bit more than bitcoin, therefore, allowing the btc dominance to rise that isnt a downtrend, a very, very clear and obvious downtrend. However, even if we go to forty three point, five, four five percent cool it could mean we go down much lower if that is a level of resistance and the money starts flowing back into all coins, which i think is going to happen soon.

Now lets talk about other things: the dollar index, if i can find it where is it going dxy the x y q? Now i think my personal opinion we are going to carry on going up. I think this china sell off is going to increase the dollar value a little bit why people are going to themselves. People are going to move into the dollar out of the chinese market, essentially potentially, if they are from that situation. Why is that important? Well, for us, i think we are going to go for a big massive run up theres a bit of patreon stuff if youre interested. Now, when we start looking at this, and it does a resistance level and it taps away, it could well drop much lower. Weve got a thing: the coronavirus has helped massively in terms of understanding how the dollar is, which is great, lovely right, but realistically it is bouncing back up and it is going to go to a certain level. I think this level here is going to be strong. This could be the level that is rejects us and then we form a new low, potentially potentially speculation. The reason why i say that is because, if theres uncertainty in the market and people are going to jump out, the dollar, because theyre scared of the inflation rates, because essentially, if their stocks are going down, theres, no, no real, safe haven other than crypto or gold. Realistically, in my opinion, or if youre going to buy fine art or whatever the reason why i say thats, because inflation rates are at an all time high right now, youve then got quantitative easing pressure that potentially they could be bailing more companies.

How thats going to make it worse, isnt it but youve also got crypto there. Thinking! Oh hello, whenever this goes down crypto moons! Whenever this goes up grip, does it precarious its just one of those things right, but its because its the value of wealth, its its its monitoring where the wealth is going if moneys going out the dollar its going to go down, other things are going to go Up crypto right, so maybe this is all going to play into our hands potentially now. This is our speculation. What if this chinese property sell off is going to increase a dollar rate for now temporary, but it then creates a wobble in the stock market and people start themselves. If the stocks sell off theyre going to go into other assets, theyre going to go into crypto theyre, going to gold, potentially usd short term, but as a reserve, big hedge fund management firms are not going to be looking at keeping the usd hot for a while, Because, if theyre going to lose five percent on it over a period of time, theyre going to be like, oh so you got to be careful right, theyve got to put their money somewhere. What, if all these etfs come alive? What if everything changes in q4 and then crypto is the place for people to put uncertain wealth? That is my point. It could be it very well could be. We are in a much better position than we have been in the past, theres a lot more exposure to that, and if we are going to see a repeat of 20 uh 2008 sorry wait, which is why bitcoin was virtually created for it.

We could see some absolutely monstrous money going into the market potentially, but, as i say, this is our speculation. This is me just rambling at length in realistic expectations that maybe, if there is a bit of a crash, theres gon na be another bailout. If theres gon na be another bailout, thats gon na be more confidence hit with the u.s dollar, making it go even worse. Thats going to play into the confidence stride and taking that momentum into cryptocurrency, but you got ta, remember everything happens for a reason. I still think realistically, if were looking at the dji as an example here, the dow jones index, its high jesus christ, somethings gon na give, and i think if the market is correct and even if they do try and prop it up, guess whats gon na happen That dollar values gon na drop, whats gon na happen with that. Well, potentially, crypto could be mooning, so theres all kinds of situations here, but for me, bitcoin looks alright. Yes, we could drop down to 40k. Whatever, who cares its fine? Whatever happens happens? We just got ta go with it, but at the same time, looking at the weekly chart right. Yes, this is a very very obvious. You can see it lower high yeah cool whatever. Realistically, though, its still technically, if youre looking at this structure here, it could be a monster up trend. It could be the one thats going to send us to the upside.

If that is the case by the way, just to put that point out there from this low to high and we are going to retest it or if it is going to go from this point, we could be looking at virtually. The next move could be towards all time high. It just depends on how much this ship in china rumbles on anyways. I hope you enjoy if you want more knowledge check out the patreon ill learning crypto, if you want to learn other, but just to give you a point, think long term were all right.