As most of you know, the crypto markets have taken a massive hit im, getting an abundance of emails and dms asking me what should i do well im here to tell you. I dont have that answer for you when it comes to trading crypto, a lot of people. Think trading crypto is very easy, but in actuality, its not its not just about the volatile price fluctuations, but it could impact you emotionally because sometimes were feeling a little bit. Emotional, we make poor decisions, but on todays show we are going to take a sponsored look at pionex, which is a bot trading platform. When utilizing bots, we always need to make sure we back test them first, but once back tested once we feel safe and comfortable, and we know how they work using a bot to trade on our behalf takes out those emotions and thats. Why a lot of traders and investors do prefer to utilize bots, because theyre able to protect their capital, a bot is not going to be emotional at all. It is purely code purely math and theres. No human emotion and one of the biggest ways. Traders and investors get wrecked is when they act on those emotions, lets go ahead and take a look at the pinex platform and their five different bots Music, all right folks. This is the pionex website and yes were going to go ahead and do a brief explanation of all of the five different types of bots, but in all actuality, pionex offers 16 free in built trading, bots that go ahead and trade, your cryptocurrency for you, so you Dont have to, and of course i trust that all of you are using disposable income for all of your trading and investments.

Just because you have a bot trading for you, doesnt mean youre gon na get crazy mad gains, because the markets are always a little bit unpredictable and always a little bit volatile all that trading bots do. Is they automatically trade for you? If youre pressed for time – and they kind of help, remove that emotion, so its always important to still practice with risk management over here on this part of the website its going to, let you know different news that happens on the site, so, for example, they recently Suspended soul, deposits and withdrawal – and this was posted on the 14th of september, so its going to give you consistent updates that you do need to know and its directly on the front of the website. So two of the main bots they have are the grid trading bot and the arbitrage bot, which we will go ahead and talk about in a little bit. But more importantly, i think its really really cool to note that pionx offers payouts every eight hours and payouts weekly via I have the card and i absolutely love it for transferring over my trading gains onto the card, so i can convert it to fiat and spend freely and is just not for fiat currency from the united states. You can use a lot of different currencies depending on which area you are and, of course, another great aspect of pionx. Is you can trade with usd you can deposit or withdraw using your bank account? If that is something that you prefer so make sure you go ahead and research, these three options, the crypto.

com pi and x, and how to go ahead and link your bank account to the pi and x website to go ahead and spend those games. So before we talk about the bots, i want to cover some of the topics here about pi nexus security. They have been operating safely for 819 days, which is pretty pretty impressive, because crypto is crazy and a lot of things go through some turmoil, sometimes as far as aggregation pionex aggregates the liquidity from binance, who will be near the ticker price, and they are one of The biggest brokers of binance and one of the biggest market makers of huobi in the world, of course, make sure that these exchanges work in your local area and we are on the pionex us site, so they are able to operate in the united states. Pionex is also backed by garang capital, shaway capital and zen fund capital for more than 10 million usd and, of course, pionects is licensed with msb by fincen, which is important. We want to make sure we use platforms that are licensed and regulated and, of course, i highly recommend you join their community, follow them on telegram discord, twitter, facebook read it and some of the best advantages of using pionects. Besides, removing that human emotion out and being able to automatically trade when you might not necessarily have the time is they have free bots that are built within the exchange. Kyc is optional and both u.

s and uk residents can use pionects, plus they offer 300 plus popular altcoins. A flat trading fee of .05 percent, which was pretty reasonable. Here is the pionex interface here. So the top aspects over here are for when youre ready to deposit. They can show you your trading bots, your manual orders, trading bots, will automatically trade for you manual, orders, or something that you go ahead and place yourself. So now. These are the list of all the different trading bots, which were gon na go over the five top ones, and then theres gon na be manual so manual over. Here is basically how you would trade on any other crypto exchange. They offer limit orders which allows you to go ahead and dictate where you want to buy or sell in the market they have. Market buys which allow you to buy at the current price and they have grid, buys as well, which will give you kind of a interval of what youre interested in purchasing particular assets by and they have arithmetic and geometric over here and plus. You can go ahead and determine different grids, etc, and, of course, they have a really cool feature here with swap because it allows you to go ahead and swap lets, say bitcoin for tether, for example, or whatever assets that they support over here for swapping lets. Now. Take a look at some of the grid bots that are offered and again these are more advanced grid.

Bots they offer leveraged grid margin, grid, reverse grid leverage, reverse grid and infinity grids, all right so a little bit about grid bots because they are actually the most popular in the crypto space to utilize and they allow you to place, buy and sell orders automatically within A specific price range so essentially youre buying low and youre selling high without having to sit in front of a computer screen for 9 million hours a day and the best folks that may want to take a look at the grid. Bots are going to be day. Traders or mid term investors and generally the best time to utilize these grid bots are when markets are fluctuating or in an upward trend. So thats. Another important thing to note is you want to use bots that work with the market because, of course the trend is your friend all right, so we touched on some of the grid bots, but the leverage grid allows you to multiply your profit by adding leverage. Leverage is dangerous, so please be careful and also too anytime you merge over these particular bots. It will tell you fitting markets, bullish, sideways bearish for the leverage, reverse grid, etc. So its important to know what youre trading before you go ahead and pick a particular bot. So right now because were kind of going sideways one direction, which is that ping pong action lets, take a look at the margin grid, so well click create, and this is going to be the way you would go ahead and create any type of the bots.

So over here you would note if it is bullish or bearish in this particular case were kind of consolidating bearishly. You go ahead and enter in your price here, the lower price, the upper price, the grids amount of margin you want to use you dont need more than three times leverage, folks, obviously, on the borrowable fund, um current daily interest, estimated liquidation price will be here and Then you can go ahead and click that or you can set this up manually for yourself, and that would be done here under the grid by which we kind of touched on prior lets. Take a look at the spot futures arbitrage bod as its four flexible markets. So the arbitrage bought profit from the funding rate on the perpetual futures market by holding a short position and a spot position. A short position is when you anticipate the market to go down and a spot position is utilizing no leverage, and this is best for investors, who prefer a low risk and steady income with their usdt. With your tether, your stable coins and the best time to use it is any time, but they state that a bullish market works the best, because most of the funding fees on altcoins are a little bit wild. So, in order to create it, you would press create and you can go ahead and indicate what you want to go ahead and use as far as currency. You can input your total investment, and you can also go ahead and pick specific coins over here.

That youre interested in i personally do not like to leverage trade with all coins, but you all can go ahead and do what you want. Next is going to be. The rebalancing bot fitting markets are for bullish markets. Unfortunately, we are not in a very bullish market. Currently, so for the rebalancing bot over here, it is for investors to kind of help them maintain their portfolios, with specific desired percentages for those assets that they like, and its for mid to longer term investors. Basically, the best time to use this bot is for index funds and when a specific kind of asset are about to go upward when they are bullish, and you basically buys multiple related assets with the bot, then just gamble on a single asset, because you all know Some of you guys like to fomo in and if youre, using this bot for rebalancing purposes, you get a portfolio of assets which the price doesnt always follow in the same direction. So basically, it just kind of rebalances everything to help get you the maximized gains and of course you can do with a dual coin mode, which would be two coins, and you can pick from the 300 plus assets they have for this purpose. Well, do bitcoin and the next one will be well just do ethereum to keep it easy. You go ahead and enter your total investments, and then you can pick up as much percentage as you want, and then you would click create and for multi coins mode.

This is when youre adding a lot of different coins. So basically you would go ahead and pick a bunch of assets that are in your portfolio and then go ahead and create the bot. The dca bot is for investors who want to go ahead and buy reoccurring, buys within a specific time and honestly, you guys dca dollar cost averaging is the most common way to invest, and it also lowers the risk for a lot of different investors in crypto and Stocks and its basically four long term, folks that are want to invest in crypto and you can use it anytime with the dca bot. You pick an investment frequency, so every 10 minutes you buy hour, six hours, etc. But realistically most people do like one week so lets say. For example, you go to starbucks five times a week. You want to get rid of a day at starbucks and invest in cryptocurrency. You can pick to spend twenty dollars per week. Dollar cost averaging on this dca bot, so you would press one week and then you would go ahead and enter how much you want to invest. Um itll tell you how much investment per month and then you would go ahead and click create all right. Folks last is gon na, be our smart trade bot, so theyve got smart trade, trailing sale and trailing by and of course, you guys when were talking about grid bots and some of these moons, this other stuff um.

You can go ahead and check and make sure that these bots work best for you and always back test them. But as far as the smart trade goes, lets take a look here, so the smart trade bot helps investors to take profit or cut losses for every trade, and this is really for day. Traders really really for day traders, not for some of you that want to be dollar cost, averaging or longer term hold. So those of you who are longer term investors. I highly recommend you check out the dca bot. But again, this bot is for day traders and its basically for those that have a trading plan and you can use it to protect or cut your losses if the trend reverses, so all you would do, is you can go ahead and utilize limit standard mode. So this allows you to dictate what you do with the market. The market allow the market. Speed mode is like instantaneously, like you have to cut all your stuff now, but the limit allows you to go ahead and enter in the buy price by quantity, and then you can go ahead and adjust this little toggle here and then itll also allow you to Add a trailing take profit which is important. So if number goes up, you can go ahead and do so and, more importantly, the stop loss here. Thank you guys so much for watching this review on pionx. Ultimately, i think bots are great and they help folks make a little bit better decision, so our emotions dont get mixed.

In probably my favorite bot was the dca bot.