I do want to discuss thats very bullish as well as uh, discuss this current market dip and my expectations going forward. Why im still bullish towards end of year? I also want to discuss the bitcoin tap root, upgrade that is coming in november, bringing smart contracts to bitcoin, which i think is massive. So before we get started. I do appreciate, if you guys liked the video subscribe to the channel if you havent already and hit the bell to be notified for daily videos all right guys, so we did get the crypto space dipping further this morning, bitcoin did test 40 000 and the general Sentiment over the last couple weeks has been that bitcoin would test 38 to 40 000 before continuing in the uptrend and breaking previous all time highs of 64 000 bitcoin so that quickly recovered to over 42 000 uh. But i do think volatility will continue. Theres a lot of fear in the markets in general, especially the stock market. A lot of people are speculating a huge stock market crash, which i dont think is gon na happen. But if something like that does happen, the crypto space uh would of course, crash. Alongside of it, at least temporarily, like we did see in march of 2020, so uh besides, that pretty much everything is in the red today. Besides the select few all coins avalanche, avex, holding up strong above 60 dollars close to its all time, high, so with avalanche.

Doing so well, lately i would recommend looking into small cap all coins launching on the avalanche blockchain. I think theres massive potential here. I do think a lot of all coins will be launching by end of year using avalanche as well, and this ecosystem is going to be growing very rapidly, since they do have that massive fund to incentivize new projects uh to use the avalanche ecosystem, also uh polka Dot, solana and cardano definitely recommend looking into newer all coins doing big things launching on these blockchains definitely massive potential there. So bitcoin did test that forty thousand dollar uh support line here, so it quickly recovered to forty two thousand pretty much instantly so uh. If you do wan na uh fill orders at lower prices like this uh during flash crashes, you do have to set limit orders, and i do recommend that and having that as part of your entry strategy, if you guys uh want to check out my exit and Entry strategy definitely check out the video on my channel, so uh generally, i stagger orders going down. So if we do have a flash crash at any time, uh multiple orders will fill so going forward. I do believe um volatility will continue here. Moving sideways in this channel – and i do think uh things will continue in an uptrend towards end of year and we will break previous all time highs, especially getting closer to that bitcoin taproot upgrade coming lots of mass adoption happening in general.

We just had el salvador by the dip as well as microstrategy. I do think more companies uh will be buying bitcoin by end of year. So i recommend you guys, keep your eye on the fear in greed index and understand this. Applying this to your entry and exit strategy will make you a much more successful trader in the long term. So when theres mass beer in the space is when everyone is selling at a loss, when prices are tanking thats generally, when its the best time to dollar cost average and when youre going to pick up your best deals at a major discount when theres mass greed In the space is when everyone is buying at peak prices, and everyone thinks everythings just going to continue going straight upwards thats generally, when you should be taking profits, small profits on the way up, so applying this to your entry and exit strategy, you will be much More successful taking profits on the way up, uh you will have funds to buy when there are dips and theres mass fear, so fear and greed index suggests. Bitcoins price is currently undervalued. The technical analysis tool is popular amongst crypto traders. Hopeful of securing an insight in the market psyche so currently uh. We do have a three month, low of fear, with a score of 27 out of 100, so that is an indicator, its a good time to dollar cost average. I am looking to pick up some good deals tonight and i will be picking up some um small cap all coins as well.

Throughout this week i will be uh revealing some new small cap all coins. I am investing in and uh letting you guys know more about that so be sure. Youre subscribed and hit the bell to be notified for that. So, while theres a lot of fear in the crypto space right now and volatility will likely continue, im still very bullish on quarter four for a number of different reasons, one of them being the bitcoin taproot upgrade uh. So we have talked about this previously. This is supposed to be coming in november. Bitcoin just got its first uh makeover in four years, so the first major upgrade to bitcoin coming in november, which will bring smart contracts as well. So the first bitcoin upgrade in four years has just been approved by miners. Around the world, its called taproot and its due to take effect in november, the upgrade will mean greater transaction privacy and efficiency, and crucially, it will unlock the potential for smart contracts on bitcoin a key feature of its blockchain technology. So, as you guys know why ethereum is so huge is because of smart contracts, its the main smart contract platform right now – and this is why these alternative platforms have been thriving so much as well like cardano, which just got smart contracts uh with their recent upgrade Solana, polkadot and avalanche all smart contract platforms that are thriving in the top 20., so with bitcoin uh now having that capability as well by end of year.

All these other huge things to come as well. I definitely see the crypto space being very bullish. We also have the possibility of a bitcoin etf by end of year, so shark tanks, star predicts bitcoin etfs will lead to trillion dollar inflow. So we do have a lot of people predicting quarter, four uh being uh the first time a bitcoin etf is approved in the united states. We do have some in canada and other countries already, but in the united states, its going to be massive, like kevin oleary, said trillion, dollar inflow and thats really uh going to be when all of these institutions start putting massive amounts of money into bitcoin at crypto. As well so im really hoping we do get a bitcoin etf approved at some point in quarter, four, that, alongside the bitcoin taproot upgrade all of these other huge things happening for mass adoption alongside more companies acquiring more bitcoin, as well as more countries looking into adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, all huge things that are happening right now that are going to really push for mass adoption. I dont think were entering a bear market uh anytime soon, and i actually think the peak of this current bull market will be at some point. In 2022 so uh something else here: uh bringing smart contracts to bitcoin smart contracts are coming to bitcoin through dfinitys internet computer. So this is another cryptocurrency uh that actually launched in may and uh peaked out, pretty high, so internet computer icp coin, currently under fifty dollars.

As you guys see, this peaked over seven hundred dollars. Uh doesnt even show that price here in coin market cap, but it did peak over seven hundred dollars on uh coinbase, and this has dropped off with the entire market and hasnt really recovered. At this point, current price of this is uh under 50 dollars here, so definitely huge room for growth. If it does uh return to these highs that we did see in may so i dont actually own any internet computer icp yet, but i am considering acquiring some going forward just because uh theyre working on some pretty big things here. So the article does the internet computer will utilize its so called chain key cryptography to integrate with bitcoin paving the way for smart contracts with native bitcoin addresses that are hosted directly on internet computer, so uh pretty bullish. Earlier this year, dfinity foundation launched a 223 million dollar developer ecosystem program to support further smart contract and blockchain development. The project which launched in 2014 has received financial backing from some of cryptos biggest venture firms, so this project has actually uh launched in 2014, but the cryptocurrency didnt launch until may of this year. So we have another bearish article today on ethereum yesterday we did talk about a double top pattern. Today is an ethereum head and shoulders chart pattern, putting ethereum price at risk of dropping to 2000. So, in my opinion, ethereum is more bullish than bitcoin going forward and i did do a video recently talking about how ethereum can break ten thousand dollars by end of year, especially if bitcoin is breaking previous.

All time highs um. I definitely think ethereum will be doing much better than bitcoin we havent uh institutions, finally starting to invest in ethereum uh. We now have uh ethereum being burned with every transaction uh, which is very bullish. We also have multiple phases of e2 coming over the next year and we do have layer. Two solutions coming for ethereum very soon immutable x is very close to launching well be talking more about that. That will take a lot of the bloat off the ethereum blockchain. Greatly, reducing the ethereum gas fees, which is actually very bullish for ethereum and ethereum, is the main uh blockchain in the crypto space. If theyre able to greatly reduce those gas fees, i think its going to skyrocket in price. So a lot of this greatly depends on where the crypto space is headed in general uh. If we do get bitcoin and the crypto space tanking in general, then of course ethereum can drop to two thousand dollars at least temporarily, but uh like ive, been saying im bullish on ethereum in the entire crypto space for quarter four, and i do think a ten Thousand dollar ethereum is possible in quarter four, so we have more news on paypal, paypal releases, new consumer, app for crypto savings and direct deposits. Paypal has been going heavy on crypto and i do think competitors will follow. We do have visa and mastercard working on crypto related services. We also had word of amazon and apple uh looking into crypto as well.

So this is huge uh. We have had a lot of news from paypal, uh revolving around crypto, so thats great for mass adoption. So miami coin generates two thousand dollars every ten minutes for the city says mayor. So miami coin is the first cryptocurrency for a city of uh miami, which is massive, very interested to see how this plays out and if this becomes a trend, thats going to be huge for the adoption of crypto as a whole, all right guys. So last update for todays video. I want to quickly let you know, im doing a big giveaway of s1 tokens from the c25 fund of project. This is a project im, an advisor for, and they do have a lot of huge things in the works so im giving away 3 000 as fun tokens. Three winners of one thousand tokens each around three thousand dollar value for each winner. All you have to do is head over to my twitter account and retweet that and uh follow me and see the five fun so cd5 is an incubator and launch pad for blockchain games theyre launching a lot of great blockchain games. Uh. You guys want to check out whats to come here, their igos calendar, if you guys, participate in this theres huge potential with this um. A lot of these have had five to ten x in a short period of time, so uh what they have coming up. Crypto blades kingdom september 28th, uh continuum, world uh, blocktopia warriors of varadena.

I actually own a lot of these nfts for this project. I definitely recommend checking that out. The nft will give you access to the game where you will be able to earn cryptocurrency as well and they are launching their cryptocurrency through certify fund also, so i definitely recommend checking out those nfts if you havent already theyre, actually really cheap right now so um. If you guys want to learn more about this project head over to cedified.fund for the website, you can learn more about the pools how to earn passive income with this, how to stake your s fund. All the uh crypto gaming projects that are launching on this alex becker, the other uh crypto youtubers, also and advisor for this project as well, so uh thats it for todays video. I hope you guys found it useful just head over to my twitter. If you do want to participate im doing um at least one big giveaway per week right now, lots of uh value being given out here, lots of nfts and small cap all coins that im bullish on so thats it for todays video. I hope you guys found it useful if you did. I do appreciate, if you guys, like the video subscribe to the channel, if you havent already hit the bell, if you do want to be notified for future videos im trying to get a lot of great content going here in the next week again. Thank you guys.