I took a bunch of other miss baby because its about to get hot in the kitchen and hit that like button and show your boy, some love hit. The notification bell to stay tuned lets get straight to the point subscribe to the channel and the first banger on the list is lucy. Take yourself lcid now, at the time, this recording lucid is the same price. It was yesterday family because the stock market is closed. On a weekend, its 22 dollars its up eight percent on the day, its up 13 on the last week and its up over 123 in the past year lets get it baby but again lets update on the call options from last week. You already know we in a lucid call currently, but i want to tell you this: if you win this losing call with us and you up basically, 75 85. This thing went up to basically 265 discord. Family lets get it now. If you made enough money consider getting out of the play, but if youre ready to hold longer, you do you. But again, if you made enough, you can always get out of play and then re enter now lets talk about it. The bbig call again get in get up, get out made a quick 58 on that 72 dollars wow. We love to see it if you want to be up on a play as early as we are hit that discord link in the top comments.

So then, when we run into plays, you could be in as soon as we are now lets talk about it and again shout out to my guy king rel over on the discord and again we mentioned this yesterday, but its going to some detail today. So he put me onto this information – and it said this lucid finally lucid already registered approximately 10 000 vin numbers for the 2022 lucid air, and this is verified information according to this tweet. Now, when you go into the nitty gritty and get down into the details, you can actually look at all of the vent numbers and see that this is really looking legit family. But what i want you to understand is there are two large institutions both equally reputable that are on totally different ends of this. So, who are they is the bank of america and morgan stanley? So one of the biggest criticisms about lucid motors and again lucid, is a ev company which is trying to compete with tesla. Now one of the biggest criticisms of them is that they were supposed to deliver cars earlier this spring, but guess what family they delayed it and now theyre supposed to deliver in 2021 before the year is out, and they have yet to give us a date as To if theyre gon na do it or not? So it seems like its going down in the bank of america. They gave them a price target of thirty dollars because they think that theyre gon na deliver on what they said.

But morgan stanley gave him a price target of twelve dollars. Family totally opposite directions. We can use these two numbers to our advantage. If they do deliver, we can see where large institutions think theyre going and think they are worth. However, they dont deliver. It gives us sort of a floor, so then we know okay, should we average down to 17? No, should we average down at 15? No, should we average down at 12. Morgan stanley thinks so. So this is how you use this information now lets. Keep it going. Motor trend channel, which has 666 now you you tell me how you feel about that, but it has 666 million subscribers family. Now they did a recent review of lucid somewhat of a review. It was more of a range test when you go and watch the video it wasnt like one of those reviews where oh check out the tires theyre made out of this, and this and this it wasnt like that. It was more so of this angle that im showing you right here and theres, a guy which im imagining is the host of motor trend, hes, telling you how he feels about the range and how far he drove and its basically just this angle right here of The car now lets keep it going. Why is this important? Because, according to this, which is supposed to be a verified third party reviewing the company, this went over 400 miles on a single charge and still had about 70 miles left again.

This is why this is important. It says which tesla drives the longest and currently its the model, s long range plus, which has range of 412 miles, and apparently the lucid could get that far and then have over 100 miles left to still go for a total of 520 miles in optimum conditions. Now it says basically, i want you to understand these three levels right here, and this is why i always show you these three levels, if not even more than three levels, so you can understand because somebody said to me in the comments not too long ago, keenan Man, you know, i was watching your videos and then i got in on the play and then it dropped. And then i i was out and i sold it im like whoa whoa, whoa, whoa youre, telling me that you got into a play at the top and then you sold low and didnt wait for it to come back right. What you got to do is this: when i tell you these levels, for example, 15, 20, 23. I always tell you – and i havent said this in a long time, so ill bring it up again. If you got 300. What i want you to do is break that into thirds, and then you go in first go in second going third, but that dont mean necessarily hit these three lines right here. What it means is this 23: this is a resistance line.

A resistance line means if it comes up here, its most likely gon na come back down and give you a chance to get your first strike. Where should your first strike be, in this case closer to the support line? The next support line is 20., so you want to get as close to that as possible wow and then, if it comes down to 15, but the morgan stanley group theyre basically telling us no, not 15.. That was a recent support. But if this doesnt go the way its supposed to go its going to 12., so then boom that would be another one. So then you see hit support levels, not the resistance level dont buy up there so now lets keep it going. The next banger on the list is cardinal ticker symbol. Ada. Now that all the hype has died down, you got a chance to load up on cardinal because remember this is the third biggest cryptocurrency in the world and it is a beast, a banger. Where do you pick cardinal up, you could get it on coinbase. I got a link in the top comment. You could get it there and lets keep it going and if you dont see that link there, its probably in the description but lets keep it going. Cardanos. Currently, 2. 30.. Remember it got all the way up. Basically, 2 000, this year, family, crazy, absolutely crazy and it went up to 310 right, but it came all the way back down and why do they drop so you could pick it up thats why they drop.

So now they got a price target, theyre saying that theyre going to three dollars by 2021, five dollars by 2023 and then 10 by 2026. However, remember when you get into a crypto play especially like this, and why do i say cardinal in particular because cardano, in my opinion, its not a swing, trade cardno is an investment, a swing trade? Is it get in get up, get out right play to play? The volatility, but when you invest into cardinal, you got to be ready for 80 swings. 80 drops and 80 rises right. However, its gon na swing its a cryptocurrency anybody thats been a crypto long term theyre, going to tell you that, but lets go over to the daily hotel. This is a website and they said this cardano says its preparing to launch its own platform after completing the upgrade last week. What is the upgrade? The alonzo hard fork that made a few things possible. First of all, applications nfts, those non fungible tokens and basically all kind of different smart contracts. Family now lets see whats going on over here on september 17. 2021. There are currently at that point in time, 2300 smart contracts that are unusable. This is a new thing for cardano to have smart contracts, because theyre locked in a time lock, contract and then apparently theyre saying that the weight on the smart contracts may be affecting the price and remember, if youre, not in a play at all its affecting the Price, so you could load up baby now.

Cardano is still the third largest among all of the crypto. That means theres only ethereum and then bitcoin ahead of cardano, but its significantly less than both of those in terms of how much is worth totally so then that means it has a lot more potential to grow, especially when the big dogs come in and speaking of The big dogs cardano said in a recent online presentation that they have short and long term goals and what are those goals? They highlighted the significance of having large organizations, basically adopt cardinal and theyre, going to focus the next year and a half to onboarding 50 banks to using cardona. We want to see that be on the lookout for that and then grayscale, which has a huge crypto fund. This is a large institution who manages a lot of cryptocurrency they basically and look at this in blue. I highlighted this in blue just for you. They sold then existing constituents a lot of cryptocurrency that they had and used the proceeds to buy ada and theyve been doing it since at least july 2nd. Now look at these levels again. Remember when i tell you to you, look at these levels: im not telling you go pick it up at the resistance im telling you to let it come down to the support baby now pay attention to this 310 is a resistance im not saying buy it. There. Im saying if it hits there, let it come down, so it could pick you up and you could go on ride so now.

Next support is about 2 30.. So if you got 300 bow, you could consider putting your first strike around this range, and then you want to preferably get this under two dollars. We may never see it again. This is why this is an investment and you average in using dollar cost averaging. If you get paid on friday, bow 50 on friday about 50 next friday and just slowly build a position thats, how were rocking out with cryptocurrency now lets get to the beast: the big dog, the banger and his tesla ticker symbol, tsla currently, 759. The reason i want you to consider tesla is because you have to invest in the future family. You want to think about your kids. You want to think about your retirement. You want to think about your future and say you know what evs are going to be. The majority of the world, and so far tesla, and what i mean by the majority of the world, theyre gon na, be just spread out through the majority of the world more than they are today. Theyre like two to three percent of all of the cars today, but you can imagine one day its gon na be 10 20, something like that or even higher than that. You want a piece of the pie. So now take a look at this. We heard that kathy woods who was basically the leader of archives and the ceo who was killing it all 2020.

She basically sold in the last month, 297 million worth of tesla family, but notice this, because a lot of people arent saying this theyre just talking about her selling out of it. They said that tesla remains ark invests biggest holding its their biggest holding even after they sold so much of it, so they still believe in a play. They just wanted to rebalance their portfolios as simple as that. So now again keep keep your eye on whats going on family lets. Just keep it simple, because the big dogs, they still loading up on this on a dark pool when you go to the dark pool, theres 19.4 billion in buying over on the dark pool. So, no matter what they want, you to believe the mainstream media, even the big investors, who claim that theyre short in the stock. They still believe in it long term the price targets they just got some higher price targets. Morgan stanley said this is going to 928 days ago and then webb bush said this is going to a thousand just four days ago. Family come on now. What are the levels i want you to pay attention to for tesla. Currently, 760 is a resistance. What do i mean by that i mean if it comes up there, its likely, not guaranteed but likely to come back down to give you a slightly better entry. So you can look to pick this up in the 730 range for a first strike bow first strike.

If you want to strike now get some skin in the game, you can do what you want, but if youre looking for an optimum just basically entry point for your first strike of three then boom, i would say 730 is a really solid entry, but preferably if You get this in the 600s. This is where we would really load up baby, but if you cant handle the heat of these hot stocks, then stay out of the kitchen and consider investing in the index funds hit that discord link. In the top comment, i see you over there baby.