This is bad. It affects all holders. You want to miss this guy, so watch this video until the very very end, but lets get started so were currently seeing an overall global crypto mark cap of about 1.92 trillion so actually dipping below 2 trillion for the first time in a while. Actually, you know a few weeks, maybe even a month, a nine point: two one percent decrease over the last day to crypto market today, down like nearly ten percent, were pretty much. You know seeing everything in the red today not not really any cryptocurrencies that are actually up in the green but chiba enu, so on the most visited top on coin mark cap were currently at the number 14 spot and we are taking a dip as well. You know as uh, along with you know, pretty much the whole crypto market down 13.5 percent at seven satoshi, its approaching seven point one, but now price action so were seeing a market cap of about two point: eight billion dollars 24 hour volume is up currently setting At about 605 million up 10 percent probably could because you know somewhere, people are buying because were seeing a dip. If we take a look at the one day, chart weve pretty much been going on a downtrend all day, but a tweet here from ship token. So we are building an ecosystem with our three tokens at the center leash has a role in a road map, a scarce token, with 18 000 plus holders, one of the best ways in shiba swap to obtain bone tokens and soon with a completely new utility, get Some leads for a leash for your ship, so you know, um were going to be seeing.

You know something coming out soon, thats going to give lies some more utility, so we also have a tweet here: shiba swap ship leash bone and then a blank. So this is probably whats gon na you know, um come out. Thats gon na give leash this utility ship. Broad weakness in crypto markets was clearly shown today. Every dip is an opportunity. Lets go hashtag crypto, but we have some very impressive stats about shib here so available for trading on coinbase. Of course we went over that number one trending token and coin market cap number three trending token and coin gecko price um at this peak. Here it was about 9.3 satoshi units up 40 percent, which was the 30 day high, and this actually surprised me but shiba inu is actually the biggest irk20 token holding among the top 1000 eutherium wallets. Now this is crazy, because if we take a look here, you know shiba inu, seven point five percent coming at in at nearly one point: seven billion dollars or twenty holding state on visualization of the top one thousand ether wallets. You know um more people are holding ship than are holding usdc like that. That is just crazy as much as the market bleed is affecting investors. Others can take opportunities such as these to purchase more tokens at lower entry point um, nfa or not financial advice. Standard chartered is more bullish on ether than bitcoin with 35 000 price prediction.

So this this um, these people standard charter, actually predicting eutherium – will hit 35 000. You know that would be like a 10x 11, maybe 12 acts of what it is right now, but quick, take british banking giant standard chartered um new report shows its more bullish on ether than bitcoin. The bank expects bitcoin to increase up to 3x from current levels while it sees ether going up to 10x, but it says ether carries more risk whos holding strong. So you know, of course we saw a huge dip in chibi inu like about a few weeks ago. A couple weeks ago, 13 days ago or so and you know um, you know this guy says im holding because the gas fees would be an insult to injury. You know um pretty much sums it up, but you know im holding strong guys. What about you mcdonalds? Now says, accepts bitcoin, but only in el salvador bitcoin as a payment is becoming reality in el salvador after the country formally recognized the cryptocurrency as legal tender journalist aaron van um werdum broke the news tuesday after he visited mcdonalds restaurant in el salvador, where he was Presented with a printed qr code directing him to invoice um to an invoice page on lightning network mcdonalds had 19 locations across latin american country as of 2019. Just walk into a mcdonalds and uh el um san salvador to see if i could pay for my breakfast with bitcoin to be honest, fully expecting to be told.

No, but lo and behold, they printed a ticket with qr code that took me to a webpage with lightning invoice and now im enjoying my designo traditional paid with in bitcoin analysts point to overleverage traders. After bitcoin flash crashes to 43k traders were hit hard, as 3.5 billion in liquidations took place as bitcoin price crashed below 43 000. hong kong securities official proposes stricter oversight of crypto trading. Investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could become more restrictive for residents of hong kong. As local regulators look to clamp down on the asset class for various reasons, deputy chief executive liang fengi said the fsc is obligated to expand the scope of cryptocurrency supervision in the city state, especially as it pertains to unlicensed trading. According to an english translation of an article published in local newspaper et net, she explained that since crypto assets are not recognized as securities or payment methods, they fall outside the jurisdiction of the fsc. As a result, many investors who have participated in the nassen asset class have suffered significant losses: nba star steph curry, asked twitter for crypto advice. The nba star, tweeted, a public call out to the crypto twitter community to help further his education into space. Now i truly wonder if, if some people told him to invest in chibi inu, that would be pretty cool but steph, curry, tweeted youre, just getting started in the crypto game. Yall got any advice and tom brady actually replied here.

Football player plays um used to play for the patriots um, whatever you do, dont laser eye, so he sort of has these laser eyes right here, sort of similar to naive kelly, the president of el salvador um, when, when he legalized bitcoin as a legal tender september, 7Th is bitcoin day in el salvador as btc becomes legal tender. El salvadors bitcoin day is marred by operational headaches. As the states btc wallet servers go offline, russia not ready to accept bitcoin as legal tender says. Kremlin, the russian government keeps insisting that payments and cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, would ruin its financial system bitso to assist the launch of el salvadors official bitcoin wallet chivo mexican crypto exchange bitso was announced as a core partner for el salvadors state issued btc wallet, institutional exposure to Altcoin products retest all time high inflows ii solana based investment products saw a whopping 388 increase last week, with institutional investors gaining exposure to 13.2 million dollars worth of soul products. El salvador purchases first 200 btc president buchelli, confirms el salvador is the first country in the world to recognize bitcoin as legal tender. Despite opposition from local groups, the government believes cryptocurrency will be a net positive for the economy and society as a whole. Bitfinex launches security. Token platform regulating in kakastan bitfinexs new security token platform will provide exposure to blockchain best based equities bonds and investment funds. German asset manager, union investment, seeks btc exposure for several funds.

German funds and asset managers are expanding their horizons on crypto investments. Now that a nation has more favorable laws governing um, spazal fonts institutional investors increased their crypto holdings for the fifth straight week. Despite the recent sell off in the crypto markets, institutional managers have been quietly turning bullish. Over the past month, traders buy the bitcoin dip, even as ever grandes implosion, rockstar stock markets. Evergrande fiasco appears to be driving the correction in global stock markets, but data shows this isnt deterring pro traders from buying the btc dip. Texas, following el salvador polls, shows 37 percent of residents want crypto payments. Two pieces of legislation related to cryptocurrencies recently took effect in the state, and many businesses already accept digital payments according to a september 20th report. So today, a new week poll that surveyed more than 9 700 eligible voters across 10 u.s states suggest suggested that 37 of texas residents would vote in favor of a ballot measure to make crypto leaguer legal. While 42 said they would support crypto friendly legislation similar to that in wyoming, with a population of roughly 29 people, as of 2021, texas could have more than 10 million residents supporting the adoption of cryptocurrencies, but now for price analysis. Price prediction of shiba new on trading views, so of course you know this is where we saw a massive spike with the coinbase listing and ever since then weve sort of just been going on a downtrend. Of course, the overall global crypto market is going on a downward trend too, so it makes sense that shed been new wood too, but we actually hit the bottom of where we were before coinbase actually listed chibi inu.

So you know, i think we could go down a little bit more, probably to under seven satoshi units and then well probably you know most probably start picking back up and and rallying, but then guys remember: im, not a financial advisor. Nor is this video for financial advice.