They are making people rich overnight or youre, minting something and it never takes off and you get pissed, but the fact of the matter is in this current era we are in. Both of these things are really hot, so lets go ahead and run the spiciest pup. Around 10 seconds of tails are resident sheba into a doge shes, the owner of the boss, one youtube channel mines of ask. I work here slap that subscribe button and lets jump into todays crazy video review of pokemon pokemon, its a way better name than it was before, which im gon na touch on a previous review in this review. If youve ever wanted to mine bitcoin, then you should head to and learn how theyre making it possible for everyone to mine bitcoin. Now they sell bitcoin miners. They will connect you with facilities, co location, which enables you to host your bitcoin miners with some of the best bitcoin mining farms in the world, click the link below to learn how you can start mining with compass today. I know what youre thinking ask. Why dont? You have an only fans, i know its. The first thought that comes to everyones, mind and ill. Tell you its because i havent gotten a haircut yet so i definitely look worse when i dont have a haircut um got gray hair coming in on the side, so i dont know if they got a senior division but thats what i got to sign up for Now ill ill leave it at that.

So lets go to quick recap right, so whats going on so only fans banned basically adult content, and then they did one of the quickest. U turns we have like ever seen, but only fan content creators arent too happy about it, theyre looking at building their own alternatives right, but the statistics with only fans and the project were talking about today – poke me, which i think is how you say that right Is uh i mean it makes sense if you think about the context, but ill leave it at that, but this is kind of the precursor that really sets the stage for an incredibly lucrative market from two different points of view, which will basically, we have adult content And then we have nfts what about adult content plus nfts? They can be intertwined here, but they dont have to be with pokeme. But what about the revenue right? London, based only fans, allows creators to charge monthly subscription fees or exclusive content. If you dont know making extra money from pay per view, posts, tips and customs bespoke requests from followers, it can get weird that way its open to all, but the sites popularity with adult creators has made it synonymous with the nudity and pornography. The platform now reports more than 150 million users annually, paying about 5 whopping, 5 billion 5 billion 5 billion dollars just to get some chick on the internet. To give you a little sneak, peek man personally im, not the target market.

Here i dont fully get it im, not hating on you. If youre stepping out there, i guess or whatever but theres, no denying the market is there, which means money, making opportunities from all sides of the board from being a creator and a consumer and somewhere in between so only fans basically said due to our bank partners. We cant do this porn thing anymore and then they say: okay weve received assurances from our bank partners. Actually we can do this again. Quickest. U turn like the history of ever, but that trust is broken, enter todays token video review pokemi. They say they can fix this, so only fans, temporary uh, porn band, left creator, feeling betrayed and now theyre taking matters into their own hands, but didnt. They always do that. Taking it too far in a pg 13 boss settle down, okay, so enter pokem beta. We talked about them before the rebrand, the rebrand was called rare porn and they had the pokken token. So we talked about that. Be careful. Dont tell your wife that youre watching content like this on the channel unsensed uncensored, uncensored, uncensored, uncensored relationship with your favorite performers. So they have this many took pokken tokens sold um. So obviously i could do math here thats one million its about 1.5 billion theres ico investors of over 8 300.. They have the p, k, n or pokemi token here on uniswap as an erc20 token, and so well, pull that up actually well get a coin.

Gecko make our life a little bit easier, ignore the dip we buying the dip, like always looks like theyre, not on coin gecko. Yet, obviously this is a low cap coin. Hidden crypto gem, they like to say maybe the next moon shot thats, what all the crypto nerds like to say: uh but heres. The cool thing is so you can make an account its free to do that, and now you can log in from there um. You know be careful. What you see here is a little crazy sensor this and that i know its pg 13, but from here theres an nfp right, which i think is just non fungible porn and then theres an nfp wallet, which is basically your nft wallet on their platform. You can also become a creator and, if youre looking for an interesting entry into working the crypto sector, they also have jobs so anything from between a personal agent, cto, a cfo community manager and a country launcher and, of course, everybodys always looking for developers on the Front end and the back end, because trust me they covering both on this platform, my friends, man, im coming at it with the terrible jokes today, heres. The other news, though, is that they are launching on pancake swap tomorrow. Basically, if you dont watch this video like the day it goes live, they will have launched their pkn or pokemon token on the pancake swap decentralized exchange. It is also on uniswap right, and so both of these are decentralized exchanges.

Weve talked about them many many times. We have full video guides on what metamask is how to set it up, how to use it. We also have a video guide on adding finance smart chain to it and interacting with finance marketing, even a 30 minute video. We got on everything you need to know about pancake swap and we have a full video review guy on uniswap. So if you dont know what these decentralized exchanges are well, i got the resources for you and ill go ahead and link them out below. Also pancake swap has a rebrand and its a and its not a rebrand, its really just cleaning their site up, but its nice theyre, making it much easier quicker to just get to the trade. They have gone. Full blown uniswap, um theres, no doubting about it. My friends um so that thats happened, thats cool. I think that will help lend pancake swap find more success. Kind of simplifying that a little bit easing that barrier to entry, which only lends itself to you know the pokemon token launching on there and finding more success. Also, i had a huge cake winning on their lottery um. So if you go to their win, you get a prediction all right, just to be clear: im not endorsing this. I dont think you should do this im. Not you know whatever else disclaimer this and that financial advice you do whatever you want to do with your money.

This is just for entertainment purposes, only and im just playing an internet game right here uh, but looking at my history, i got whacked uh. They they took me out um, i lost round six five, nine six and you know what im going back in enter im going in on down ill, just put about everything. Ive ever had click click confirm, and you know what why dont, i even do this right. Um so one i havent even showed up my sweet shirt today over the top of my head. Look at this. You know i broke this up for todays video Laughter, but in all seriousness, um interacting with like these daps, these decentralized applications, these uh decentralized exchanges and stuff, like that early participating in everything they have to offer, even if its in you know low amounts and quantities And things like that, it makes you eligible for random nfts airdrops, especially because, like pancake swap they went ahead and put public profiles on here and you can get achievements and and things like that, its nothing too crazy right, but as they look to move and launch Their own nft marketplace, then that will be a really exciting time and maybe there could be overlap from the nft marketplace on pancake swap which theyre launching very soon and poke me and like why dont i bring this up because were supposed to be talking about. If buying pokemon smart chain nfts come to the forefront of interest right, so pancake swap being a top 100 cryptocurrency can really ignite that.

But then from there people get focused on the binance smart chain and then they filter out from there and if pokemon is leading in nfcs in the adult sector, that could really put them in just a position to succeed right. There are other projects that weve talked about and laughed about like cummies, which just it doesnt have a professional name by any mean, and it doesnt have to. You know just my personal point of view on that one, but the the big takeaway from that is. Like you know, i cant recommend that one to my dad, its just weird, whereas you know poke me, is a little bit more palatable. I might even hit him with the pockme. You know i dont know, but just some things to keep in mind. I like to look at these things from different perspectives right in different ways that we can really evaluate everything lets bring it back to poke me. So formerly rare porn right and they raised over 10 million, almost 11 million like a month or two ago, which is you know, thats a huge raise right, theyre based out of france, and obviously this is all international, but theyre, really like starting their initiative in france And looking to branch out from there, they have a public team right. These arent just some a non cartoon characters for better and worse. They have a public team, putting people putting their faces to this project and having accountability.

Personally, i like that, moving forward theyre looking to release additional things on their platform, a new website, their own version of tick tock, but entirely adult content. Let me tell you something like that: could be a little crazy. Okay, you dont want to mess up your algo. Getting weird one day, let me tell you that um, so you know its interesting, its a different sector, its, not something we normally focus on too much here, but the traffic and just money flying around in that sector, in my opinion, isnt something to just write off Or ignore so i want to know what you think about poke me in the comments below go ahead and drop your binance smart chain address if youre feeling lucky and as always, i appreciate you guys for watching. Please make sure to slap that subscribe button ill see. You on the next please be advised. There are scammers impersonating us on multiple platforms. I dont want your money. I just want you to smash that subscribe button. Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes. Only. That means its not financial advice.