I am here for you with this emergency video, guys smash up the like button to signal me that you want more of these additional videos on the sidelines. This is going to be a very short one. Nevertheless, a very, very important one. I will be talking about the bitcoin price and the whole crypto market in general, and what specific signals are flash now lets go over here into the charts very quickly and just by the way guys. I made a video earlier where i was talking about um, how i was in march, predicting the drop to um, whatever right, of course, im not saying that i predicted that we wont went exactly from 64 to 30 000. I was giving you one specific price model which predicted that – and i forgot to include the the clip – the proof of that, so i will do that in the end of the video. So stick here with me. This is the video from a few hours ago, but now i want to hear deliver on my promises of this emergency video quickly here on the four hourly candidates we broke down, uh went higher, we tested the resistance, eventually got a breakdown in september right then we Had a so called dead cat bounce now we can call it a dead, get bounce and broke lower. Obviously this is rather unexpected, but what i was saying is the moment we broke the 60 46 800. I said i am expecting a significant run towards the downside.

If we are breaking it, of course, i didnt say we are going to break it, but i said if we are breaking it and um yeah, as you can see im addressing here some of the comments, sometimes in the comment section. So i i really try to be here as real as possible with you. So what is happening right now? We see here, bitcoin got a bounce, we were supported, but we are breaking the support right now. So what we need to hold right now is obviously the previous low. If bitcoin doesnt hold the previous low, we can even expect some more further downwards momentum, but i am telling you the markets are red. The fear is very big, so shorting bitcoin right now can be dangerous because when the big bounce comes, it is gon na be crazy. So keep this level in mind here keep the level. Maybe when you are watching it, we are already below of 40 000. Pretty much exactly 40 000 us dollars in mind. What i want to show you here very quickly is the actual level we can be looking out for if we are breaking the bottom here and if i am taking this one all the way down from top to bottom, then you can see what actually my price Target is for bitcoin what i am expecting to be the potential law here for bitcoin, and obviously this could be the 61.8 to the 65 fibonacci retracement level.

37. 664 to 38 400 us dollars. This is the golden pocket and, as always, this is usually the last resort for bitcoin before we can go a little bit more into panicky, at least for your for our um trades. If you are in a trade right now, so these are the levels im looking out for, but obviously you are asking me chris what is happening with the alcons? What is happening with crypto and as you remember one week ago, approximately one week ago, i was talking over on the weekly candles about the total mark crypto market cap, going over here to the weekly candles. You can see that on the weekly candles on the total crypto market cap, and for this i want to go over to the logarithmic scale here you can see that on the top weekly candles, we are forming this m pattern i was talking about. I said we need as fast as possible to close a weekly candle above the previous weekly candle closes, we failed, we got rejected and we are getting. This turned towards the downside, this um this dumb towards the downside. Obviously, this can turn into an m pattern which would have a horrible outcome we might as well just and obviously its always like that, and we have to wait to have for this potential support here, test the support and form an ascending triangle. So now that we broke down for me personally, it is not time to accumulate moral coins.

I am waiting. I am waiting for a positive, successful retest of the upload soaping support if we are successfully retesting that this m pattern can very very quickly turn into an ascending triangle. Every ascending triangle was a potential m pattern before so lets. Wait for that smash up the like button to a new all time high, as always guys and obviously in the pin comment to find a three thousand dollar bonus for free. Would i trade it right now? No, you can claim the bonus store. You can put the bonus on the sidelines and wait for the potential trade to come. As you know, i will be always here, for you im making three videos a day right now. The only thing you have to do to always stay updated and get these videos. Whenever its necessary, whenever im publishing them go down below press, subscribe, press, the bell and press on all to make sure that you are always going to stay updated when i am releasing the next video. Thank you so much for watching guys. This was a very quick one. Nevertheless, as you can see a very important one im going out to the rooftop right now and i will hang out a little bit before im gon na go asleep after three videos today, i think i deserve a little bit of rest, as you can see. Here is the burj khalifa anyways, guys, as always guys as always, and every single candlestick represents one month we have the first cycle.

On the left hand, side we have the second cycle right here we have the third cycle, and right now we are in the in the fourth cycle, which is if this is the bear market, the shortest cycle in the history of mankind, at least for bitcoin, on The bottom hand side you can see the rsi, the relative strength index, which is showing us on the monthly candidates whenever the bitcoin price is overbought oversold. What i was identifying in march was that this indicator, on the bottom hand, side this rsi, is actually always when we are on the monthly going above 95 94.95 flashing, a temporary high. I was also indicating i was also pointing out that, in this specific price model, which is my price model, of course, its a very simple one, but easy wins the game right well, i was pointing out that whenever we are going above 95, we can expect a Severe rejection down, however, i also said in every single bull market: we are getting a double dip into the 95 territory over on the rsi. Let me show you this number one number two number one number two and here number one only so i almost said what i was saying in march when i was in tulum mexico that it was in march. I was saying if we are going in april above 94.95 on the rsi. I am predicting this to be the high for bitcoin and afterwards a severe rejection down.

I was predicting that 75 000 usd level. I was wrong on this, but every single other thing here was exactly going according to my specific price model here and you know what guys before i am going over, and i am actually telling you what i am predicting now next for bitcoin. Let me show you this little clip here from many months ago, when i was in march in tulum mexico.