My name is toby and i want to quell some fears about what is happening in the market right now. Okay, so if you dont know, this is kind of being spurred by this thing called or this giant developer. Chinese developer called evergrand and theyre just theyre an over leveraged chinese developer. That is going under right now they have about 300, they have over 300 billion dollars of liabilities, so yeah theyre kind of screwed and a lot of people that are, you know real estate. In that that area is really screwed as well, for reference lehman brothers was about 30 billion dollars, okay, so this is 300 billion dollars. Keep in mind that you know those are big numbers, but the amount of currency that is being printed now is is exponentially more than than both of those combined all right, uh. Back then, back when lehman brothers collapsed, a 30 billion dollars was a lot of money out there. A lot of currency out there being floated around 300 billion billion dollars is not that much in the grand scheme of things. But yes, it could have uh ripple effects around the world which it is guaranteed to probably have um. But let me go over some things that make me not worry about this at all, and probably some stuff, you might not actually know all right so who are some of the largest holders of evergrand debt? Well, number one on the list: its blackrock youve heard of that: okay: usbs are hsbc, ubs, um goldman sachs and the list goes on.

So i just named a bunch of the big boys that are that are invested in this. If you think for one second, that these giant investment firms like i just read off, are going to lose youre wrong theyre, not they never lose all right. So what im? What do i mean by that? Well, governments have a tendency of bailing out their friends right and the people that own the governments as well these guys own governments, essentially so yes, theyre, going to get crazy amounts of bailouts. That means that the debt is going to increase with a lot of countries. All right, and also its not just the companies that could that are going to get bailed out its also going to be uh the stock markets. The stock markets are 100 rigged, theres zero, bearing on reality in the stock markets. If you want to look at the health of the economy, dont look at their stock market, their stock market is completely fraudulent. All right, you may think well, thats a big claim or whatever keep in mind. The federal reserve and all central banks have their own trading desk. If you dont believe me go ahead and research yourself, they have their own trading desks all right, and that means theyre used those training desks. Why do you? Why do you think the the u.s federal reserve would have a trading desk its to prop up the stock market? Youve probably heard of the plunge protection team? I think under reagan thats that that was put in place.

Well, you know thats out in the open for everybody to know so thats, why i am super bullish on this dip. Uh ive been, we have something come. This is called the ct club and weve been uh, giving our trade alerts pretty much a lot of trading alerts. It must be annoying for everybody just because im like i just bought another this i bought another that im dollar cost averaging on the way down, and that is the way to to do this. This is what weve been doing. This is our third bull run like we understand how to make the most out of dips and weve been doing it for a long time now. So what did we do? We had actually taken a bit of profit uh literally two days before this happened or a day and a half before this actually happened, and we let all of our ct club members know: hey, were taking some profit because i think were gon na, have a dip And what happened day after that? We had that this dip, and so you know taking profits on the way up. As, as you know, your your coins rise is a really good thing. You know you dollar costs average out and you dollar cost average in your dollar cost average out uh. When the when things are rising. You dollar costs average in when things are going down, weve also been buying bitcoin, regardless of what the price was.

We have a dollar cost average system that weve been doing every week for the past eight years, pretty much and its served us really well, and so. Okay lets get back to this. I wouldnt worry one bit about this. I think that you know theres going to be temporary hurt. Yes, we could go down to the 30s. Who cares? Who cares? Wouldnt? You be like happy to get into the 30s, and then you know, eventually, this is going to pass, which they all do and then its going to go to all time highs. Keep in mind the last bull run. We had 2017 2018 had like six 40 drops and each and every time people are like. Oh my gosh, this is the end were finished. You know this is the. This is the bear run, so they sold everything and then they ended up buying back higher, and this is what happens every single time. So we will let you know what our strategies are follow this channel like it subscribe and keep in mind that just relax dont, listen to the masses of people trying to sell people saying this is the end of the bull run. I dont think this is the end of the bull run. I think we have a little bit more to go or actually, i think we have a lot more to go.