I want to stay that friend. This is a great piece of content. I found uh. Obviously, these are not the only four im probably going to give you more. Actually, i will ill give you the four that are in this content uh but uh, but actually before we start ill, give you some additional two or three. Just as a value add to you that i think are for cryptos that are, you know: fantastic buys in the current state of the market that were looking at right here right now and then well, look at this content and well look at the four that are In this specific specific, i cant talk specific piece of information. Okay, videos for entertainment purposes. Only lets do this all right, so, in addition to the four that are going to be in the article which i have briefly glanced at so i may double dip here and cover a couple im gon na give you my top crypto currencies that i think are Absolutely bargains in the current kind of market conditions that were seeing right now in this dip, okay, and by the way, if youre looking for information about why this dip happened and all that kind of stuff im gon na link to a video. At the end of this, video itll be above me, uh somewhere above my head here, um towards the end of this video, so ch check out therell, be a link. Thatll show up, youll, see it okay.

So what are some really really good deals right here right now? Well, i will always come back to for me. The uh, the the coins and the tokens that uh solve very specific problems, have very specific utility use cases, etc and overall, really good buys in the current kind of state of the union. Okay, so one of those being obviously, you know bitcoin ethereum. They are the blue chips. I think that theyre good, i think everybody should own own a few of those uh, but as far as opportunities cardano is going to be doing some amazing thing. They have their summit coming up. Their cardano summit coming up september 25th, supposed to have some major major announcements coming up and if you look at cardano law as a long term hold, i think its absolutely worth the price you see right now. Xrp has been beaten up recently: uh hey lately, whats come out. Is the sec has said that theyre not gon na settle the lawsuit ripple, said theyre not gon na settle, so its almost like theyve called a a truce or tie um. Now, what i wan na see is some of the you know the crypto.coms and the uh uh coinbase of the world open up and bring the bring bring xrp back so that you know the united states guys can can uh, buy it more easily, etc. Uh solana is a good buy, even at this price i mean again its going to benefit from the some of the delays with ethereum and things like that.

Some other ones that i really want to touch on really quickly: avalanche, um, big big opportunity, polka dot, big opportunity owned both of those um tara luna, i think, is one that could be a strong possibility. Algorand i own that one. I definitely think that thats got some uh. Its a nice had a really nice discount right now, its got some room to move up, obviously cosmos adam a huge fan of them. Uh tron did a video on them about a week or so ago. I think theres. Definitely some upside potential, there stellar theres an upset, some upside potential uh and the other one thats a little bit further down that i really like here is uh um uh phantom, so those are kind of my list of my top five or six that i really Really like right now so lets do this lets jump over and look at the this particular piece of information. So you got like six additional one there in addition to the four youre getting like ten youre getting ten cryptos that are fantastic to watch this market because heres the bottom line: okay, nothings changed. Nothing has changed in the underlying principle or tokenomics or foundation of the six or seven cryptos that i just mentioned, oh by the way, the four that im about to mention now, right and so um, and this particular problem with the with the flash crash we had Yesterday and all that its really not a crypto problem, its spilling over into crypto um, because if theres some fear, uncertainty and doubt whether or not theyre, you know the the company china evergrande, that they owned a bunch of they were backing a bunch of usd tether.

Its a whole thing, video at the end of this, will explain all of that by the way. Okay. So with all that said, its up to me its a its a its an opportunity to buy right, thats kind of how im looking at it – okay, so heres the article for best cryptos, uh, so number one polka dot, hey. That was on my list. Okay, so its, i think its got a tremendous amount of run to to you know to move up. You know the ecosystem is growing. Uh, theres, theres new projects being added every few weeks, thats not changed. Those projects are still going to be added, theyre still going to be deployed and right here right now, its on a discount nice discount by the way, okay, so thats number one number two algorithm. Oh i mentioned that one too, as well. Okay, again one of my favorites i own it – i own polka dot as well ill go around again uh blockchain right. I really like blockchain slash d5 smart contract, slash nft plays those are those are the ones that are really benefiting and kind of. I think youre gon na run hard when we turn back on l ron. This one was one that i uh was a little bit overlooked and frankly, it was wasnt really on my radar, its an ecosystem um its 30 off their peak at usd 2.205. So it could be something there. Uh theyve, obviously blockchain uh elronds up there with them.

So that might be one that you might want to look at its uh 42 off its all time. High and the final one is polygon, polygon polygons been kind of a a little bit of a sleep recently and ive had a lot of conversations with other youtubers and other people kind of in this space and everybodys kind of scratching their head about polygon. Why? It has not really moved as much as some of the other ones that have been. You know, like the you know, like the the the solanas, the phantoms and the avalanche, cosmos, etc. The world um i mean polygon is a fantastic crypto and it just really seems to have not done a lot through no fault of its own, and so i think that theres going to come a day when matic is just going to youre just going to youre Going to look youre going to go on a coin market cap or look in your account, its just going to be its just skyrocketed, you know, and so its kind of a sleeper it could be a long term hold. In that scenario, all right i got to make you aware, got my patreon group if youre interested links in the description below check it out, if you want help with your own portfolio, ill, look at it for you. If you want to be part of a community, you want to see my portfolio. You want my help. My guidance, you, i just want more austin in your life and who wouldnt want that im kidding.

Of course, um. You know at 20 bucks. I try to keep it as cheap as possible. You can join and cancel at any time. Ive got a discord community with 600 plus members theres a community. We we support each other, its really cool and uh. So, if youre, tired of kind of being alone in this journey – and you want help you want support – you want me to help you. If you want access to me, then id love to help you and links in the description. If you want to check that out all right with all that said, hope you enjoy the video.